Former NZ Foreign Minister responds to his predecessor’s remark on Iranian diplomat

November 5, 2017 by  
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New Zealand National Party Foreign Affairs spokesperson and foreign minister in the recently defeated government Gerry Brownlee says reports that an Iranian diplomat delivered what was effectively a hate speech at an Auckland mosque in June raises questions as to why Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters hasn’t already required the withdrawal of the diplomat’s credentials and his removal from the country. Read more

UN Security Council Resolution 2334 criticised in NZ coalition agreement

October 27, 2017 by  
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Last week New Zealand’s new Prime Minister-elect, Jacinda Ardern, and New Zealand First leader and Deputy Prime Minister-elect, and likely Minister of Foreign Affairs, Winston Peters, signed a coalition agreement, which revealed the full extent of the policy wins obtained by New Zealand First in return for enabling the Labour Party to form a government. Read more

The new New Zealand Government

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Well the outcome  of the coalition talks wasn’t as I advocated back on September 27 but we have an interesting situation now that the cabinet is known. In particular the four ministers and one under-secretary allocated to New Zealand First…writes John McCormick. Read more