Panel discussion at UIA NSW hosts North Shore briefing

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UIA NSW hosted 120 supporters at its North Shore Briefing at Pymble Golf Club recently which included a panel discussion ‘Gaza Flare-Up, Israeli Election, Is There a Connection?’. Read more

In a class of his own

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We are seeing a rerun of the April 2019 Israeli elections but with one big difference, this time round we will have a government formed. Read more

Bleak future for Jewish Europe and life goes on in Israel

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The amazing thing about coming to Israel, perhaps especially in summer, is that for all of the fears that people outside of Israel have for her, apparently Israelis themselves are not troubled nearly as much as her supporters overseas are. Read more

Israel: A new normal

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On the annual indexes across the globe conducted by survey agencies, Israelis consistently rate amongst the highest of nations whose citizens have the most number of complaints about life. Read more

Anniversary season…writes Ron Weiser

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The anniversaries continue. And more than a few involve Australia, and in a significant way. Read more

Beersheba notebook

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It is hard to describe the feelings of being in Israel at this very special moment. Particularly, that of being an Australian in Israel and more specifically, spending yesterday in Beersheba…writes Ron Weiser. Read more

What a difference a month makes…writes Ron Weiser

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By now I am not sure if anyone even remembers UN Security Council Resolution 2334 passed on the 23rd of December when the US chose not to exercise its veto. Read more

Israel: Rhetoric v Reality

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When discussing matters pertaining to Israel one of the challenges is how to differentiate between rhetoric and reality…writes Ron Weiser. Read more

It’s all about Bibi…writes Ron Weiser

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The most amazing thing about the coming Israeli election is that with so much going on in the region and with so many internal issues needing attention, when it comes to policy issues this is a Seinfeld election – an election about nothing – a policy free zone. Read more

Is Israel’s system to blame?

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Many commentators have placed the blame for the seeming leadership paralysis in Israel on “the system”. Read more

Jew or not a Jew?

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Rabbi David Stav has visited Sydney from Israel where he raised awareness of the plight of Israelis who are recent immigrants and have no documentation to prove their Jewishness. Read more

Rhetoric v Reality

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No question that Yair Lapid was the outstanding success story of the Israeli elections held earlier this year…writes Dr Ron Weiser. Read more