Annexation vs. sovereignty: Words matter

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Words matter. They drive narratives. They influence policy. And they shape people’s perceptions…write Arsen Ostrovsky and Richard Kemp. Read more

Was Israel’s response in the 2014 Gaza War disproportionate?

June 12, 2015 by  
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Days before the release of the United Nations Human Rights Council report on the 2014 Gaza War, the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs has released a 3-minute video that confronts one of the main accusations made against Israel throughout and after the war—that Israel’s response to Gaza’s rocket fire on Israeli civilian population centers was “disproportionate.” Read more

Melbourne’s UIA Gala Dinner

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550 donors recently filled Melbourne’s Grand Hyatt Savoy Ballroom to capacity for the UIA Gala Dinner featuring international guest speakers Colonel Richard Kemp and Lieutenant Colonel Chezy Deutsch. Read more

A Trying Subject…writes Emily Gian

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In medieval England, a separate court was established with the purpose of providing redress for people in a fair and just manner. Read more

Sydney University Disruption: B’nai B’rith has its say

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The president of B’nai B’rith NSW has written to Sydney University in the wake of the protest which disrupted a lecture being delivered by Colonel Richard Kemp. Read more

Sydney University: Violent protest under investigation

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lThe University of Sydney has started an investigation into Wednesday’s violent protest at a meeting being addressed by former UK military commander Colonel Richard Kemp. Read more