Rudd regales crowd with vision for the Middle East

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Over 800 people registered last week to watch former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, a self-described “passionate supporter of Israel”, speak with NIF Australia executive director Liam Getreu about Israel and the Middle East on Zoom. Read more

“Reaffirm your support for Israel” – Coalition to Labor

August 27, 2013 by  
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Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop has called on Kevin Rudd and the Labor Party to immediately reaffirm Australia’s support for Israel and has called Michael Danby’s attack on Rudd in the Australian Jewish News “hypocritical”. Read more

Palestine – Rudd And Carr Tightlipped On Anti-Jewish Policy

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Australia’s Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Foreign Affairs Minister Senator Bob Carr have gone underground since Carr announced on 8 August at the  Lakemba Mosque in Sydney that Rudd personally as well as the Labor Party had adopted as policy that Jews had no right to legally live in the West Bank…writes David Singer. Read more

The ECAJ welcomes Kevin Rudd…and thanks Julia Gillard

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The Executive Council of Australian Jewry offers its sincere congratulations to Kevin Rudd on being sworn in as Prime Minister. Read more

Danby stays on

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Federal Labor MP Michael Danby has accepted Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s request that he continue as Parliamentary Secretary for the Arts. Read more

Yom Kippur reconsidered

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Prime Minister Kevin Rudd refused to be drawn in to declaring a new date for the 2013 Federal Election but he said that Yom Kippur was a date which had to be factored into the decision. Read more

Enter Rudd…exit Gillard

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Formerly deposed Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who expelled an Israeli Mossad agent from Canberra in 2010, has been elected Labor Party leader and Prime Minister in a bid to avert a landslide defeat in the upcoming Federal election. Read more

AUJS seminar attracts top politicians

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AUJS has run its fifteenth star-studded fifteenth year premier AUJS Political Training Seminar—PTS—in Canberra. Read more