Harmless gossip?…asks Rabbi Michoel Gourarie

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In this week’s Torah Portion we learn about the transgression of gossip (Lashon Horah) which is considered a serious transgression. Read more

The Wick…writes Rabbi Michoel Gourarie

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One of the many lessons of the Chanukah lights can be derived from a law that the flames must burn through a wick. Read more

The individual and the whole

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The holiest Jewish object is the Sefer Torah – the Torah scroll…writes Rabbi Michoel Gourarie. Read more

Whose Side Are You On?…asks Rabbi Michoel Gourarie

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I have a jealousy problem. I am envious of anyone that succeeds more than me or has more than I do. It makes me miserable but I just can’t get rid of this emotion. What can I do to feel differently? Read more

It’s the chocolate not the drink…writes Rabbi Michoel Gourarie

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Currently in Australia there is a discussion on alcohol related violence, which has recently become more of a problem. One suggestion is to raise the legal age of drinking. The other strategy is to increase mandatory sentencing for violence that is a consequence of being intoxicated. Read more

Growing from Difference…writes Rabbi Michoel Gourarie


I recently married someone who I thought was just like me. We are similar in so many ways. But with time I have begun to notice significant differences in various areas.  Some of these newly discovered dissimilarities I actually dislike. I am afraid of how this might develop in the future and of the potential damage to the relationship. Any thoughts? Read more

Why worry?…asks Rabbi Michoel Gourarie

I worry a lot. I am anxious about losing my job, I constantly think about the health of my family and am always scared about saying or doing something that will embarrass myself. How can I put a stop to this? Read more

Different but one

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Central to the design of creation is that everyone is different…writes Rabbi Michoel Gourarie. Read more

When Sun Meets Moon – Your weekly feature from Rabbi Gourarie

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Most nations use one of two calendar systems. Many cultures have a solar calendar with a year of 365 days. Others, such as Muslims, use a system based entirely on lunar months that last an average of 30 days. Read more

We Can Do It Too

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A week ago the world watched in awe as thirty three Chilean miners were rescued from underground after being trapped for so long. What makes this story even more amazing is the combination of incredible inner strength demonstrated by the miners and the fantastic effort by the rescuers outside. Read more