Lapid: ‘Without peace talks, 2022 will likely see Israel designated apartheid state’

January 5, 2022 by  
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Israeli Foreign Minister has called for a diplomatic dialogue with the Palestinians, citing concerns that otherwise international organizations may designate Israel an apartheid state. Read more

Former ambassador Gold: World powers must work to prevent Iran’s quest for hegemony

“Iran will never get a nuclear weapon on my watch.” Read more

The debate over the future of the territories

June 18, 2020 by  
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Why is the future of the West Bank (also known as Judea and Samaria) such a critical issue for Israel? Why does it engender debate, even strong debate, influencing even the language adopted for describing it? Read more

Could a future US administration undo Trump’s new policy on Israeli settlements?

December 5, 2019 by  
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The announcement last month by U.S. Secretary Mike Pompeo that Israeli settlements are not illegal was either warmly welcomed or hotly rejected, depending on how you interpret international law. Read more

Former Israeli and U.S. top diplomats express admiration, caution on embassy move

February 27, 2018 by  
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After much speculation over when U.S. President Donald Trump would make good on his campaign promise, the United States announced on Feb. 23 that it will move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in May…writes Israel Kasnett/JNS. Read more