Rupert Murdoch – a Genuine Friend of Israel

July 20, 2011 by Isi Leibler
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For Israel, a major erosion of the Murdoch media would have highly adverse repercussions….

Rupert Murdoch, the man who single-handedly created the most powerful media conglomerate in the world, is currently experiencing a nightmare. Not only is his empire under siege but his competitors are literally baying for his blood, inciting the public and indulging in an unprecedented campaign to demonize him. They are also denying the presumption of innocence before being tried. Moreover, there is enormous hypocrisy from other newspapers who have been engaged in similar transgressions being at the forefront of calling for the dismantling of Murdoch’s media holdings.

That being said, the behaviour of the senior management and journalists employed by News of the World was utterly unconscionable and represents a disgrace to all canons of journalism. Those involved deserve to be punished with the utmost severity.

Despite the proliferating media feeding frenzy, which journalist Melanie Phillips describes as a Robespierrian moment comparable to the death of Princess Diana, there is, as of now, no proof that Murdoch was even aware of the events taking place. True, even in a major conglomerate like the Murdoch media conglomerate, lapses of this nature should have been prevented and even if Murdoch is personally exonerated, it will impact adversely on him and his senior management. However, he has expressed contrition, apologized for what took place and, in fact, closed down the newspaper involved – a weekly tabloid, with the largest circulation in the U.K.

While the News of the World was unquestionably a scurrilous broadsheet, one must not overlook that the Murdoch media empire also includes some of the finest daily newspapers in the world such as the Wall Street Journal, the London Times and the Australian.

The hysteria and hatred directed against Murdoch personally is transparent, primarily motivated by politics. He is repeatedly being accused of distorting the news. Yet, when it comes to media prejudice, it is noteworthy that the BBC, by far the largest and most powerful media outlet in the world, renowned for its bias and selective reporting, has never been subject to anything remotely compared to the witch hunt facing Murdoch. Yet the BBC is at the forefront of the campaign personally attacking him.

Over the years, Murdoch has emerged as a bastion against post modernism. In a world dominated by moral equivalency, he has promoted the values of Western civilization. One could even argue that it is primarily due to him that the delusional far left failed to take virtual control of the British media.

For Israel, a major erosion of the Murdoch media would have highly adverse repercussions. In an era in which the liberal global media has increasingly turned against Israel, most of the Murdoch outlets maintain a fair and evenhanded approach.

Murdoch, whom I met personally on a number of occasions, is himself unquestionably a genuine friend of Israel. In fact, he has frequently been falsely described as Jewish by hostile Muslims and other extremists.

While always sympathetic to Israel as the plucky underdog, the turning point in his relationship was 1982, when Ariel Sharon hosted him with a group of editors on a helicopter tour where he witnessed “the vulnerability of the country“ in terms of defensible borders.

His friendship towards Israel was publicly displayed when he was honored in 2009 by the American Jewish Committee and more recently in 2010 by the ADL. At the AJC meeting he stated: “In the West, we are used to thinking that Israel cannot survive without the help of Europe and the United States. I say to you: maybe we should start wondering whether we in Europe and the United States can survive if we allow the terrorists to succeed in Israel… In the end, the Israeli people are fighting the same enemy we are: cold-blooded killers who reject peace… who reject freedom… and who rule by the suicide vest, the car bomb and the human shield”.

If Murdoch is found to have been aware of the transgressions, his reputation will be destroyed and he will face major punitive sanctions. But as of now, while his enemies continue baying for his blood, most Israelis will be hoping that despite the criminal nature of the News of the World scandal, Rupert Murdoch and his senior management will be exonerated of direct malfeasance and his media holdings will remain substantially intact.


8 Responses to “Rupert Murdoch – a Genuine Friend of Israel”
  1. Michael Burd says:

    Are saying the supporters and contributors of the left wing Press ala Guardian, Fairfax, NYT, ABC, SBS , BBC are Moral ???

  2. Otto Waldmann says:

    Neil is right once again !!

    Iraq was best left at Saddam Hussein’s mercy.Why upset Neil with the removal of his Messopotamian monster/idol.

    Iran is ,once again, on Neil’s mind and he is correct in being worried about Ahmanidejab’s prospects. Chances are that Ruppert Murdoch will single handed remove the Persian pest by the scruff of the neck supporting that venomous puss vessel with eyes.
    Yet,I seem incapable to empathize with Neil’s seemingly cronic and unaddressable anxieties.

  3. Neil says:

    Murdoch certainly is a great friend of Israel.
    His paper, the Sun trumpeted that it put Blair in power. Indeed months of daily support of Blair and opposition to the Tories would have influenced enough people to vote for Blair. All it would have needed was a 5 – 8% voter shift for Blair to win.
    What did Murdoch give to Israel. Blair’s support for an attack on Iraq even when Blair knew that the US was sexing up the information to go to war. Blair was a pawn in Murdoch’s pocket and therefore Israels.
    Now to the United States. Faux news supported the war against Iraq. It supports a war against Iran. Murdoch is coming through again for Israel.
    Murdoch is certainly a great friend of Israel. Not an Honest, Moral or ethical friend but a friend never the less.

  4. Otto Waldmann says:

    So, it is once again obvious that some people cannot distinguish between issues.
    The current point is simply that Ruppert Murdoch is a reliable friend of Israel, notwithstanding the current completely distinct issue of completely distinct journalistic practices related to completely distinct issues.
    But,once again, some people will not pass the opportunity to salivate venom and redirect all and sundry toward attacking Israel.

  5. vvanderer says:

    ” there is, as of now, no proof that Murdoch was even aware of the events taking place”

    Nice one Isi but your blinkers are showing

    ho hum If rupert murdoch cannot hide the truth for a few brief years then history really is bunk. Israel needs friends who are unimpeachable not the sullied linen of the british bedsheets. I find it hard to credit that a man with murdoch’s reputation for intervention and bullying was not aware of what happened.He may be ignorant but that ignorance would be blissful contrivance.

    Israel must stand up straight. If Murdoch supports us all well and good, and let his press manipulation serve a good cause.But let’s not pretend he is innocent.

  6. Michael Burd says:

    Just imagine if all we had to rely on for International News was the leftist Guardian or Fairfax print media together with the BBC, ABC and SBS G- d for bid !!!!!

  7. Norm says:

    Well Mik, a few years ago the BBC had an enquiry to examine its media biaz. The BBC refused to publish the results and persuaded the House of Lords to disallow the publication of the findings. Makes one wonder why, doesn’t it?

  8. Mik Black says:

    “it is noteworthy that the BBC, renowned for its bias and selective reporting, has never been subject to anything remotely compared to the witch hunt facing Murdoch. Yet the BBC is at the forefront of the campaign personally attacking him.”

    Renowned for its bias and selective reporting? Says who? Furthermore, did the Blair government not set about a ferocious witch hunt of the BBC when it dared to do some actual reporting on the lies that had been created to justify the invasion of Iraq? (Of course, at the time Blair was very chummy with Murdoch, whose outlets fully supported said invasion)

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