Palestine – Security Council And Quartet Silence Dooms Two-State Solution…writes David Singer.

February 7, 2016 by David Singer
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The UN Security Council and the Quartet – Russia, America, the United Nations and the European Union – have ended any expectations they had of successfully negotiating a two-state solution between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organisation – after failing to categorically reject UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s highly offensive remarks before the Security Council and in the New York Times.

Ban told the Security Council on January 26:

“Palestinian frustration is growing under the weight of a half century of occupation and the paralysis of the peace process. 

Some have taken me to task for pointing out this indisputable truth. 

Yet, as oppressed peoples have demonstrated throughout the ages, it is human nature to react to occupation, which often serves as a potent incubator of hate and extremism.”

Reacting to “occupation” can never justify the murder of Israeli civilians in their own homes, shopping in supermarkets, meeting in bars, or waiting at bus stops.

Such acts of murder are despicable and inhumane – and the Security Council and the Quartet should have said so clearly and unequivocally.

Following Israel’s trenchant criticism of these statements a clearly piqued Ban ran off to the New York Times on 31 January claiming he had been misrepresented:

“Some sought to shoot the messenger — twisting my words into a misguided justification for violence. The stabbings, vehicle rammings and other attacks by Palestinians targeting Israeli civilians are reprehensible. So, too, are the incitement of violence and the glorification of killers.”

Ban had dug himself an even deeper hole.

Failing again to call such stabbings, vehicle rammings and other targeted attacks on Israeli civilians as “murder” – was reprehensible.

The Security Council and the Quartet should have made it absolutely clear that until such murderous acts ceased – the Quartet’s further participation in assisting and facilitating the implementation of the two-state solution envisaged by the Oslo Accords and the Bush Roadmap would be indefinitely suspended.

That role had been specifically assigned to the Quartet in 2003 when the Bush Roadmap was released:

“A two state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will only be achieved through an end to violence and terrorism when the Palestinian people have a leadership acting decisively against terror and willing and able to build a practicing democracy based on tolerance and liberty, and through Israel’s readiness to do what is necessary for a democratic Palestinian state to be established…

The Quartet will assist and facilitate implementation of the plan … including direct discussions between the parties as required.”

In July 2015 the Quartet’s role was deliberately changed when:

  1. The Quartet’s representative Tony Blair stood down with no replacement whilst his office – the Office of the Quartet Representative (OQR) – was renamed the Office of the Quartet (OQ).
  2. The OQ’s stated mandate was:

“to support the Palestinian people on economic development, rule of law and improved movement and access for goods and people, as they build the institutions and economy of a viable and peaceful state in Gaza and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem.”


An independent non-partisan Quartet had overnight been transformed into a biased and hostile Quartet – ignoring Israel’s territorial claims and security needs whilst solely supporting the “Palestinian people”.

No longer were the “democratic Palestinian state” or “practising democracy” mentioned in the Roadmap considered non-negotiable end objectives.

Changing the name had certainly changed the game – with the murder of Israeli civilians and the glorification of their killers beginning soon thereafter.

Whilst the Security Council and Quartet take no decisive action to effectively end these ongoing murders – the two-state solution – and the Quartet’s role – will be doomed to political oblivion.

David Singer is a Sydney Lawyer and Foundation Member of the International Analysts Network


5 Responses to “Palestine – Security Council And Quartet Silence Dooms Two-State Solution…writes David Singer.”
  1. Erica Edelman says:

    Clearly the OQR/OQ/(ineffective group of people) didn’t work. Isn’t going to work in the form it is in.
    We are too early (historically and academically) with the notion of a Two-State paradigm/solution. There are more basic issues that need to be addressed first. (We are still crawling).
    We have to work (more and more effectively) on:

    1. Historical and geographical fact – getting it out to the media (all forms). If authors/editors get it wrong/are biased/misdirected/misquoting etc in any shape or form, they must be PUNISHED for illegitimate information and people must be identified and named for racism and perverting the course of disseminated information. Sensationalism must be punishable by law.

    2. A more stable and intelligent UN Secretary General must be chosen. Not only a person who doesn’t have a dog in the fight but a person of ABSOLUTE high regard – a person who has proven he/she is worthy of such a position. A person who can call a spade when they suspect a shovel. (And while that happens fix up the IMBALANCE of BIAS throughout the Security Council!)

    3. Neighboring Arab States MUST be put upon to interject. Arab states with financial means must get together as one entity and impress upon the Gazan etc peoples to “build” themselves a future. They must seek leaders with less hatred in their hearts.

    4. Arab leaders (especially ones of ISIS ilk) must be punished by their more “democratic” brethren. More stable Arab states must get behind a HUGE push to eradicate ISIS and rogue leaders even if that means civil war in the short term.

    5. The POTUS must get more involved. Let’s hope the in-coming POTUS will have what it takes to impress upon Israel’s neighbours a form of decency and sincerity and to intelligently and academically pursue the course of peace and harmony.

    Fact and form first. If enough people over our globe know and understand the historical, geographical, physical, economical and psychological facts about Israel and her part in the Middle East that will auger well toward far less antisemitism/anti-Israel sentiment.

    A good place to start is with politicians. Have you noticed in the press how many anti-Israel politicians (in every country) there are? These people are ignorant and uninformed and need to be brought into line whenever they speak nonsense about FACTS AND FIGURES! Naming and shaming within the wider community will help to shut them down.

    And one last thing. The media (in all shape and form) MUST be held to account about reporting of MURDERS. A MURDER IS A MURDER. Not retribution. Not payback. Not an “act” that ISIS or a Gazan “commits”. Editors must be responsible for their “irresponsible” journalists/writers/contributors.

    A more potent watchdog seems imminent.

    • david singer says:


      Actually the groundwork for the two-state solution was laid in 1922 when 78% of the land comprised in the Mandate for Palestine – originally set aside by the League of Nations for the reconstitution of the Jewish National Home – was denied to the Jews who were left with the remaining 22% within which to achieve their stated objective.

      The Jews agreed but the Arabs didn’t. The Arabs have been striving since then to also end up with the 22% set aside for the Jews.

      What has been happening for the last 23 years under the Oslo Accords and the Bush Roadmap are negotiations attempting to create a three state solution which would see two Arab States – Palestine and Jordan – and one Jewish State -Israel – in Mandatory Palestine.

      Such negotiations have been an abysmal failure to date and I believe the three state solution is an idea that is well and truly dead and buried.

      The only two-state solution capable of being realised is that solution which has been sitting on the sidelines for 94 years – Israel and Jordan.

      How much more Jewish and Arab blood needs to be spilled before negotiations to achieve this honourable outcome are commenced?

      Obama, Kerry and Ban Ki-Moon need to admit defeat on the three-state solution and address getting negotiations started between Israel and Jordan.

      Do they have the will to do so as their terms of office are rapidly coming to an end? Do they want their legacy to be success or failure?

      Next nine months will be very interesting.

      • Erica Edelman says:

        Thank you so much for replying, David Singer. Very kind.

        The black and white of it is that it wouldn’t matter how many “State solutions” were offered, nobody wants to negotiate with Israel. Nor will they in the medium term. Jordan is more of a stretch than you think. They would have the rest of the Arab world on their backs should they try to negotiate with Israel. Friends or not. (Egypt is a fair-weather friend as well). I don’t think the immediate answer is with/about “State solutions”.
        I’ve said this before but I think the “solution” is with one or more of Israel’s neighbours getting it “all wrong” with the US and Israel. I think the wrath of both of these big powers is going to be unconditionally seen and heard. Sooner rather than later. I feel civil war (real civil war) will eventuate throughout the Arab world and the outcome is going to be good for Israel. Russia will be forced to show true colours and Turkey is not going to be the Turkey we know (and don’t love).
        Iran will be gobbled up through their own stupidity and the area we know as Gaza/West Bank will also be no more.
        And Europe. Well, they are digging a hole that has been dug before. Digging up Europe will be indeed a disaster – literally – the archaeologists are going to be busy for centuries to come.

        • david singer says:


          You state:
          “nobody wants to negotiate with Israel. Nor will they in the medium term. Jordan is more of a stretch than you think. They would have the rest of the Arab world on their backs should they try to negotiate with Israel. Friends or not. (Egypt is a fair-weather friend as well). I don’t think the immediate answer is with/about “State solutions”.

          Of course Israel negotiated with Egypt and Jordan to negotiate signed Peace treaties in 1979 and 1994 respectively – feats that it has no chance of ever achieving with the PLO and Hamas.

          The world has egg on its face as its 23 years attempt to create a second Arab State in former Palestine is dead and buried – as were similar international efforts in 1922, 1937, 1947, 200/1 and 2007.

          The PLO and Hamas continue to make fools of the international community who need to make it clear that the game is up for both the PLO and Hamas. They have had their day in the sun and now need to face the populations they rule as long time unelected entities for further endorsement or banishment to the dustbin of politics.

          There should be an international call for fresh elections in Gaza and the Arab population in Judea and Samaria to see if there is an alternate leadership that can negotiate with Israel without the stigma of being driven by the stated desire in their Constitutions to erase the Jewish State off the map.

          Jordan still however remains the key. Given the chaos that has descended on Jordan in coping with the disasters in Iraq and Syria the day might be soon coming when it will again see the light – as in 1994.

          Maybe Obama, Kerry and Ban can help them reach that decision – if they are men enough to admit their horrible political misjudgment and remove the blinkers that have seen no other solution than an Arab State between Jordan and Israel for the first time ever in recorded history.

          Only 5% of the territory of the Mandate for Palestine still remains unallocated between Jordan and Israel. Carve it up between Israel and Jordan in direct negotiations and get on with life. It is that simple.

  2. Ian Katz says:

    A peaceful state in gaza. Real success there .

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