Iran Nuclear Armed – Fait Accompli?

August 9, 2011 by Richard Wittman
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Has the whole world already assumed Iran will develop nuclear weapons and there is no way of stopping them now?…asks Richard Wittman.

Richard Wittman

I read a very detailed article in an international newspaper written by persons with vast knowledge of the Iranian nuclear programme.

The crux of the story was, how Israel now has to, take into consideration,

”A Nuclear Armed Iran”, in the following way;

1.Strengthen its plans for ballistic missile defense.

2.Develop a second strike nuclear force, to inflict assured destruction against enemy cities.

The sentence that concerned me most in the article was,

“In the past, a nuclear armed Iran could still have been prevented.”

I argue, we still have, limited time, to prevent Iran from being nuclear armed.

The effort will need to be immense and concentrated in a very short period of time, before it really is too late.

I suggest this effort will be well worth trying.

The cost of admitting defeat now, is definitely a nuclear armed Iran, which in this case we would need to consider the following;

To deal with this, Isreel would need an unviable massive increase in military spending to keep the upper hand deterrance against Iran, a cost Israel cannot afford.  As wittnessed by the 300,000 demonstrating in the streets for more spending on social issues, at the obvious expense of the current military budget, without even taking into consideration the huge increase we would need to counter a nuclear armed Iran.

A nuclear armed Iran would lead to a nuclear arms race, with other Arab countries who are also concerned by Irans dominance in the region and would naturally want to protect their own positions in the Arab world.

A real threat of extremists or terrorists getting their hands on nuclear material for a radioactive dirty bomb released in the heart of Tel Aviv.

Also the increase boldness of Iran and their support of terrorism around the world, and knowing full well Israel and the world would be reluctant to take on a nuclear armed Iran.

Due to Iran’s irrational behaviour, the increased chance of them actually using a nuclear weapon against Israel is a real possibility.

So I definitely suggest not to assume Iran cannot be stopped. We must not allow ourselves to admit defeat as the result of this makes a second holocaust a real possibility.

We would never forgive ourselves for not doing everything in our power to stop this, regardless of how small our chances of success are, we know from our history how large the danger is of not acting.

Richard Wittman is Australian born and is Director of Strategic Development of the Knesset Forum on International Relations.


20 Responses to “Iran Nuclear Armed – Fait Accompli?”
  1. Mladen Andrijasevic says:

    Dear Richard,

    Thank you for your kind words and referral to my blog. Well, it seems that we are not alone. Congressman Allen West recently said: Mutual Assured Destruction ‘Is Out The Window With Iran’ The real question is what about everybody else? Are they all asleep?


  2. Dear Ziggy,
    If you have a problem with the United Nations resolutions and sanctions against Iran’s nuclear weapons program, you should take that up with them.
    I am basing my opinion on their reports, (plus many other sources) a body as you know that does not work for Israel’s interests, and mostly quite the opposite.
    Bear in mind Israel is not a party to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.
    But Iran is a party to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.
    So there is the big difference, and as a party to it has to comply with its requirements.
    That is the reason for the resolutions and sanctions on Iran.

  3. Ziggy says:

    Hi Richard,

    The suspicions are credible, you say? But you have nothing on which to base those suspicions. It is highly immoral to punish somebody on the basis of suspicions without foundation. Let’s put the shoe on the other foot.

    There is a suspicion that Israel has around 300 nuclear weapons. Mordechai Vanunu worked at Dimona on Israel’s nuclear weapons program and his revelations about this are more than credible. But of course there is no hard evidence that there are nuclear weapons in Israel, only suspicions.

    Would you be in favour of the USA and all those other nations putting punitive sanctions on Israel and threatening war unless Israel opened itself up and eradicated its arsenal of nuclear weapons? Would you be in favour of UN sanction to starve Israel into submission? On the basis of suspicions?

    As for the UN sanctions on Iran, according to your position, I believe that you are in favour of them. SO let me inform you why they are illegal.

    The UN charter clearly outlines the conditions needed to kick off such sanctions – only after a determination of “the existence of any threat to the peace, breach of the peace, or act of aggression” is found, something that has never been done.

    There was no threat to the peace – Iran has not made war on anybody for over 400 years.

    There was no breach of the peace – again, Iran has not made war on anybody.

    There was no act of aggression – same again.

    Therefore the UN sanctions were illegal. Are you in favour of this sort of bullying? Oh by the way, as I said, I’m a fervent supporter of Israel, yet I happen to know that the UNSC has passed many adverse resolutions and sanctions against Israel and Israel has not complied with any of them. Do you condemn Israel for this? What’s your position on the UNSC resolutions and sanctions against Israel? Do you think that they are legal?

    You say that the suspicions are not just by the USA, but by the UN, including China and Russia. Richard, it wouldn’t matter how many nations are suspicious of Iran, there’s still no evidence that Iran is building nuclear weapons. Remember that people were burned at the stake on the basis of suspicions and accusations that they were witches and of course you know that this was not true.

    Are you prepared to condone the burning of a nation on the same grounds – suspicions? Come on, be logical. Either you have hard evidence of a transgression or not. Suspicions, no matter how many people or nations have them, simply don’t cut the mustard.

    By the way, let me point something out to you. In relation to Iran, we constantly hear that the “International Community” is opposed to Iran’s nuclear program. Would you like to tell me who this International Community is and how many nations are opposed to Iran’s nuclear program?

    No? I bet you wouldn’t. So let me tell you why this whole thing is a load of propaganda and demonisation.

    Out of the 192 nations of the UN, around 130 of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Nations and their supporters are completely in favour of Iran’s nuclear program. That’s already a majority.

    Then there are about 30 other nations not in the NAM have indicated support for Iran’s nuclear program.

    There are a few nations, around 10, that have not indicated anything aboiut Iran’s nuclear program.

    So out of 192 nations in the entire International Community, the reality is that at least 160 nations support Iran’s nuclear program.

    The truth is that what is being propagandised in the western media is that the International Community is the rest of the world against Iran, when exactly the opposite is true – that the International Community that the Americans refer to are only the USA, Britain, France, Germany and a couple of others.

    Pretty pathetic International Community, maybe less than 15 nations out of the 192 nations of the UN.

    I am making this point purely to demonstrate the Goebbels-type lies and propaganda from the Americans and their cronies, lies which you, Richard, have obviously swallowed.

    You obviously believe suspicions about Iran without any basis in hard fact or evidence.

    You obviously support the UN sanctions against Iran which are provably illegal.

    I imagine that you’d be outraged if the same treatment was dished out to Israel on the basis of unfounded suspicions and manufactured propaganda.

    Richard, I don’t hold anything against you – your opinions are your right. But at least argue and support them with some facts instead of suspicions.

    I’m no lawyer, although I have run many court actions and won them all. You know why I won them all? Because I had FACTS. If I had gone to court with nothing but suspicions against my adversaries, I would have lost every case.

    Richard, forget suspicions – demand EVIDENCE and act on that. Until then, it’s all fantasy and bullshit and it’s not hard to see why the Americans trying to demonise Iran, which is no threat to the USA.

  4. Dear Ziggy,
    I believe the suspicions are credible.
    The United Nations have imposed the sanctions, not me.
    The suspicions are not just by the United States but by the United Nations including China and Russia, who are very big economic allies of Iran.

  5. Ziggy says:

    Hi Richard,

    You say that your aim is not to take any chances and try to stop them by means, only, of economic and diplomatic sanctions. Stop them from what? As you say, you have no proof that Iran is doing anything wrong, but you want to exert diplomatic and economic sanctions? That’s rather illogical, punishing a nation merely on the basis of unfounded suspicions.

    Here’s an analogy. I’m a normal male with functioning genitalia. Would you have me castrated because I am capable of raping a woman, even if I have absolutely no intention of ever doing so? My genitals perform very useful functions that don’t threaten anybody, but they have never been used for rape and I can assure you that I wouldn’t rape your daughter (presuming you have one) under any circumstances.

    But this is exactly what you are postulating with Iran. That nation has a nuclear energy program that is perfectly legal. Although Iran quite rightly refuses to implement the Additional Protocol and is only allowing the IAEA to inspect and monitor facilities that are mandated under the NPT, Iran is still in full compliance with that treaty and that’s really all Iran has to do. It’s called – THE LAW.

    But your view is that the law doesn’t matter and you will exact your own punishment on this nation because you don’t want to take any chances, based entirely on accusations by the USA that so far have been proved to be about as credible as the USA’s accusations of WMD in Iraq.

    So don’t take any chances with Iran and starve it to death if you can. Then you can have me castrated so that you don’t take any chances with me raping somebody, although there’s no evidence of me every wanting to do so. But if you have me castrated, then that risk vanishes, doesn’t it?

    Richard, you don’t get it, do you? Iran’s regime may be abhorrent. So is the regime of Kim Jong-il. So is the regime of Julia Gillard. But you have to at least have solid grounds to punish a nation or a regime. You have more grounds to punish Julia Gillard for her PROVABLE lies and destruction of this nation’s wealth than you have to punish the mullahs of Iran for UNPROVEN accusations by the Americans.

    As I stated before, I don’t trust the Americans one iota because they have a track record of false flag operations (Vietnam, Operation Northwoods, 9/11), deliberately false accusations against nations so as to generate pretexts for war (Iraq) and overthrowing legitimately elected governments and installing fascist dictators (Iran, Guatemala, Vietnam, Laos, Cuba, Iraq, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Zaire, Ghana, Cambodia, Grenada, Nicaragua… the list goes on).

    So why would any sane person trust anything that the Americans say about Iran, especially when they are completely devoid of any evidence of Iran trying to build nuclear weapons? Would you really trust the unproven word of the world’s biggest serial liar? Richard, that’s exactly what you are doing here.

    Finally, as for your sentiment about saving a huge amount of lives in the Middle East, I wonder if you opposed the USA’s completely illegal war against Iraq that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people? I bet you never uttered one word of condemnation.

    By the way, Saddam Hussein was installed by the Americans after they engineered a coup against democratically elected President Karim Kassem because he was a leftist and the Americans didn’t like anybody leaning to the left in those days.

    Please don’t have me castrated. I promise not to rape anybody, even though I have the equipment. Sort of Iike Iran having nuclear enrichment but promising not to build nuclear weapons. There’s no evidence that Iran is doing this, therefore punishing this nation on the grounds of unfounded accusations from the world’s greatest serial liar is rather silly and very unfair.

  6. Dear Ziggy,
    Thank you for your response.
    I am happy, you too, have no desire to see Iran with nuclear weapons, and agree the regime is barbaric in their treatment of their own people.
    In regard to proof, I understand your position wanting absolute proof, but I personally obviously can’t supply absolute proof, to you.
    My aim though is not to take any chances and try to stop them by means, only, of economic and diplomatic sanctions.
    So as to avoid, any reason for military action from any country.
    Thereby saving a huge amount of lives in the Middle East, and even further afield.

  7. hasbaracentral says:

    There is no clear evidence that Iran has Nuclear weapons. Israel has them and Vanuu is still praying the price for blowing the whistle. The USa has Nuclear weapons and is the only country to have used them and it ha bases all over the world. Even if Iran builds nuclear weapons it is not amatch to the US and cannot attack Israel as Israel is the US watch dog in the region. So what is the imminent danger, other than the possibility that Israel will lose its nuclear monopoly in the ergion and its edge of terror ?

  8. Ziggy says:

    Hi RIchard,

    Firstly, Ihave absolutely no desire to see Iran with nuclear weapons – the regime is a bunch of barbaric looney tunes and fruitcakes. However, I don’t want to bore you with numerous citations about the illegality of the UN sanctions against Iran, so you are welcome to go to Google, where you will find plenty of renowned international lawyers giving their considered legal opinions about this. But you are the one who brought up the topic of those sanctions, so I responded.

    But I was flabbergasted when you stated, “Having them agree in the case of Iran is proof enough for me, of Iran’s desire for nuclear weapons,” Do you realise what you have said? Can you imagine trying to prove this sort of thing in a court of law?

    “Oh yes your Honour, the prosecution doesn’t have one shred of evidence against the defendant, not one iota that the defendant is doing anything illegal, but we demand the death penalty on the grounds that a number of people have adverse opinions of the defendant and they suspect him of thinking about doing something illegal.”

    Richard, that’s what you are postulating and from a legal standpoint, if you dragged Iran to a court of law and tried to get a conviction like that, you’d probably be arrested for contempt. As I keep saying, you need EVIDENCE, not speculation, hearsay. Provide the proof that Iran is building nuclear weapons and I’ll agree with everything you say, but you haven’t done so, the Americans haven’t done so, the IAEA haven’t done son, the UNSC haven’t done so. Nobody has done so.

    You do NOT convict somebody and punish them on hearssay and speculation, just as happened with the Iraq War, but we know why that happened. In an interview in June 2003, US Deputy Secretary of Defence, Paul Wolfowitz, was asked why a nuclear power such as North Korea was being treated differently from Iraq, where no WMD had been found. Wolfowitz said: “Let’s look at it simply. The most important difference between North Korea and Iraq is that economically, we just had no choice in Iraq. The country swims on a sea of oil”.

    So there’s the confession from the highest echelon of the US administration of GW Bush and R Cheney that the USA invaded Iraq for oil, publicly stated by this war criminal that also implicated Bush and Cheney as war criminals. There were no WMD in Iraq and the Americans knew it – but the Iraqis were swimming in a sea of oil that the Americans needed to annex and good old Saddam wasn’t playing ball. So hundreds of thousands of innocent people died.

    What I am saying is – I do not trust the Americans. Australia has been dragged into three illegal wars since 1945 and our people have lost their lives for this. Don’t believe me – go check out the recently declassified material showing that the Americans staged the bogus Gulf of Tonkin false flag operation to give them a pretext to wage war against Vietnam. Millions of Vietnamese died, 60,000 Americans died and 500 Australians died. Why? Because the Americans LIED.

    The Americans did the same with Iraq, as I pointed out. And I have irrefutable evidence to show that they did this with Afghanistan. Go to and read the page called World Trade Centre Scam. Let me know if you can find any lack of facts as to why the Americans killed their own people to create a pretext to wage war against Afghanistan.

    And to show you just one thing, you will remember that a large Boeing 757 jet airliner purportedly hit the Pentagon on 9/11. Well, go to Google Images, where there are photos of literally everything and see if you can find one photo of the wreckage of a Boeing 757 airliner. There are none. Do you think that in a city like Washington DC just after an incident like that, the greatest terrorist attack on the USA, that somebody wouldn’t have taken photos? FInd me a real photo of the wreckage, Richard. But there are none.

    What I am trying to say is – the Iranians are abhorrent, barbaric and they follow the doctrine that is Islam, the vile death cult masquerading as a religion. I’m a proud Islamophobe and I consider Islam the greatest menace that the civilised world has ever faced. But I also completely distrust the Americans, who have waged war all over the planet for nothing more than political and economic gain and find no shame in staging false flag operations and deceptions to use as pretexts to do so.

    RIchard, in closing, my position is that I don’t convict anybody on hearsay and speculation and this is what the USA and others have done with Iran. I don’t mind seeing those Iranian mullahs and that lunatic Ahmedinejad dispatched to their mythical heavens with their 72 virgins each – but let it be on legitimate grounds, not fanciful speculation.

    And as I’m extricating myself from this repartee, let me mention that I was raised as a Jew, although I am a devout Atheist. I lived in Israel for some years when I was a kid and I am a fervent supporter of Israel. But that does not mean that I would wage a war against another nation merely because the Americans point the finger – without a shred of proof – and knowing the appalling record of the Americans for deception, false flag operations and illegal wars.

    NO MORE. We don’t need to be suckered again by the lies and see Aussies lose their lives.

  9. Dear Mladen,
    Thank you for your well informed response, (didn’t see your initial post.).
    In regard to the doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction, (MAD) I agree with you totally that MAD is now dead in the case of Iran.
    If the world allows Iran to develop nuclear weapons, I would not like to rely on the MAD doctrine to protect the world.
    I refer people to your very informative link below for more information
    Thank you for caring, Richard

  10. Dear Ziggy, the computer uploaded by accident before I finished.
    In regard to your opinion the “U.N Sanctions are illegal” I think most would disagree with you.
    In regard to your comment the “the USA is using its position on the UNSC and its economic power to get such resolutions passed” I really dont believe Russia, China etc go with the U.S.A’s positions at all if they dont agree. Having them agree in the case of Iran is proof enough for me, of Irans desire for nuclear weapons, as both China and Russia are major economic allies with Iran, so these resolutions go against their economic interests, but they still voted for the resolutions.
    You dont know that they are not wanting to produce nuclear weapons, would you agree that having Iran produce weapons of mass destruction would be a problem.
    What do you think of the Iranian regime?
    What do you think of Irans record of executions, torture and rape in prisons, rigged elections, etc,?
    Would you trust them with nuclear weapons?

  11. Dear Ziggy, without personally travelling to Iran I am satisfied to rely on the United Nations reports and resolutions as proof of Irans desire to produce nuclear weapons.
    In regard to your opinion being illegal, maybe you would like to take that up with the United Nations

  12. Mladen Andrijasevic says:

    “It seems that not many people understand that the doctrine of mutually assured destruction that has worked during the Cold War and prevented a nuclear war from breaking out is now dead. MAD is Dead

    Dear Mr. Wittman – It would be interesting to know why my post above which consists of links to the quotes of 4 experts whose extensive interviews even appeared in the Jerusalem Post was considered inappropriate, whereas you end up spending considerable time trying to convince ziggy that Iran is indeed trying to make the bomb. Why the double standard? Surely both opinions should be represented in your blog?

    Your answer would be greatly appreciated since it would give me insight into why the world refuses to discuss this issue, the consequences of which may result in the deaths of millions of Israelis and Iranians. Don’t you think that in a democracy the population should be informed? And if hopefully Israel one day launches a preemptive strike against the Iranian nuclear facilities, would it not make sense to have already expained to the ignorant world what the rationale was?

  13. Ziggy says:

    Hi Richard,

    You STILL have not produced one shred of evidence to show that Iran is building nuclear weapons. Of course I know about the UN sanctions, but that’s not evidence of nuclear bombs being built. Those sanctions are all illegal.

    Richard, the USA is using its position on the UNSC and its economic power to get such resolutions passed. However, if Iran has the legal right to enrich uranium by being a signatory to an international treaty, then nobody can take that right away, not the UNSC, not the Americans – nobody. I have the NPT right here and I have read it from beginning to end and there is NO provision or power given to ANY entity, including the UNSC, to stop Iran from conducting a perfectly legal activity under an international treaty and under international law.

    The UNSC doesn’t have that right nor the power. Therefore the sanctions are illegal and coercive. Every lawyer versed in international law has stated so – I’ve read many opinions from them and they all say the same – you can’t stop somebody conducting an activity that is legal.

    But Richard, nothing you have written so far has produced one shred of evidence that Iran is building or trying to build nuclear weapons. Maybe Iran is doing so – I don’t know. But – I WANT TO SEE PROOF, not this speculation and obfuscation.

    I hope that when you make all these accusations, that you recall the accusations of WMD in Iraq by the US regime that was the false pretext for the Iraq War that killed hundredsof thousands of innocent people. Your accusations that Iran is building nuclear weapons falls into exactly the same category, accusations without a shred of evidence.

    Sure, Iran has a nuclear program. So what? It’s entitled to it, just like all NPT signatories, but that doesn’t mean it’s building bombs. Guess what Richard? I’m a guy with fully functioning genitals, but I’m not a rapist because of it and I have no intentions of becoming one. Get the idea?

    Come up with some hard evidence against Iran regarding this issue – like for instance. Iran conducts nuclear bomb test in the desert, or something similar. Until then, what you say about Iran’s nuclear bombs is nothing more than what George W Bush said about Iraq’s WMD – all bullshit.

  14. It seems  that not many people understand that the doctrine of mutually assured destruction that has worked during the Cold War and prevented a nuclear war from breaking out is now dead. MAD is Dead 

  15. Richard says:

    Dear Ziggy, thanks for your interest, I have copied some information regarding the United Nations Security Council resolutions, for your information. They passed the following resolutions in order to force Iran to suspend its uranium enrichment activities, in order to stop them from building nuclear weapons.

    UN Security CouncilThe UN Security Council has passed seven resolutions on Iran:

    Resolution 1696 (31 July 2006) demanded that Iran suspend its uranium enrichment activities, invoking Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter to make that demand legally binding on Iran.
    Resolution 1737 (23 December 2006) imposed sanctions after Iran refused to suspend its enrichment activities, cutting off nuclear cooperation, demanding that Iran cooperate with the IAEA, and freezing the assets of a number of persons and organizations linked to Iran’s nuclear and missile programs. It established a committee to monitor sanctions implementation.[110]
    Resolution 1747 (24 March 2007) expanded the list of sanctioned Iranian entities and welcomed the proposal by the permanent five members of the Security Council plus Germany for resolving issues regarding Iran’s nuclear program.
    In resolution 1803 (3 March 2008), the Council decided to extend those sanctions to additional persons and entities, impose travel restrictions on sanctioned persons, and bar exports of nuclear- and missile-related dual-use goods to Iran.[111]
    Resolution 1835 (27 September 2008) reaffirmed the preceding four resolutions, the only one of the seven not to invoke Chapter VII.
    Resolution 1929 (9 June 2010) imposed a complete arms embargo on Iran, banned Iran from any activities related to ballistic missiles, authorized the inspection and seizure of shipments violating these restrictions, and extended the asset freeze to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines (IRISL). The resolution passed by a vote of 12-2, with Turkey and Brazil voting against and Lebanon abstaining. A number of countries imposed measures to implement and extend these sanctions, including the United States, the European Union, Australia,[112] Canada,[113] Japan,[114] Norway,[115] South Korea,[116] and Russia.[117]
    Resolution 1984 (8 June 2011) extended for a further 12 months the mandate of the Panel of Experts established by Resolution 1929.

  16. Ziggy says:

    Hi Richard,

    Thanks for your response. So where is the plentiful evidence of which you speak that allegedly proves that Iran is building nuclear weapons? Cite some please. So far, nobody has produced any hard evidence, only speculation, so if you can manage to do this, you will be the first.

    As for Iran’s failure to declare sensitive enrichment and reprocessing activities to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), that’s nonsense. The IAEA has stated up to this date that Iran has fully complied with every aspect of the NPT. But what you are referring to is Iran’s refusal to go beyond its NPT obligations, which Iran has every right to do. Just because the IAEA, under American pressure, demands to go beyond its authority, that doesn’t mean that Iran has to comply. The Americans wouldn’t let the IAEA intrusively inspect its nuclear program and the USA is the greatest violator of the NPT of all.

    Iran has already been burned once when it agreed to implement the Additional Protocol in exchange for certain benefits from the USA and its allies and allow the IAEA to inspect and monitor facilities to which the IAEA had no right or mandate under the NPT. However, those promises were completely hollow, so Iran withdrew from the Additional Protocol, which I might add, was completely vcoluntary, not mandatory – and Iran went back to the strict requirements of the NPT – and rightly so.

    I brought up the issue of Japan being a nuclear nation, yet nobody is demanding that Japan abandon its nuclear program, yet as I pointed out, Japan has a long history of atrocities, warmongering and other travesties. On the other hand, Iran has not made war on any nation for over 400 years.

    Also, according to the USA, a nation that is right now engaged in two completely illegal wars and was drubbed in Vietnam, another illegal war concocted on the false flag Gulf of Tonkin incident, Iran is threatening Europe with missiles and nuclear weapons. But where’s the evidence? When has Iran ever threatened Europe? But on that false premise, the Americans want to install missiles in Poland and other nations. Why? The real reason is to establish a military presence in those nations, just as the Americans right now have military presences in a whopping 140 nations. Why?

    But back to Iran. Richard, produce the hard evidence of Iran building nuclear weapons. I have not seen any in all the years this issue has arisen. Iranian ballistic missiles are not evidence of nuclear weapons. I await your revelations.

  17. Dear Neil,
    In regard to your comment “the nuclear arms race in the Middle East was started by Israel”, please bear in mind Israel has made no threat to annihilate Iran, or to use nuclear weapons against Iran, so there is no reason for a nuclear arms race, regardless of Israels nuclear ability or otherwise.

  18. Dear Ziggy, I respect your right to your opinion, and I truly wish for the sake of all the people in the Middle East that I shared your opinion, but I believe there is plenty of evidence of Irans desire to produce nuclear weapons. The controversy over Iran’s nuclear programs centers in particular on Iran’s failure to declare sensitive enrichment and reprocessing activities to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).
    Without boring everyone with the details I suggest the following site for some general information
    In regard to Japan I dont think many people would equate present day Japan with the current regime in Iran.

  19. Neil says:

    Richard said “A nuclear armed Iran would lead to a nuclear arms race,”

    What is he smoking.

    The nuclear arms race in the Middle East was sparked by Israel who started nuclear weapons building.

    I guess that Mutual Assured Destruction is going to balance the planning that the US and Israel has had in it’s planning for their attack on Iran.

    Best Wishes

  20. Ziggy says:

    Richard, your whole assumption is flawed, because your article is based on Iran acquiring nuclear weapons being a hard fact, when there’s not a shred of evidence to support this. You seem to make the assumption that because Iran is conducting a perfectly legal nuclear program, that this automatically means that Iran is trying to build nuclear weapons. Right now there are 31 nations running nuclear energy programs, but I bet you’re not accusing any of them from trying to build nuclear weapons. Japan has a nuclear energy program and a long history of aggression, warmongering, atrocities and the like. Japan has a belligerent nucealr-armed neighbour in North Korea. Where’s your concern about the likelihood of Japan acquiring nuclear weapons, considering it wasn’t that long ago that the Japanese were ate war with Australia? Richard, a word of advice. Establish beyond a shadow of doubt that Iran is building nuclear weapons and take it from there. Until you have such hard evidence, all your writing and speculation is just babble.

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