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November 28, 2011 by J-Wire Staff
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In his annual report on an anti-Semitism in Australia, Jeremy Jones  has reported 517 incidents of “anti-Jewish violence, vandalism, harassment and intimidation in the last year…38% higher than the 21 year average of the database’s history and 31% higher than the previous 12 months.

Jeremy Jones

On the subject of targeting the Internet as a tool to disseminate hatred against Jews, Jones writes: “As more of the communication media moves to on-line platforms, there is more space available for individuals without qualifications to promote views and opinions. Particularly when the site hosting comments is moderated, there is a prospect that antisocial, prejudice-promoting comments are accorded a modicum of respectability as constituting part of public discourse. There is little indication that the number of anti-Semites is increasing, but no question that the reach of their voices is now magnified.”

In the report, published by The Executive Council of Australian Jewry, 55% of reported incidents utilised e-mail. Jones presented his report at the ECAJ AGM in Melbourne yesterday.

Jones also refers to anti-Semitism being voiced in objections to Jewish structures on the planning board. During the last year, a planned Eruv on Sydney’s North Shore failed to get approval by the Ku-ring-gai Council. The report reads:  “These included planning decisions regarding Jewish community structures, which had the unfortunate tendency to degenerate from discussions of environmental concerns to attacks on the alleged un-Australianness of Jews, false claims regarding the alleged Jewish belief of superiority over non-Jews or ignorant critiques of Judaism.”

Incidents of assaults and property vandalism included:

  • In two separate instances in Melbourne, Jewish congregants walking home from synagogues were assaulted by men throwing eggs at them (10/10).
  • A Jewish man outside an entertainment venue in Sydney was assaulted, with the attackers making antisemitic comments while physically assaulting him (11/10).
  • Elderly man entering synagogue in Sydney’s eastern suburbs was harassed and assaulted by person who exited vehicle to commit assault (7/11).
  • Two men in vehicle passing synagogue in Melbourne yelled abuse and threw eggs at congregants (7/11).

Amongst  the incidents of harassment not involving physical contact were:

  • Jewish student at a Sydney High School physically and verbally abused, with Holocaust denial and other anti-Jewish conspiracy theories cited, to the extent he left the school (incidents began into 2010, student left school March 2011).
  • Two occupants of passing vehicle yelled “f**king Jews” at children arriving at Jewish dayschool in Sydney’s eastern suburbs (10/10)
  • A man approached a synagogue in Sydney during the time of Saturday morning prayers yelling comments such as “You f**king Jews, the holocaust never happened. I’m going to burn you. Six million Jews wasn’t enough.” (10/10).
  • Two men screamed abuse including “f**king Jews” and “f**king Jewish c**ts” repeatedly at a rabbi and congregants walking home from synagogue in Sydney’s eastern suburbs (10/10).
  • The driver of a vehicle in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs veered his car aggressively at a visibly Jewish person, then yelled “F**king Jews” and other abuse (6/11).
  • Eggs were thrown at 10 Jewish students by three people in vehicle in street in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs (6/11). 
  • Two men in vehicle passing synagogue in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs yelled abuse and threw eggs at congregants (7/11).
  • A rabbi and his children in Melbourne were abused and called “Fucking Jews” by occupants in a passing vehicle with the driver then doing a U-turn and following the group for a short time (8/11).
Threats made by telephone, mail, leaflets or e-mail were 13% above the recorded average. They included:
  • A letter containing white powder and the word “Jew” and a picture of a coffin sent to a Perth Jewish community member at home address (3/11). Similar material was sent to PO Box of community member (3/11).
  • A prominent member of the Sydney Jewish community received a personally addressed letter with a series of antisemitic statements including “The Jew either barks, snaps, yaps to impose his will, or moans or wails to excite pity . . . Jews are not human beings, but rather parasites, leeches, cankers, bacilli etc. . . (4/11). A Melbourne Jewish leader received the same letter (4/11).
  • Antisemitic letter accusing Jews of being money-hungry and controlling the world received by Jewish organisation in Melbourne (7/11).
  • A Jewish business person in Sydney received hate mail with statements including “I hope Jews like you are wiped off the face of the planet! You are all pests! All Jews in Australia are psychopaths” (8/11).
Graffiti was reported at the highest level in five years and 23% above the recorded average. Some examples….
  • Swastika graffiti and “I hate f**king maggots” painted outside synagogue in Perth (12/10).
  • Graffiti “Jews did 9/11” on wall in shopping centre on Sydney’s north shore (1/11).
  • Graffiti in three places near Jewish day school in Sydney’s eastern suburbs including “LOL YOOR A JEW”, “HITLER” and “HITLER RETURNS” (3/11).
  • Vehicles parked in street in Melbourne suburb with substantial Jewish population spray-painted with swastikas (3/11).
  • A number of cars parked in Sydney suburbs with substantial Jewish population had the word “Jude” painted on them, with some also being additionally vandalised (4/11).
  • A poster in a Sydney street advertising Jewish study classes had graffiti “Fuck Jews” spray painted on it (4/11).
  • Graffiti “Kill Jews” beside two stars of David daubed on steps leading to Melbourne beach (5/11).
  • Graffiti including “F**k Jews” and a large swastika painted on fence of empty block in Melbourne suburbs with substantial Jewish population (5/11).
E-mail accounted for 55% of all reported incidents. Examples include:
  • Long antisemitic email, alleging Jewish conspiracy to cause “floods, earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, typhoons, tsunamis . . . “ received at Jewish organisation in Sydney (10/10).
  • Antisemitic email, in which sender threatened to publicly burn a torah scroll in response to “Devil-Jews”, “Jews destroying my life” and the “Jewish Agenda” is to bring down Al-Aqsa Mosque” received by Jewish organisations in NSW, Victoria and SA (10/10).
  • Email signed “Denis Mulheron” which read: “jews stole Palestine killed its people herded them into ghettos and set about starving them. jews are evil they control banking the medis porn and control western governments through donations. Jews did 9/11 as an excuse to attack Afghanistan and irqa the jews now want us to attack iran. The jews caused the 2nd world war pressing the world to attack the gallant and great german people, the german people knew of the evil jew and in a humane way tried to rid Europe of parasite jews, jews always take advantage of the host country jews have been explelled from every European country why? I hope iran nukes Israel a good jew is adead jew jews are behind most wars the great man henry ford knew this” received by Jewish organisation in Sydney (10/10).
  • Antisemitic emails, one attacking “Jewish menaces” and the other on “the Synagogue of Satan” sent to Jewish organisations in Sydney (1/11).
  • Antisemitic email, stating Jews “are liars, murderers and thieves” sent to Jewish organisations in Sydney (1/11).
  • Antisemitic email defending Nazi War Criminals and alleging Jews donate “to political parties to get their way” sent to Jewish organisation in Sydney. Another email sent on the same day attacked “the Jew lobby” and saying “Jews are the lowest form of human life” (1/11). A third email said “get over it one jew the jews kill more palestines (sic) very (sic) day . . . jews declared war on Germany so he killed an enemy” (1/11).
  • Email signed “Jewkiller” sent to Jewish organisation in Sydney. It opened “fuck all Jews your going ti (sic) get wiped off the face of the earth just wait” and repeated “die jews” dozens of times (1/11).
  • Long conspiracy theory email accusing Jews of manipulating the weather and using mind control sent to Jewish organisation in Sydney (1/11).
  • Antisemitic email sent to Jewish organisation in Sydney, saying Jews are “racist pigs” and that “Jews run the courts, media, and government” in Australia (1/11).
  • Email “I hate jews an ugly brutal murdering parasite people, I love germans in 2nd ww” and much more, including Holocaust denial, sent to Jewish organisation in Sydney (2/11)
  • Email sent to Jewish organisation in Sydney, calling Jews “evil racist parasites”, saying that “the holocaust is all bullshit a way for greedy jews to get money jews control porn” and more (2/11).
  •  Email “Israel is the new Germany and the jews are the world’s new Nazi” sent to Jewish organisation in Sydney (2/11).Email claiming Jews had taken over America and “Australia is the next target of the Zionists”, that “Hitler himself was the bastard son of Rothschild who was a Zionist” and “Hitler was told to make believe he hated Jews” sent to Jewish organisation in Sydney (2/11). Antisemitic email sent to Jewish day school in Sydney, saying Jews “spit in the face of the Australian people”. The email attacked Judaism as a religion as well as alleged Jewish behaviour (3/11).An antisemitic email was sent to Jewish organisation in Melbourne which told Jews to “get out of our nation” and “to keep your big noses out of the affairs of your kind hosts” (5/11).

    Antisemitic email, alleging Mossad operating in Australia to persecute people seeking justice, sent to Jewish and other organisations in Australia and worldwide, from Adelaide (6/11).

    Antisemitic email sent by Denis Mulheron to Jewish organisation in Sydney, including “the holohoax is just jew lies to get money from germany”; “the gallant germans treated jews far better than the jews treat Palestine” and “there will only be world peace when the power of the evil jew is destroyed” (6/11).

    Long email sent to Jewish community personality in Sydney, saying Jews “twist the truth with words”, “are carrying on like they always had, “everyone knows kikes have sex on their minds all the time”, “Don’t you know that we had to let you’s (sic) get chucked in the Showers”, “a white who sleeps with a Jewess is a trator (sic) and a weakling” and much more (8/11).

     Antisemitic email, on the theme “when a Jew gains access to power in white nations, he shits it down the drain for Jew interests”, sent to Jewish organisation in Sydney (8/11).


Jones’s full report details anti-Semitic reportage in both print and online media.

J-Wire reports all anti-Semitic correspondence received to Jones and Microsoft acted on an email received by J-Wire from “[email protected]”.

Jones has been maintaining records of anti-Semitic incidents in Australia since 1989.


6 Responses to “Internet spreading anti-Semitism”
  1. Michael Burd says:

    The Jewish community spend tens of Millions of dollars securing their Synagogues, Day schools and community centers. We even have special evacuation plans in case of bomb attacks and volunteers surrounding our synagogues on high holidays and special events
    No other ethnic or religious community does the same thing or lives under this siege mentality.
    What is incredible is most Jews just take this for granted as if this is our lot in life..

    Who is this enemy we fear ?

  2. Andre Oboler says:

    Sol, yes they are dates in the format (month / year). The report (linked to above) states this before the first set of examples. Although the annual antisemitism report covers a 12 month period, it does not run from January to December… hence why some of them are towards the end of 2010 and other are in 2011.

  3. Linda Steinhauser says:

    I loved Australia when I was there twice for almost 4 months back in the 1980’s. Now, I think this anti-Semitism would cause me to not want to travel there, again.
    I stand with Israel and the Jewish people.
    Educational TRUTH has a way of opening closed minds.
    As in other countries, teachers in Australia have failed to provide the truth to their students.
    As a person of German heritage, I can assure you that the Jews were not then (WWII) and are not now the problem.
    Wake up, people! EVIL EXISTS!
    Don’t let history repeat itself, again.

  4. Tom Sullivan says:

    wow – i stopped reading your article when i read that individuals without qualifications to promote views and opinions – foolish man

  5. Sol Salbe says:

    Any significance to the numbers at the end of each reference? Surely they cannot be dates?

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