Howard continues to support Israel

November 6, 2010 by J-Wire Staff
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Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard spoke with foreign correspondents in Sydney and took questions from the floor…one quizzed him on his support for Israel in his current book.

In ‘Lazarus Rising’, former Prime Minister took a question on Iraq and Israel from a journalist writing for Iranian media.

J-Wire publishes the film made for the Foreign Correspondents’ Association….


7 Responses to “Howard continues to support Israel”
  1. Samuel-Yermiya says:

    Howard has to be the greatest mind that Australia has ever produced. One trembles at the profound insights the man has especially about the Middle East. It is appropriate that he appears in the most profound website coming out of Australia that talks about the Middle East. But look I am secular can you please call it z-whinge ?

  2. Moishe says:

    Am Israel Chai…The People of Israel Live!
    The Jewish people have a biblical and military claim to the Land of Israel.
    They are in the land only by G-d’s grace. The victories of ’48, ’67 and ’73 as well as the more recent successful defence of the land are testament this.
    On the other hand, the so-called Palestinian people are sadly by-and-large innocent pawns used by surrounding barbaric Arab leaders to garner their own political power.
    But not to worry. When Hashem judges each one of us, we will all get what we truly deserve.
    The good news of love and peace will prevail.

  3. Adrian says:

    Anthony shows by example the true meaning of hypocrisy.
    He judges the Israelis and Jews by vastly differing standards,in a way exemplified by the neo-antisemites.
    He has scant regard for the history of the region,and shows no understanding of the politics of the area.
    In address to you Anthony,you stand condemned by your own ignorance.If you were to acknowlege the history of the Jews and their exile from their biblical homeland,as well as the fact that Zionism is a manifestation of a yearning to return to that land,you might understand why the Jews will never surrender their wellbeing to the likes of people like you.
    That is a lesson,learned the hard way,by treatment from your kind during that two thousand years of exile and dispersion.
    The Jews have their homeland back,so I am afraid that you might do well to find other victims of the progression from crusades to expulsions to inquisitions to pogroms to the gas chambers of the holocaust.Listen to the cry “never again” and understand it well.
    You sir,are a bigot.

  4. Rita says:

    The (at best) manipulatively put questions asked by a “representative” from that bastion of freedom and human rights, IRAN, are answered by Mr. Howard in a way which would make me respect him, if I did not already do so. It’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo unkewl, if not dangerous nowadays to defend Israel and the Jewish people that he deserves the thumbs up for this alone. And, of course, as far as Israel is concerned I fully agree with what he said.

  5. Anthony says:

    Does “moderation” mean a sort of Israeli censorship where you can speak your mind so long as we approve of what you say. Howard in his diatribe of evasion didn’t mention that the “democracy” in israel he feted so ardently for Arabs and dissenting jews in israel is enacted by jailing thousands of them..those who will not serve in Palestine are well represented in the jails, protestors, children, dissenters nor does he acknowledge that prisoners have been used as guinea pigs in Chemical and Biological material producton as have numerous South Africans.( exposed by Mossad Whistleblowers), Fin

  6. Anthony says:

    I apologise for not reviewing my spelling..hopefully those errors which come from keyboard incompetency will not interfere with my accurate illustrating of John Howard. .

  7. Anthony says:

    John Howard was once called honest, but given enough time he showed he is not only dishonest
    (GST, children overboard) for example but lives in a state of paranpic denial. In this reply he has assidulously avoided answering the questons asked. He lied for Bush, he is still lying for Bush.There appears to be a mental polarity of people who can clealy see the progress of this world into chaos and horror driven since WW11 by Israel and it’s puppet the US presidency…..and on the other a great number of people, some called, (who knows why) “leaders” when they are merely successful political candidates
    who assiduously refuse to study reality, admit truths, tnot only refusing to take action against atrocity bu US and Israel but support it and the illusions generated in support of it.

    John Howard in my view is a disgrace to our country…I have no interest in his “success” as long term liberal leader when he is a warmonger and supporter of attrocity.

    Howard made clear that politicians should never anser questions asked (unless of benefit) but give any answer which suits one’s purpose.

    Sadly Gillard Rudd Swan Shorten Danby Howes Dadon Costello,Bishop, Abbott and all the others on the list of pro-zion activists whoi simply refuse to acknowledge the Israeli artrocity of the last 63 years against Arabs, refuse to acknowledge Israel’s reality from the 1930’s forward, refuse to answer any question with terms showing any engagement with anything but narrow minder adhesion to some Israeli dictum.

    Of all the countries in all the world why did Howard have to come into “mine” is a reasonable paraphrase of Ric’s Casablanca pondering.

    THis lady who asked the question received no answers even vaguely relating to reality of what she asked, she received a diatribe rfrom Howards showing he is incapable to dealing with reality in any sense to do with the zionist new world order commenced by the acknowledge illuminati satanist and proven and acknowledged banking fraud and criminal Mayer Amschel Bauer aka “de Rothschild” now in control of almost all the world’s currency. Hs actions are a perversion of the command of “King david” that Hebrews “control and command the whole world” and Howard simply is either so ignorent as to be incapable of rational thought on these matters or so committed to the new order that he refused to acknowledge that Israel was NOT foremed in 1948 by the Allies as a gesture to Judaism but was formed during the 1930’s and the War by a collaboration between Khazar terrorists of the “new order” (Stern) and the reich.It plotted against Britain and performed atrocities well before 1947 when the first nightime slaughter or innocent Palestinian farmowners was occasioned.and the poisoning of wells and so on commenced. Israel is and always has been controlled by Khazard who, typically , change their names to pretend to be Jewish (from ben Gurion (Gruen, Polish) to Netenyahu (Mylekowski, Lithuanian).

    John Howard represents the denial of truth continued by those I mentioned above. It is an indictment of this country that voters are more interested in themselves and pathetically irrlevant matters rather than the mass murder of hundererds of thousands of innocents in Iraq merely in the last invasion, well over a million in earlier invasions and sanctions,and the slaughter using illegal weapons of horror which continue to kill and create deformities to this day of well over 1400 innocent Palestinians to give Bush a send-off and to show Obama “who’s Boss around here” .

    John Howard represents the assidulously ignorant ugly Australian whose mind reaches out as far as his own hands. It is significant that Wilkie, whom Howard belittled when he told the truth about the Bush conspiracy (Bush having been elected only through a fraud which went through to the (masonic) high court judges and let go though proven….) . was elected recently.

    John Howard should be ignored, not dragged up to repeat his nostalgia and denial instead of getting intouch with reality..

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