Fake peace partners and their willing helpers

November 24, 2017 by Michael Kuttner
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Anonymous quote: “when people are two-faced the only thing you will know for sure is that you can’t trust either of them”…writes Michael Kuttner.

Michael Kuttner

At a time when dubious news and gullibility have reached unprecedented heights it is more important than ever to be aware and discerning over whom we embrace and encourage. Jewish history is filled with unfortunate experiences whereby false friends hiding their real intentions turned out to be our worst adversaries.

Today we face a chorus from those who claim to have our best interests at heart and who sing the praises of individuals and groups dedicated to our demise. Like battered spouses these groups and individuals keep hoping for better times which given current conditions are not likely to eventuate in the foreseeable future if at all.

Nothing better illustrates the futility of cozying up to make-believe peace partners than the situation we find ourselves in today.

Israel has just commemorated the fortieth anniversary of the visit by Anwar Sadat of Egypt to Israel and his momentous address to the Knesset in Jerusalem. Although his courageous gesture came after years of trying to destroy the Jewish State the peace which followed was hailed as the dawn of some sort of messianic age. In actual fact it has proven to be a cold sort of peace with no real interaction between people. Peace has been maintained because it is in Egypt’s interest to do so as it battles terrorism and Islamic extremism. However, real peace is still elusive because they are fearful of encouraging any closer relationship. Delegitimisation of Jews and the Jewish State abound. The sort of normal relationship existing elsewhere is non-existent and given the political instability in the Arab world today who knows what the future holds.

Likewise our peace with Jordan is precarious and only exists because of strategic necessity on the part of the Hashemites who know that Israel guarantees their continued independence. Genuine peaceful interaction is severely limited and the inculcation of incitement against Jews and Israel continues unabated. Here also the shelf life of the current regime is doubtful and its metamorphosis into the much touted Palestinian State is only a matter of time.

Current speculation about loving embraces by Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States and others is fueled by the same mirage like hallucinations which propelled us into the ill-fated Oslo disaster. While temporary and secret unofficial alliances may occur in order to confront a common threat the hard fact is that until Islam ditches its fanatic obsession against “unbelievers” and cleans out the jihadist extremists in its midst no amount of wishful thinking will guarantee genuine peace and mutual tolerance.

This is patently evident as we witness the “shidduch” matchmaking contortions between an avowed terror group (Hamas) and the closet terror supporting PLO/Fatah whose peace credentials are lauded by all and sundry. First a clarification is in order. In 1988 the “State of Palestine” was unilaterally declared thus for all intents and purposes abolishing the Palestinian Authority. Illustrating the absurdities now prevailing “Palestine” is in actual fact a virtual reality country recognized by UN members and political parties on the left. Strictly speaking the Palestinian Authority may have ceased to exist in 1988 but on the ground it continues. It is about as valid as its President whose term of office expired in 2009 and where elections have been indefinitely postponed.

In order to assess the genuine peace aspirations of Hamas/PLO/Fatah/PA/”Palestine” (take your pick) you only need to take note of their most recent declarations:

Hamas: “we will never recognize Israel. Resistance (i.e. terror) is part of our culture.”

Abbas: “we will not relinquish the right of return. Palestinians began their legitimate struggle a century ago.” (at the time of Balfour).

Abbas speaking to the Spanish Government: “the Palestinian people suffered an historic injustice when half their homeland was torn from them during the Nakba in 1948 and the occupation of the rest of Palestinian territory in 1967 including East Jerusalem.”

 A close examination of these latest statements clearly shows their real intentions. Only those oblivious to reality continue to believe that peace is possible with these people. Yet unbelievably we are still being urged to place our future security and lives in their hands. Even when evidence is produced such as school textbooks which promote war and hate or examples of official incitement and support of terror are provided, the rest of the world prefers to look the other way and instead blame Israel for a lack of progress.

Historically the US State Department has been a bastion against taking any principled stand in calling the bluff of those working to delegitimize Israel. This week they have struck once again. A news item mentioned that there was a possibility of closing down the Washington office of the Palestine Liberation Organization. No sooner had this balloon been floated than Palestinian Arab spokespeople announced they were “freezing” all contact with the US Administration. Nothing is guaranteed to send the State Department into free fall than a threat, no matter how unlikely, to walk away from official contact. So it has proven. Within the space of a day it has been announced that business as usual will continue and Abbas declared his undying love for Trump.

This means that the PLO, dedicated to Israel’s demise, will continue to have an office in Washington and American taxpayers’ money will continue to flow into the bottomless coffers of groups whose multi faced deceitful behavior get a pass from the international community.

Take a look at this by courtesy of PMW and judge for yourselves:


What can be more deceitful?


Michael Kuttner is a Jewish New Zealander who for many years was actively involved with various communal organisations connected to Judaism and Israel. He now lives in Israel and is J-Wire’s correspondent in the region.


2 Responses to “Fake peace partners and their willing helpers”
  1. Lynne Newington says:

    “At a time when dubious news and gullibility have reached unprecedented heights it is more important than ever to be aware and discerning over whom we embrace and encourage. Jewish history is filled with unfortunate experiences whereby false friends hiding their real intentions turned out to be our worst adversaries”……

    May you all have the wisdom to continue to recognise this……not only with the PLO….
    How many times have I commented beginning with the words…Oh men of goodwill….

  2. Cody Flecker says:

    Six times, the so called Palestinians through their Arab proxies were offered huge amounts of land for peace, and six times, the Palestinians refused these generous offers. The Palestinians have only one item on their agenda, and that is to kill every Jewish and Christian person in Greater Israel and seize the land by force if necessary. When you have a so called peace partner whose sole aim is to kill you, then what kind of peace do you really have? Islam is a religion of death, as we have seen all over the world, it is certainly no different in the Middle East.

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