Failing grades for dummies…writes Michael Kuttner

January 29, 2016 by Michael Kuttner
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Way back in the 1940’s and 1950’s when I went to elementary and high school the punishment meted out to pupils who consistently failed to listen, learn and do their homework ranged from detention and lines to strapping (hands or bottom) and caning.

Michael Kuttner

Michael Kuttner

While most of these disciplinary actions probably did not achieve the desired results, there is no doubt that the pupils concerned knew they couldn’t get away with any nonsense. Today of course, more enlightened methods are employed to motivate recalcitrant students. The only recourse we have today is to expose politicians’ fatally flawed policies, criticise their obsessive refusal to face facts and attempt to highlight continuing ignorant statements.

This week has been a vintage one as far as all the above criteria are concerned. Just when you think that it cannot get any more ludicrous, along come the usual suspects to prove you wrong.

Top of the list as usual is the current incumbent of the White House. In his State of the Union message amongst other amazing claims he stated: “ISIS is made up of killers, fanatics and twisted souls.” Can anyone pick what fact is actually missing from this revelation? No mention of what actually motivates these jihadists to murder, maim, behead and kidnap. This missing “I” word explains why neither the USA nor Europe will successfully defeat the lethal threats now incubating on their soil. It seems that the new Canadian Government has also fallen into line with the politically correct mantra originating in Washington.

In Davos where world leaders gathered for yet another international photo opportunity, John Kerry, the State Department oracle whose prognostications are unparalleled, admitted that “it is likely some of the billions of dollars in sanction relief granted to Iran will go to terrorist groups.” Well what do you know; this is exactly what Israel has been saying all along, much to the derision of all the dummies who hailed the non deal with Iran as the best thing to happen since Munich.

Has this revelation (on the road to Damascus?) converted any other western leader to a sense of reality? Take the statement by the German Foreign Minister as an example: “Iran is now the key to stability in the Middle East.” How disconnected from reality can one get? Ah yes, but there is a reason for all these inane pronouncements. If you have been watching TV news or looking at news websites in recent days, you will have witnessed the nauseating sight of democratic leaders in Europe and less democratic ones from China, falling over themselves in fawning obsequiousness as the leader of Iran visits them. The prize is billions of dollars in business deals now made possible thanks to the brilliant diplomacy of the same dummy who admits that terror groups will be financed. As the Rouhani road show wends its way through Europe showering all in its path with goodies we see that the Italians have covered up any nude statues likely to offend (David the Jewish King?) and the Pope greeting the leader of a country which threatens to annihilate Israel and ridicules the Holocaust as a potential fraternal dove of peace.

The following clip of a speech by the Iranian Supreme Leader has just been released by courtesy of MEMRI. As a reward Iran receives billions of dollars. Sick? You bet.

Just to prove that dummies are not confined to politicians we have seventy British doctors who are now campaigning to have Israel expelled from the International Medical Organisation. Presumably these self-same righteous individuals will refuse to use drugs and procedures pioneered by Israel and thus deprive their patients of the benefits which Israeli ingenuity has given to the world. One shouldn’t be amazed at this latest display of stupidity because it surfaces precisely at a time when British universities, academics and the leader of the UK opposition express their own friendships for terror supporting groups and antipathy for the Jewish State.

The question is often asked how Germany, the most educated, cultured and civilized country in Europe could have perpetrated the horrors of the Holocaust. Actually some of the first educated elites to enthusiastically embrace the delegitimisation, degradation and then murder of the Jews (and others) were doctors, lawyers and university lecturers and professors. It seems nothing much has changed in the interim. We ignore the warning signs at our peril.

I have left the best example of dummy manifestations to last. This week’s star performer was without doubt the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki Moon. First some background information to put everything into the right context.

The UN Security Council of which New Zealand is currently a member, has passed twelve resolutions against terrorism and condemned terror attacks in the following countries: France, Egypt (Sinai), Lebanon, Mali, Tunisia, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Somalia and Sudan. NOT ONE RESOLUTION HAS BEEN PASSED CONDEMNING PALESTINIAN ARAB TERRORISM AGAINST ISRAELI MEN, WOMEN & CHILDREN.

In 2015 over 55,000 civilians were killed in Syria and thousands displaced. Speaking at the UNSC this week at a session devoted to “the situation in the Middle East”, Ban KI Moon devoted 87% of his time on the self-inflicted plight of our misnamed peace partners and only 47 words to the plight of those in Syria who are being starved, brutally massacred and made refugees. In summary his message was that all the hatred and extremism is caused by Israel’s “occupation.” We are used by now to the utter drivel spewing forth from the UN but this latest display of totally unbalanced and patently false accusations reaches a new low.

One would have expected the New Zealand delegate at least to raise a voice against this blatant bit of Israel bashing but apparently he/she remained mute. Ban Ki Moon and all the other dummies should answer the following questions:

Why were there hatred, extremism and terror against Israeli civilians prior to 1967 when Israel was not “occupying” the territories in dispute today?

Where was the UN at that time?

Why no condemnation of daily Palestinian Arab incitement and education to hate?

Are there no other far more serious threats to world peace?

Why this obsession with the Jewish State to the exclusion of any other country?

The inability of the UN Secretary General and by extension the rest of the international community to comprehend that those who commit terror against us do so because they do not want any Jewish presence here lies at the root of the continuing conflict. If Abbas and friends knew that they would not achieve anything by the use of terror and delegitimization then meaningful discussions could take place. Precisely, because they know that they can get away with murder and that Israel will always be blamed, the prospects for any resolution of this situation are diminished to zero.

Below is a link to a report issued by the Center for Near East Policy Research which details the hate education in the latest school text books used in PA and UNRWA schools. These are laying the foundation for the next generation of junior and senior jihadists.

All the dummies need to take note but then having already flunked the reality test I suppose it is expecting too much for any sort of common sense to take hold.

Michael Kuttner is a Jewish New Zealander who for many years was actively involved with various communal organisations connected to Judaism and Israel. He now lives in Israel and is J-Wire’s correspondent in the region.


2 Responses to “Failing grades for dummies…writes Michael Kuttner”
  1. Paul Winter says:

    A very good list of dummies Michael, but one set of dummies is missing: Jewish “leaders”. So below is a short list of dumb Jews:
    * Dayan for handing control of the Temple Mount to the aggressive Arabs
    * Dayan again for shelling the Allenby Bridge to stop Arabs from crossing into Jordan
    * Rabin for letting Peres and Beilin suck Israel into the Olso farce
    * Israeli politicians who permit foreign ISM and locals like B’tselem, BtS and a whole alphabet of anti-Israel gangs – most funded by foreigners or NIF – to act unhindered when faced by perpetual war
    * elites who dare not identify the conflict as religion based, because doing so would require unilateral action and asserting that Israel is Jewish and Jews will continue to triumph over Islam disproving its supremacy based on conquest
    * the Knesset that has abandoned democracy and become the subject of the PC High Court
    * the military, police and entrenched elites who are too egoistic to admit that they are failures and treating the Arabs like international humanitarian socialist comrades is a losing game
    * the political system that allows seditious and treasonous people to get elected and fails to silence media which lies and incites; the rights to know and to life top freedoms of press or speech
    * gutless ghetto puppets who stop building in Judea and Samaria and frustrate patriotic organisations because they are trying to play the statesman by sucking up to cynical and hostile nations, expecting to get credit for some “purity of arms against” a vile enemy and never fighting to win
    * last but not least, Jew parroting the lies of the enemy like pretending that the local Arabs are a separate nation distinct from Arabs, referring to the West Bank, calling developments “settlements” and governing Jewish land – Judea and Samaria – as though it was under occupation

  2. Marta Mikey Frid says:

    Why to get rid of Israel? How else to maintain their addiction to hate? How else would their leaders maintain their highly profitable business, if not by promulgating hatred toward the Jews, and claiming victimhood? Can we imagine a better an easier enemy than the Jews? No Michael, the problem is not territories, it is not occupation, and it is not even religion: It is business as usual, and the need to find a suitable enemy. The Church knew it, and so did Hitler. Only that the Church was more clever than the Nazis, and knew not to exterminate us completely. They simply preferred to keep constant supplies of their drug to spew hatred.

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