Abbas is broygus – who cares?

December 22, 2017 by Michael Kuttner
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For those whose understanding of Yiddish is rusty or non-existent a definition of broygus is: “not on speaking terms – in a state of estrangement”…writes Michael Kuttner.

Michael Kuttner

This sums up the current temper tantrums being exhibited by the leader of the PA/Fatah and the PLO and his fellow partners in crime. Like spoilt children who do not get their way Abbas and assorted supporters are performing on the world stage. Their exhibitionism ranges from stamping of feet, expressions of uncontrollable rage, blood-curdling threats of violence and a refusal to talk to and have anything to do with the USA. The latter behavioural trait is really another manifestation of the boycott campaign against the Jewish State which has stuttered on and off over the last seventy years.

How many times have you witnessed a child having a temper tantrum on the street or in a supermarket? When he/she cannot get their way they lie down, kick their feet and pound their fists at the same time as they scream at the top of their voices. The harried parent has two choices. They can tell the tantrum performer to keep yelling and walk away. Ignoring such behaviour usually results in the child realising that they will not achieve anything whereupon their tantrum subsides and they act rationally. The other alternative is for the parent to give in, submit to whatever outrageous course of action is being demanded and in other words buy peace and quiet. The child then knows he/she can successfully blackmail anytime they want and get away with it.

This is exactly what has happened every time the Arab and Islamic countries are faced with a situation where they have to undertake meaningful negotiations, make compromises and acknowledge a valid Jewish presence. It started in 1947 when they rejected the UN partition plan and the very notion of a Jewish State. In actual fact their tantrums started before that date and have continued unabated ever since. Egypt and Jordan (that artificial creation of the perfidious British) made “peace” with Israel but it has never blossomed into anything more than semi-frigid. The fact that Egypt has sponsored the latest UN resolution about Jerusalem speaks volumes about the genuineness of their “friendship.”

Now to the source of the latest acts of rage exhibited by the followers of the religion of “peace.” It has absolutely nothing to do with faith and everything to do with historical revisionism and denial. Like indulgent parents the international community has appeased periodical tantrums performed by Islamic countries. When terror-struck Jews and Israelis the UN yawned. Only when the scourge of terror started to impact closer to home did the international community stir itself.

In recent times the nonsensical repetition of “two states for two people living in peace together” in the face of blatant evidence that this can not be achieved without a fundamental change in Islamic thinking, is nauseating and irrelevant. The proof that nothing short of Jewish surrender to jihadist demands is plain to see. The trouble is that apart from the current US Administration the rest of the UN does not want to confront uncomfortable truths. Hence the hysterical uproar which ensued following President Trump’s announcement that Jerusalem is after all the Capital of Israel. Once Abbas and friends threw their temper tantrums the rest of the UN joined in resulting in a discordant chorus by the choir of the immoral majority.

It is ironic that this should all happen during Chanukah when Jews celebrate victory against those who sought to rewrite the Jewish connection to Jerusalem and their religion.

Closely examining the overblown rhetoric emanating from the usual quarters leads one to the conclusion that it is a Jewish presence in Jerusalem which is anathema. That being the case how can any sensible person expect peace and good will to be the end result?

Unfortunately common sense and truth have become the first casualties in this latest farce. The tragedy is that those countries which should be standing up for reality are instead mute or active participants in a campaign of delegitimisation. No wonder Abbas feels emboldened to incite and threaten. Led by Turkey which see itself as the reincarnation of Ottoman glory and cheered on by Iran the chief sponsor of terror these days, Islamic countries are embarked on a dead-end path. Just as Islamic rejectionist folly in the past and blind hatred of a restored Jewish State caused untold suffering to their people the same old tactics are being employed today. Whipping up the mobs with malicious lies will achieve nothing beneficial. It is the mendacious hypocrisy of the UN which gives encouragement to violence and terror. When Christian pilgrims stay away from Bethlehem it becomes second nature to blame Israel. After all if the Vatican’s representative can declare that Israel is guilty of original sin and Jordan is a guardian of religious freedom in Jerusalem then what other excuse is needed?

When Abbas hears EU politicians, the UK Prime Minister, the Pope as well as sundry human rights abusers condemn Donald Trump and Israel what other encouragement do they need? No wonder the PA President whose term of office expired years ago feels emboldened to insult the leader of a country whose foreign aid keeps him afloat. His demand that Russia and China replace the USA as honest peace brokers is indicative of the lunacy now accepted as normal in international affairs.

Refusing to have any contact with US Administration officials and boycotting them is now the official policy of the PA. As in the past this futile behaviour will not advance genuine peace in the slightest. The UN General Assembly has now been called into emergency session to discuss and vote on the dangerous threat to world peace posed by the American recognition of Jerusalem’s history and de facto status as the Capital of the Jewish State. The outcome of course is preordained.

How did Australia and New Zealand vote?

As expected NZ, citing “principles” (whatever they may be) and a co-sponsor of UN Resolution 2334 which negated a Jewish connection to Jerusalem, once again voted with the shameless majority. Australia decided to have “a bob each way” and abstained.

The reaction of the USA and Israel should be swift and decisive. The USA should cut off all funding to the UN and the PA thus saving the American taxpayers millions if not billions. Israel should suspend its financial contributions to the UN and demand the removal of UN representatives in Jerusalem until such time as that body acknowledges Israeli sovereignty. Will this happen? Highly unlikely. Talk is cheap but firm action requires political courage, something which is in short supply these days.

In order for this broygus situation to be swiftly resolved those behaving like spoilt brats should be firmly dealt with and not pampered into expecting to be rewarded. The time for a truly principled response is long overdue.

Michael Kuttner is a Jewish New Zealander who for many years was actively involved with various communal organisations connected to Judaism and Israel. He now lives in Israel and is J-Wire’s correspondent in the region.

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