Jewish Halloween: On Dressing in Drag in the Holy Land…writes Gidon Ben-Zvi

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Should you suddenly find yourself surrounded by a bunch of young girls dressed up like Catwoman during the month of March, you may well have stumbled into a Purim street party. Read more

Now What? UN Votes to Expel 400,000 Jews…writes Gidon Ben-Zvi

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The United Nations Security Council vote regarding Israeli settlements, made possible to by the Obama administration’s historic decision to abstain, has effectively nullified the Oslo Accords that had been based on the concept of bilateral negotiations between Jerusalem and Ramallah. Read more

Bibi’s Game: Talk Tough on Iran, Pass The White House, Collect $5 Billion…writes Gidon BenZvi

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According to several reports, Israel wants $5 billion per year in military aid for the next 10 years. Jerusalem has been signaling that it wants more money to counter threats it says will arise as a result of the international agreement on Iran’s nuclear program. Read more

Israel: Confronting Fake News, One Camera at a Time

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While today’s widespread use of the term fake news can be traced to Donald Trump’s first press conference as President-elect, Israel has long had to grapple with the phenomenon of media outlets bending the truth for political gain. Read more

Job to the left of me, crazy girls to my right: Israel Festival blends artistic lines

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The Israel Festival, taking place from June 1st to June 18th, 2017, is a sensory delight..writes Gidon Ben-Zvi. Read more

Schizophrenic: An American Zionist in Israel

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The Jewish Agency, Nefesh B’Nefesh, Israel’s Ministry of Diaspora Affairs and other organisations charged with convincing world Jewry that its destiny is intertwined with that of Israel fail to mention, on their glossy websites and in their slick public relations toolkits, the single greatest sacrifice one makes when embarking on an open-ended Zionist adventure: cultural DNA…writes Gidon Ben-Zvi. Read more

Israel’s First World Problems: On Aerosmith and security prisoners 

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Israel’s much touted economic miracle, given official sanction when the country joined the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in 2010, has brought with it a slew of first world injuries…writes Gidon Ben-Zvi. Read more

Art of the Deal: Is Trump’s Bestseller the Secret to Peace in the Middle East?

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Two state solution advocates recently received a boost when US President Donald Trump hosted Palestinian Authority (P.A.) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas at the White House…writes Gidon Ben-Zvi.

Read more

Who killed the Holocaust?

Ever dream of winning an Academy Award?…write Harry Ben-Zvi and Gidon Ben-Zvi. Read more

The Bible: The Folly of Quote Mining, The Virtue of Fact Finding

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What gets lost in the din of competing narratives between Jewish and Arab claims to the land currently known as Israel is the historicity of the holy books these groups cite as evidence that God is on their side…writes Gidon Ben-Zvi. Read more

Israel up in smoke: middle class myths about marijuana use

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Earlier this month, the Israeli Cabinet approved the decriminalised use of marijuana…writes Gidon Ben-Zvi.

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An American resits his driving test in Israel

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It’s akin to déjà vu on acid, being a 43-year-old driver’s student. The last time I sat through a lesson on defensive driving, the Los Angeles Police Department was caught on video behaving badly – firing a taser into Rodney King’s spine and beating him down with batons for good measure…writes Gidon Ben-Zvi. Read more

Teaching Terrorism in the Classroom: The high price of Israel’s segregated educational system

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On February 23, Israel’s Education Ministry, Jerusalem District Police and Shin Bet security agency closed down a Hamas-operated school in east Jerusalem for teaching a violent, anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli curriculum…writes Gidon BenZvi. Read more

White House of Cards: Israeli-American Relations Should be Based on Self Interest, Not Love

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There is much anticipation in Israel over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s meeting with President Donald Trump this week. Read more

See you at the Demonstration: Protestors Remember the Refugees, Forget the Jews

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Mass protests against the newly minted presidency of Donald Trump have become a cultural phenomenon. Thousands of earnest snowflakes, sanctimonious college professors and outraged celebrities have joined forces in a desperate attempt to  ‘let them in.’ Read more

Buried in Trash, a Kid in Each Arm: When Jerusalem Goes on Strike

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It’s been one hell of a week to be a father of young children in Jerusalem…writes Gidon BenZvi.  Read more

In Israel, Yelling Out ‘Fire’ is Considered Free Speech

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Picture if you will, a member of the U.S. Congress getting caught smuggling cell phones, SIM cards and documents to the Black Liberation Army, Aryan Nation or some other domestic terrorist group. Would house arrest and suspension from Congress be an adequate punishment for what looks, walks and talks like an act of treason?   Read more

UN Resolution 2334: Death Knell for Israel’s Middle Class?

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Little noted in the media firestorm surrounding the passage of UN Security Council Resolution 2334, commanding Israel to stop all settlement activity, is the potentially deadly ramifications for Israel’s struggling middle class. With one vote, the United Nations outlawed most Israelis’ only way out of living from paycheck to paycheck….writes Gidon Ben-Zvi. Read more

Not Fake News: Remember the Time Obama Tried to Oust a Foreign Leader from Power?

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With all zeal of a convert, Barack Obama in the waning days of his presidency has abandoned the Russian ‘reset’ policy and reprised the Cold War rhetoric that he mocked back in 2009, when he said that “great powers do not show strength by dominating or demonising other countries. The days when empires could treat other sovereign states as pieces on a chess board are over.” Read more

Compromise Deficiency Disorder:  Latest Settlement Dust Up is Symptom, Not Cause

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The crisis over the looming December 25 deadline to implement the Israeli Supreme Court’s order to evacuate the Jewish Amona outpost has provoked a bout of national soul searching with regards to how the government treats native population groups…writes Gidon Ben-Zvi. Read more

Scrap International Opinion, Build National Consensus: The Key to Ending the Settlement Debate

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If you missed the news about the Israeli Air force’s alleged bombing of an arms convoy belonging to Hezbollah and a Syrian Army site in Damascus, you’re not alone. Read more

Killing the Messengers: The Democratic Party Embarks on Path of Personal Destruction

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Up until last week, I had always thought that Adolf Hitler was the worst person who ever lived…writes Gidon Ben-Zvi. Read more

Separate but Equal? Egalitarian Prayer Space at Western Wall Makes Israel Similar to Iran

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A plan to create a special prayer space in the southern expanse of the Western Wall where the Conservative and Reform movements can hold gender-mixed services was approved by the Israeli government at the end of last month…writes Gidon Ben-Zvi. Read more

Israel can establish diplomatic relations with the Arab world by learning from Putin

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The geopolitical landscape surrounding Israel is shifting in such a way that if navigated correctly could lead to full diplomatic relations between Jerusalem and Sunni Arab governments around the Middle East…writes Gidon Ben-Zvi. Read more

Gaza war means a particularly sobering Yom Hazikaron for Israel this year

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Since Israel was founded in 1948, its numerous wars have taken a heavy toll on its small population…writes Sean Savage/ Read more