Brenner Protest in Newtown

August 21, 2011 by J-Wire Staff
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The latest Max Brenner chocolate store to be targeted by pro-BDS protesters was hit yesterday in the Sydney inner suburb of Newtown…with new customers effectively barred from entry.

J-Wire reader Jenny Hillman was inside the popular chocolate shop at the time of the demonstration and reports:


watch the video clip

“The shop was full at the time with a significant number of pro-Israel supporters among the customers. When the demonstration started, the police formed a line outside the store making entry and exit difficult. There were about 60 boycott supporters standing on the opposite side of the street and there was no way they had planned a peaceful demonstration as they had at least four megaphones and were screaming ‘from the river to the sea’ . But more upsetting than that were placards displaying “Max, Max Murderer” and “Stop Mixing Blood in Your Coffee”… This goes beyond democratic rights of freedom of speech and becomes, in my opinion,  defamatory.

These protestors were screaming for genocide.

I had a women screaming at me with such hatred and venom that I believe I was looking at the worst kind of anti semitism.

It was a wake up call: we are dealing with something extremely ugly.

The demonstration lasted around half an hour.”

Palestinian journalist Rihab Charida reporting for PressTV was arrested by police and charged with obstructing pedestrians. She told J-Wire: “I have spoken to a civil rights lawyer from the Council of Civil Liberties. I will be challenging the charge of “obstructing pedestrians” and will further file a suit for obstructing our report, among other charges.”



23 Responses to “Brenner Protest in Newtown”
  1. Shirlee says:

    For those who wish to voice their opinions….have a go at this

    “Poking a Zionist Hornet’s Nest: Defending the Right to Boycott Max Brenner”

  2. Shirlee says:

    Kate !!!… I beg your pardon. An apology is more than in order !!!
    Try reading.

    You say in your post above “Further your assertion of closing the door happened for a short period of time”

    I didn’t say that, you need to learn to read.

    I wrote on my last post………………

    ***Have a look around at some of their websites…………

    Like this “On arrival at Max Brenner, we found the promised crowd of supporters of Israel’s war crimes pretending to be happy customers of Max Brenner. Of course, they couldn’t keep up the pretence, abusing us through the glass, and a few even coming out onto the footpath to make vile racist comments about how many Palestinians had been killed. The protest got louder and we had the numbers. Max Brenner had to close its door. As we dispersed down King St, further announcements of “We’ll be back ” ***

    If you are able to read, it’s a post from another web site, namely “Defend the Israel Boycott 19”

    Unlike you I am not in the habit of telling untruths.

    Do I hear sorry ??

  3. Kate says:

    Shirlee by your own admission it wouldn’t matter if people were inside the shop, outside the shop, around the corner or in another state, silent, drinking cofee, shouting, singing or talking, the BDSer will still write whatever lies they wish to on their site as no one- and you know this- shouted anything about “killing Palestinian children”.

    Further your asseertion of closing the door happened for a short period of time in order to hear the Policeman’s address to us- advise us of their legal permit and when the rabble will be moved on- the way you have written the post asserts the reason of getting to loud was to have people assume that the “mob” inside the shop needed to shut up- you too have to ensure that you tell the whole truth and not just “snippets” of it.

  4. Shirlee says:

    If we let them get on with it, they will destroy themselves. they are doing it already.
    They are angry they aren’t getting media coverage they want.

    That in the main is because we aren’t counter protesting and causing a furore. Once we do that, it will make the MSM and they will get the glory they want

    I have been following this for a good while now and they are reading these comments laughing at us all.
    Have a look around at some of their websites

    Like this “On arrival at Max Brenner, we found the promised crowd of supporters of Israel’s war crimes pretending to be happy customers of Max Brenner. Of course, they couldn’t keep up the pretence, abusing us through the glass, and a few even coming out onto the footpath to make vile racist comments about how many Palestinians had been killed. The protest got louder and we had the numbers. Max Brenner had to close its door. As we dispersed down King St, further announcements of “We’ll be back ”

    I never used to agree with ‘not giving them oxygen’ and had a good few arguments along the way.

    I came to my senses at Parramatta. I stood there faced with 150 screaming idiots, who probably had no idea what they were screaming about. I thought “what the hell am I doing here? This is stupid” Which it is.

    What do you think you will achieve by standing and screaming back at them?

    I can tell you – nothing.

    Do what I’ve done for years and what our Community leaders advise us to do

    Comment on blogs

    Comment on articles and web sites.

    Speak with people and tell them the truth. Screaming and shouting may relieve some of your pent up frustrations, but it will achieve nothing.

    Last week at Sydney University with gentle truth telling a pro-Palestinian was brought around somewhat to our way of thinking. With teaching her more, she will accept the truth

    It wasn’t the police by the way who asked me to try to get people inside, it was asked of me from elsewhere.

  5. stuart says:

    Furthermore, if the Australian Government has seen fit to let a business trade in this country and they have passed our rules and regulations and are conducting themselves in manner that benefits Australia and pays their workers an award wage, pays their taxes and conducts them selves in an ethical manner what right does the BDS have to conduct themselves in this manner? I’m truly disgusted that something has not been done to stop this left wing nut case commercial apartheid.

  6. stuart says:

    Dear Shirlee, I was one of the people that stayed outside. I am not Jewish nor Israeli my objection to these thugs comes from the fact that Max Brenners is a law abiding corporate entity , they pay their taxes and employ Australian citizens. I am disgusted that in this day and age I am harassed and barred entry to a business legally carrying out their trade. Freedom of speech is one thing but these thugs cross the line with their threatening behavior. The level of noise coming from the loud megaphones is at a level that hurts your ears, surely this assault. I felt sorry for the police. As I said before, I am an Australian, we should not have to put up with this type of “retail terrorism” . If they have such a problem with Israel, why are they not over there protecting the Palestinians, if you come to this Country you should leave your prejudice and racist attitudes elsewhere, but unfortunately the BDS want to re enact 1940s Nazi Germany, do we have our own “Night of the broken glass” to look forward to ?
    Congratulations to all those people, who stayed inside Max Brenner. To those who stayed outside I understand your reasons and commend them also.

    It is their right to protest if they so feel , however freedom of speech should not impact on others. They have no right to tell me where to shop and this Government should listen to the people who do not want this type of violent and illegal behavior to continue.

  7. Kate says:

    Shirley you should be utterly ashamed of yourself. Instead of supporting those who were there you undermine. One of those supporters was my husband who in face of being screamed at, megaphones put into his face stated to the BDSers that he will not be bullied nor intimidated by these bullies. Yes the Police did ask him to go inside however he repeated to them that it is a public street and he has the same right as these “protesters to remain outside and not be bullied by “these thugs” The Police then left him and said nothing more. Shirley you may indeed have been asked by the Police to get people inside however you are not the Police and have absolutely no right to tell others what they should be doing otherwise you are mimicking those on the megaphone. What the Police wanted was an easy time with the “protesters”. You are not the moral police, nor the dictator of how others wish to express their views. If someone wants to dance and mock the BDSers then it is their right to do so. If others want to sing – again it is theri right to do so-You have no claim to how others should react. The fact that you kept silent is your decsion and yours alone. Otherwise you are no better than the BDSers who are trying to dictate where and how we shop.

    Further your threat of: “I do have the names of those involved””- is truly shameful and the fact you cannot even consider that perhaps it was you who is in the wrong to even state such as thing actually portrays the ignorance you criticise others as having. Perhaps thinking about what you write and how you write it may not go astray.

  8. Shirlee says:

    I cannot believe stupid ignorant remarks like the one above are being posted,

  9. hasbaracentral says:

    Excuse me Shirlee, are Australian Jews born in Israel or do their parents come from Israel ? bringing foreign issues here when the JNF collects millions to displace Bedoin in the Negev, when the Zionists here celebrate Israel day, rally in support of the wars on Lebanaon, Gaza and the Zionist lobby operates here with Australian citizens as memebers. Sauce for the goose has to be sauce for the gander.

  10. The_Observer says:

    Not when multi-culturalism means one aggressive group manipulating a host government to the detriment of a third party or another nation.
    You emigrate to a country for a new life. You are implicitly saying that you want a clean start for yourselves and your families. If you want to bring your “baggage” from the old country then you might as well have stayed at home. In my opinion, this should be made a requisite for immigration to Australia wheher it be for Greek, Italian, Jewish, Macedonian, Lebanese, etc migrants. Australia should really be making honest appraisals of economic and other global matters to make optimal decisions of what is good for all Australians. You can’t do that when politicians and parties are being manipulated behind-the-scenes by donors and lobby groups with political interests other than Australia’s..

  11. Otto Waldmann says:

    Narcissistic or just plain self-righteousness as we are regretably seeing now at Shirlee, or pathological persecution complexes poisoning all arguments from so called “hasbaracentral’s” pen of venom are the ideal conduits for degenerating necessary discussions into meaningless noises.

    Shirlee : a cold shower and then come back.

    “hasbaracentral” : electric shocks 24/7 and do NOT come back !

  12. Shirlee says:

    “The_Observer” Multi posting are we now.? The vile Indymedia not good enough for you?

    I presume by your remark “Jewish population currently possessing dual loyalty will have to decide whether they want to be Australian or Israeli.”

    …………that you don’t believe in multiculturalism?

    We have Greek/Australian – Italian/Australian – Lebanese/Australian etc. Also note that the country of residence takes second place

    Do these people become Australian? You’ll find the majority of Jews are just good old aussies. I don’t call myself an English/Australian. I am an Australian.

  13. Shirlee says:

    If your argument it to hold any water, why is the BDS movement bringing their actions to these shores.?

  14. The_Observer says:

    Influential as the Jewish lobby is in Australia it is not as strong and deep as in the USA. As time goes on and more mixed immigration to Australia occurs the influence of the Jewish lobby in Australia will slowly decline. At that stage the local Jewish population currently possessing dual loyalty will have to decide whether they want to be Australian or Israeli.

    • admin says:

      The Jewish population which is Israeli is Israeli born

      The vast majority is not

      Your comment can not be published

  15. hasbaracentral says:

    Great idea Shirlee. Bringing in Australia when Israel is involved – after all the recieved wisdom is that Jews in Australia are in “exile” and not “Australians”. So it is improper to sing Israeli songs ! Why then do the JNF, AIJAC, WZO, ZCA et al operate in Australia.

  16. Shirlee says:

    Rubbish Otto.

    Singing Hatikvah in these circumstances was the worst possible action. That’s why others there quickly sought to change it to ‘Advance Australia Fair’

    This is an Australian issue, these actions are bringing racism to our shores.

    I thought like you until a few months back at Parramatta. Australians do not take kindly at all to having foreign battles on our shores. That’s what will cause trouble.

    You cannot compare in any way, shape or form New York, to down town Newtown. !!!!

  17. Otto Waldmann says:

    Shirlee has the best of intentions and, in this case, the worst advice.

    Decent displays of loyalty for Israel, whether in Tel Aviv,New York or Newtown NSW,is the most heartening gesture a Jew can make. Hatikva sang ANYWHERE and at ANY TIME, but especially at an occasion such the one on Saturday in Newtown, elicits the greatest spirit of love and justice for what Zionut stands for. It is excessively offensive to call “idiots” those who have the “temerity” of expressing publicly and openly their support for Eretz Israel !

  18. Shirlee says:

    Paul …I was there. ..

    Where were you? Inside no doubt, You could not have seen what was happening.

    I was outside trying to stop the idiocy of some of our community. There are videos on YouTube where you will see the performances of a few individuals. One woman in particular ,was jumping around, making faces at them, waving her arms and generally trying to antagonise them. I tried to stop her and a couple of others

    I was asked to try to keep people inside. The police were getting very frustrated. The Inspector in charge was very thankful for my help. I do have the names of those involved.

    You obviously haven’t been involved with this before like I have.

    They love to see you getting all riled up and angry in fact they feed on it. It is better to sit quietly and ignore them. That is more annoying to them

    Try the two videos for one woman in question. Though you can’t really see her in all her glory. I was no more than a foot away from her at one stage ’trying’ to talk some sense into her

    Try this @ .18

    This @ 4.03

    Then to add insult to injury ‘Hatikvah’ was being sung, apart from other Hebrew songs Two people, who are both professional singers, managed to change it to ‘Advance Australia Fair’

    This is an Australian issue, not overseas issue, it’s a racist issue

    Australians do not like foreign issues being brought to these shores..leave it that way

    There were no arrests amongst the demonstrators, however I did hear that the Press TV reporter was arrested.

  19. Paul Winter says:

    I’m not sure which demonstration outside a Max Brenner store Shirlee attended, but the one I attended at Newtown last Saturday didn’t have any Jews behaving like yahoos. A few Jews standing on the footpath wore “I love Max Brennner” T-shirts and one person yelled at the rat-bag boycotters. The police stood between the two groups and the only ones making an ugly scene were the demonstrators. There is no need to yell at the idiots, but it is important not to seem to be cowering inside a shop protected by police. We must be seen to be exercising our democratic right to laugh in the ugly faces of the would-boycotters. If we follow police instruction, whose only interest is to keep the peace, we are abrogating our rights, giving those miscreant misfits a sense of victory and the confidence to try something more extreme.

  20. Kim says:

    Well done to all the pro-Israel supporters for getting on down to Max Brenner in Newtown on Saturday August 20th at 1 P.M. to support Israel and Max Brenner! Am Yisrael Chai!

  21. Shirlee says:

    I am a member the Jewish community who attended the Max Brenner shop in Newtown, in solidarity against BDS.

    However I was/am as appalled by what some of our community did, as I was/am about the behaviour of the protestors.

    There was an issue which totally aggravated the situation.

    We had members of the Community who would not listen to reason, who stood outside shouting back at protestors, whilst dancing, laughing and generally acting like complete idiots.

    That in effect was egging them on. Their behaviour was atrocious and embarrassing.

    I tried extremely hard to get them to stop, as did the police. They wouldn’t listen. The Police Inspector even thanked me for my help.

    The whole idea of us being there was for a show of solidarity, not for us to stand there screaming back at them. The idea was sit quietly, have drinks and nosh and to ignore the melee.

    We don’t need to do anything, they are doing that very nicely on their own.

    Let them hang themselves, like they did at Parramatta & Melbourne, and hopefully next week in Brisbane

    Here are links to the videos I took.

  22. Rita says:

    Lee-Rhiannon-nee-Braun’s and the rest of the Greens’ SS squad??? Like the ones who 7 decades ago started with “Kauft nicht bei Juden” and finished up by murdering 6 million Jews?

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