Will the next Coalition make any Difference?…writes Gil Solomon

January 4, 2015 by Gil Solomon
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Never have the stakes been so high, yet the possibility of no strong, meaningful and united leadership emerging following the upcoming elections could be the catalyst that puts the nation of Israel in peril in the coming years.

Gil Solomon

Gil Solomon

How the country will ever deal effectively with external issues without first getting its own house in order is beyond comprehension. A country with a shambolic electoral process which produces one divergent coalition after the other where members of the same Government attack each other publicly to score political points is no longer an option. Yet this is what will probably again result in the upcoming elections unless there is a 180 degree turnaround in resolve.

The opinions of Barack Obama are often used as an excuse for Israel’s series of capitulations over recent years but surely the time has come to stand up to the current President of the US and his Secretaries of State.

Let’s face reality. Israel has tried everything with the so-called “Palestinians”, yet not one agreement has been honoured. The Oslo Accords have proven to be a disaster, so too land for peace, the two state solution, release (not once but twice) of batches of terrorist murderers with blood on their hands, cessation of building activities for periods of time. Even the act of recognising a people who never existed in all of history, the so-called “Palestinians” was not enough to result in a modicum of peace. The facts are that Israel’s supposed negotiating partners for peace were never once held accountable for their actions and whether one likes it or not, the blame for this rests solely with Israeli leadership, or more to the point the lack thereof.

In the last few years we saw an Israeli leadership cowered and berated by none other than the likes of Hillary Clinton the former US Secretary of State who had the audacity to complain in no uncertain terms to Netanyahu about building construction in the western part of Jerusalem. A woman who at the height of the recent war with Hamas told the world that Hamas places its missiles around civilian population centres “because Gaza is a small place and there were not many places they (Hamas) could put them”. All this and yet we witnessed an Israeli leadership that never attempted to set this woman and the world view she represents straight!

I would remind readers that it was Hillary Clinton who along with her boss watched in real-time as the American Ambassador and his staff in Libya were butchered by a rampaging Islamic mob, then had the audacity to blame the attack on a video about Mohammed that aired in the US some six weeks prior, in spite of the fact that the Libyan Government stated categorically that the video had nothing to do with the attack. All this while US Special Forces were ready on standby waiting for the “go” to save the Ambassador!

What has happened over the last decade or so can be described as nothing less than catastrophic. We’ve seen the Oslo Accords, where not one violation on the Arab side was deemed sufficient for Israel to declare it null and void. The accords provided that the “Palestinian” security forces were to be issued with side arms but when more sophisticated weapons were introduced, Israel looked the other way. When the indoctrination of Arab children in hate did not stop but in fact accelerated, Israel looked the other way. When Yasser Arafat was caught out preaching jihad in Arabic to his assembled throng, it was that “elder statesman” Shimon Peres who ran to his defence saying that Arafat was referring to a “jihad for peace”.

Lack of a strong resolve was again evident in mid 2014 when Israel went to war to protect itself from thousands of rockets that were fired indiscriminately at its civilian population from Gaza. Israel again ended this war prematurely and inconclusively leaving the Hamas command and control infrastructure relatively intact.

In the history of warfare, no nation on the face of the earth has a “Purity of Arms” doctrine such as Israel. A doctrine which gives advance warnings to the enemy and one that calls off strikes literally at the last second thereby allowing military targets and targeted terrorists (along with supposed “innocent” civilians) to escape unscathed. This doctrine needlessly prolonged the war and thereby invited the inevitable worldwide propaganda campaign against Israel to build up, demanding that Israel and not the terrorists cease hostilities. This doctrine protected people who sympathise with Hamas’ aims, put Israeli soldiers lives at risk and ensured that in all future confrontations, Hamas will always use human shields as a propaganda ploy. There is only one answer to this and that is for an Israeli leadership to arise to announce that in all future confrontations no targets will be aborted and that human shields will henceforth be treated as enemy combatants.

Even during hostilities, Israel continued the supply to the residents of Gaza with electricity, quality drinking water, goods and medical attention all of which aided the “Palestinians” to continue their war making effort. So called humanitarian gestures that again prolonged the war, thereby again putting Israeli lives at risk.

Will a new Government headed by Netanyahu and made up of coalition members whose party platforms rarely agree on anything be able to make substantial headway on issues that matter, who knows?

Will a new government find the way to remove the leftist court judges appointed by Tzipi Livni? Who knows?

Without Livni’s unsettling presence, will a new government be able to finally indict “Israeli” Arab Hanin Zoabi and her kind for treason and terrorism or will the likes of Zoabi, Ahmad Tibi & Co be allowed to remain in the Knesset, emitting forth their usual treason, day in day out?

It is time for a new government and leaders to formulate a plan of action on what they will do and how they will respond to further challenges, such as:

  • In the event of any further hostilities, will they finally unleash the IAF?
  • Walk away from the so-called “peace process”.
  • Retake control of the Temple Mount, control Israel foolishly granted to the WAqf after the 1967 war.
  • Take unilateral action on borders, hand the welfare of those people outside those borders to the UNHCR, Jordan, Egypt or whoever.
  • Expel all foreign and hostile NGOs and UNRWA whose existence only ensures that a refugee problem remains in perpetuity.

At a minimum, it is finally time for Israel to announce publicly that there will be no further capitulations and that the Palestinian Authority’s days of being indulged are over.


Author Gil Solomon is a retired finance manager who takes an intense interest in current affairs impacting on the Jewish community.





11 Responses to “Will the next Coalition make any Difference?…writes Gil Solomon”
  1. Eleonora Mostert says:

    Thank God not all Christians are like Kevin Charles Herbert. Perhaps he should join a Bible Believing Church. I know… not many around. As for Lynne Newington’s comment…. I’d take it further, no electricity, water, medical help in fact all humanitarian aid should be stopped. Let the Arab nations look after their own. We should not jeopardise our own to save the terrorists.

  2. Liat Nagar says:

    Your response to Kevin Charles Herbert hits the spot at every turn, Paul Winter. I don’t have to say a thing, simply applaud you and agree. Hopefully he will now have some idea of what Zionism is about and why it was and is necessary.

  3. Kevin Charles Herbert says:

    If we goyim want to know just how far Zionism has strayed from reality, the following statement by Gil Solomon sadly illustrates that point:

    “Why is it that Jews in general have no concept that to be victorious against a murderous enemy requires the total conquest and unconditional surrender of that enemy?”


    • Paul Winter says:

      My dear Christian brother Kevin Charles Herbert, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for teaching me, a sinful Holocaust survivor, that Zionism has strayed from “reality” if it now “requires the total conquest and unconditional surrender” of the enemy. How shockingly unChristian!!

      And yet, I would not be writing this if the Germans and their allies, showing their interpretation of the love and forgiveness preached by some Jewish carpenter from Nazareth, had not been beaten into unconditional surrender by the atheistic Red Army.

      Does it grieve you, my brother, that the gassings, starvations, shootings and death marches were only stopped by the unZionistic unconditional surrender imposed on the defenders of European Christianity and civilisation by the godless Slavic and Asiatic hordes of the Red Army?

      We Jews have learned about surrender. All the Jewish men were murdered after the battle of Khaibar. The Warsaw Ghetto fighters were murdered after surrendering. The Etzion Bloc defenders were also murdered after surrendering.

      The Jewish State offered peace in ’67 only to be met with Khartoum’s three noes. The IDF was stopped from conquering Arab states in ’73 and Lebanon in ’82, presumably because the great powers were concerned that the Jewish state be true to the “real” Zionism of which you are an expert. I had dared to think that the era of the “Jew expert” had ended with the defeat of the Nazis, but thanks to you my Christian brother, I now see that for sinfully remaining Jewish, it has been transmogrified to experts on Zionism.

      Friends of the Jewish state like the UN, the EU, etc., are all so concerned about “real” Zionism that they continually pressure Israel to unconditionally surrender by accepting the terms of the enemy it has repeated beaten. But that is reasonable and just, because accepting nether the Christian messiah nor mohammed, we sinful Jews must rely on the mercy and forgiveness shown to us over the centuries by those who assure us that their faiths have superseded that of the Jews and that they are now the heirs of the true God.

      • Otto Waldmann says:

        Paul, DITTO !!!

        And, to add to your impeccable retort by delving slightly into some transcendental stuff,just in case our gentile friend had that angle in mind, the Zionist cum Jewish conquest he is objecting to has some affinities with that oft circulated concept that “The” Jew has in his strategic DNA some domineering traits, such as controlling some vital institutions and the respective purse strings… I am now writing from France and that reminds me of that famous line uttered by De Gaulle about the Jew being ” accaparateour et dominateur “.
        Reminds me that, prior to being hurled into the cattle carriages at the Nagyvarad railway station on the way to Auschwitz, my Grandparents had all their possessions “confiscated”, obviously to repair the financial injustices perpetrated by the world domineering , exploitative conquistadors…
        Some people will have to get used to the novel concept that even the Jew is entitled to his right to existence in an assertive, conclusive and definitive fashion in order to make sure that the entire world observes decency in equal measures.

  4. Efrem Manassey says:

    Gil Solomon I thank you,
    I am a confessed past sympathiser with the doves that fly left over the Land of Israel. That thankfully, was some time ago now. As a Jewish guy that has, shall we say, since been mugged by reality I stand with Prime Minister Netanyahu, because another course which waves olive twigs at duplicitous Palestinian representatives is bound to fail. My own experience has taught me that true extremists often hide under the olive branch and secretly see concessions as weakness anyway.
    The so called moderates and extremists are working to the same end under the guise of many contrasting viewpoints. They want the destruction of Israel.
    Thank you Gil for raising the awareness of the dangers of a dissolute path. Israel is not dealing with Florence Nightingale here.

  5. Otto Waldmann says:

    Gil, mate

    How could anyone in his right mind NOT agree with the passion you articulate for the good of Zion !!
    In the same spirit, I reckon that Israel may not be held accountable for what a brainless US Secretary of State does or says….
    I also reckon that, if we wish to maintain that Israel is, indeed, the most moral/decent/humane society in circumstances we commonally call “war’, some of the suggestions we observe at your opus above, may not quite fall into a matrix of logic with those noble principle we STILL want Israel to observe.
    I will say nothing about the method of “punic” punishment – see destroy/erase/conquer – you consider suitable in the current/old Israel-palestinian conflict.
    As about the regular mess in the political kitchen of Israel, to be honest, I have grown used to it and, to my chalachic taste, I reckon it to be kusher genuch and that includes the inclusion of the well known arab MK famous for being uselessly unsupportive of the Jewsih Sate which pays them good gelt to sit and berate the Knesset. Are those few shlemils REALLY a security risk !!!!
    Re some details, Tzipi is on the way out for good, her electoral/party base is insignificant, she has burnt all her political bridges long ago, but acts in terminal reflex to some burnt out ambitions.
    Here’s a given: Bibi is still on top of his leadership vector and, if we could “guess” a worthy alternative, that would be Naftali Bennet. Me shekels is on him. Otherwise, you are bloke I would happily have a cold drink and a heated argument with.


  6. Michael Kay says:

    I, and many of my friends, are in full agreement with Gil Solomon.
    He is spot on with his assessment of the current political situation in Israel. But, who is listening?
    Is Israel on a self-destruct course? God forbid.
    Michael Kay

    • Gil Solomon says:


      In my opinion Israel once held all the cards but has, through stupidity, squandered the lot. It is as if Jews have a suicidal gene buried somewhere deep in their DNA.

      You ask if Israel is on a self-destruct course. In my mind the answer is a resounding YES and the worst part is that the average Israeli or diaspora Jew wouldn’t even know it.

      How else can a nation continue the same process, with the same people and keep hoping for a different outcome?

      Why is it that Jews in general have no concept that to be victorious against a murderous enemy requires the total conquest and unconditional surrender of that enemy?

      I pray that I am wrong, but a misguided sense of humanity could be the end of Israel.

  7. Lynne Newington says:

    I wonder if Australian society was aware Israel has to date been collecting tax revenues for Palestine under the peace interim accord which amounts to $127 million, handed over to the Palestinian Authortiy every month.
    Maybe members of the Jewish community weren’t aware of it either and surely not their general detractors.
    *The Salt Lake Times Jan 3rd.

  8. Paul Winter says:

    You are absolutely right, Gil. I would just make the following points:
    * with regard to Israeli failure to stand up for its rights, the fact is that Jews have got out of the ghetto, but the ghetto has not yet got out of our Jewish “leaders”
    * Israeli politics is that of the ghetto where safety came from being nice to hostile majorities surrounding them; it failed then and it is failing now
    * the IDF policy of “purity of arms”, fails to make it the most moral military on earth for two reasons: everything it does is condemned by the international community and it is immoral to endanger your fighters to save the lives of the enemy or of their civilian shields.
    * it is useless to have elections in an unreformed electoral system and it is useless to have a high court that is contemptuous of mere citizens (note treasonous Zoabi’s eligibility and rulings in favour of Arabs on their words alone), the Attorney General’s political indictments, the police who refuse to enforce the law and IDF commanders whose pro-Arab actions are based on ghetto type delusions of peace.
    * Israel needs to change and face the future courageously aware that if can rely only on itself, for its sake and for ours; if Israel goes down, the diaspora will face discrimination, ghettoisation or assimilation
    * all Israeli governments in the future must bear in mind that no good deed goes unpunished.

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