Who hates us more?…asks David Werdiger

October 25, 2015 by David Werdiger
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Surely the most useless debate ever would be the following topic: “Who hated the Jews more: Adolf Hitler or Haj Amin al-Husseini?”

Yet this is roughly approximates the response to PM Netanyahu’s misinformed comments about the discussion between the two aforementioned villains regarding the disposition of the Jews during World War II.

David Werdiger

David Werdiger

Historians say that Netanyahu’s claims are incorrect, and that the Nazi plan of genocide did not originate from the grant mufti. So just correct himself and move on, right? Wrong.

Netanyahu has been accused of absolving Hitler for the Holocaust, and has been dubbed a revisionist. How absurd is that? It is a huge leap taken purely for the purpose of shaming the Israeli PM, and distracting from the intent of his comments, which were to contextualize Arab hatred of the Jews, and the ongoing false allegations about the Israeli government’s intent regarding Temple Mount.

If that wasn’t crazy enough, German Chancellor Angela Merkel jumps into the debate and screams: “Don’t absolve us of anything; killing the Jews was entirely our responsibility“. Relax, Angela. No-one is absolving Hitler or the Germans of anything. Even if one Jew-hater was inspired by another, that hardly absolves him of his actions.

Is now the time for all the haters to step forward stake their claims? “We hate the Jews more!” “No, we hate them more!”

I’m waiting for Abbas to join the circus and finally admit: “We hate Jews and we hate Israel, and we take full responsibility for the incitement and violence”, but unfortunately, he and his ilk are the last people in the world to say what they really think in English to the outside world, and to take responsibility for their own actions.

So who hated us more: the Nazis or the Arabs? It doesn’t matter, and comparing atrocities is skating on thin ice. To their credit, the Germans post-Holocaust have come to terms with the actions of their ancestors and don’t shy away for it. The Palestinians, on the other hand, continue to live and perpetuate a myth of victimhood that shows no sign of ever changing.

When the Torah talks about Joseph’s brothers hatred for him, it states: “they could not talk to him peacefully” (Genesis 37:4). The commentator Rashi calls this a backhanded compliment: at least they were not duplicitous with him.

If there’s anything worse than a hater, it’s a hater that won’t admit it.

David Werdiger is a technology entrepreneur, writer, and public speaker. He’s involved in several not-for-profits at director and committee level, and has an interest in Jewish community, education, and continuity. You can connect with David on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.


6 Responses to “Who hates us more?…asks David Werdiger”
  1. Lynne Newington says:

    If I may add, *Middle East Forum [that I subscribe to]scholar and historian etc. Dr Wolfgang G.Schwanitz’s interview released this morning and the unfair criticism of PM Netanyau. *”THE REAL HISTORY BEHIND NETANYAHU’S HOLOCAUST COMMENTS”.

  2. Leon Poddebsky says:

    Now possibly “the international community” might begin to scrutinise al Husseini’s CV, including his efforts to sabotage the Allied war effort.
    His antisemitism they’ll gloss over.

    • Lynne Newington says:

      They can’t if his memoirs are scrutinized.
      What no one has put together in relation to the disputed basis of the Prime Minister’s reference is an old article written by Dr Schwanich himself when back in 1943, the mufti publicly stated the Muslims should follow the example of the Germans who had found a “difinitive solution to the Jewish problem”.
      It’s near enough to the core of Netanyahu’s expression to my understanding.

  3. Alan Freedman says:

    Indeed, this whole story is a beat up – but not for the Sunday Age (25 Oct) who felt compelled to devote the major part of its editorial to it.

    Call me cynical, but it sounds like they just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to take a swipe at Bibi Netanyahu.

  4. Erica Edelman says:

    You are SOOOOOOO right, David. It doesn’t matter HOW, WHAT, WHERE and to WHOM Bibi said what he said. He was going into BAT for Israel. THAT’S ALL that matters. The general populace are such time wasters, including Jewish people. What we need, as I’ve said a million times, is JEWISH UNITY NOT JEWISH DIVISION.
    How difficult can it be? Sometimes you just have to agree to disagree on the finer points and look at the (MUCH) BIGGER picture. And the much bigger picture beggars belief! Do we have to wait for ANOTHER major crisis in the world before the MIGHTY nations on this earth pay some attention to the advocates of Middle East peace? The U.S. needs a shake up, Putin needs to be honest, the Arab nations who are truly interested in peace need to speak up and SOON – and the rest of the Arab world needs punishing fiscally. Without money they will continue to live their miserable existence with third world resources and third world values. Time starts today, not tomorrow.

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