We Are on the List Again

February 21, 2020 by Michael Kuttner
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As any student of Jewish history soon learns certain events keep repeating themselves in every generation.

Michael Kuttner

In 1933 my late father was blacklisted and expelled from his German University. All Jewish students and faculty were targeted making it a preview of more extensive and deadly actions to follow.

Sure enough, a couple of years later my grandfather’s business was also blacklisted, his non-Jewish employees forced to resign, boycotts instituted and eventually, he was forced to “sell” his company at a bargain-basement price to Aryan Germans.

Now in 2020, the wheel turns full circle again and Jews in their re-established homeland find themselves being blacklisted once more for the sin of living and doing business in places which have seen a Jewish presence since Biblical times.

The reason given by the corrupt UN Human Rights Council for issuing this list is pathetically hypocritical and merely demonstrates the real agenda of those nations peddling it. Ostensibly the official reason given states: “activities in the occupied territories raise particular human rights concerns.”  Those peddling this nonsense are themselves in the main no paragons of human rights. This obvious fact cannot in the Orwellian world in which the UN dwells be allowed to interfere with reality and truth. In addition, singling out the Jewish State to the exclusion of every other country reveals that blacklisting Jews remains a sick obsession for many.

Based on past performance we by now should know where this sort of listing eventually leads. The next act is already well underway and that is the stigmatizing and boycotting of selected enterprises and places. This is followed inevitably by graffiti and physical violence accompanied by boycotts and then eventually action to ethnically cleanse any sort of Jewish presence. Of course, the initiators and instigators of these lists will run for cover and deny any culpability for the end results but it is beyond a shadow of any doubt that their campaign can have an inevitable outcome.

There is one major difference between the 1930’s generation of European Jews and today’s Israeli Jews. The former were powerless and completely at the mercy of not only a rabid racist continent but also the victims of a completely indifferent international community. In addition with Mandated Palestine barred by the perfidious British no safe haven was available in the face of impending catastrophe.

Today the Jews of Israel will fight back whether it is physically to defend their country or by other means to thwart the evil machinations of our enemies. The forthcoming Festivals of Purim and Passover remind us that in every generation there are those who rise up to destroy us.

Analyzing the latest attempt to boycott and target us it is not hard to uncover the inherent falsehoods lurking behind the whole scheme.

If indeed the real reason of the instigators of this list is “human rights concerns” wouldn’t one have thought that their prime objective would be to somehow safeguard these alleged crimes? Logic would dictate that such a course is followed. However and not surprisingly in this latest episode of Israel bashing the aim is completely different and for all but the blind glaringly obvious.

The list of companies is a mish-mash with omissions of many and inclusion of others seemingly selected randomly. Amazingly included on this blacklist are companies employing Palestinian Arabs and whose customers also include residents of the “democratic paradise” known as the PA. One of the largest supermarket chains in Israel which has branches in Judea and Samaria is staffed by Jews and Arabs who happen to be Moslem and Christian. The branch we shop at is indicative of how reality on the ground is diametrically opposite to the fake fiction manufactured by the UN Human Rights Council.

Working alongside each other, employees of all ethnic backgrounds cooperate harmoniously together. They are shelf stackers, checkout counter cashiers and supervisors. On Fridays, we are welcomed with “Shabbat Shalom” by Palestinian Arab workers and on the eve of Festivals we are greeted with “Chag Sameach.” Jews and Arabs line up at the checkout without any problems. If you probe you can soon discover that working for Israeli employers is a positive and indeed life-saving experience. Instead of being unemployed and destitute these individuals receive an income and social benefits unavailable and unattainable in the PA. Likewise, all the Arab bus drivers working for Israeli transport companies have job and income security unheard of prior to 1967. Commuting to Jerusalem I am regularly greeted with “yom na’im” (have a pleasant day) and “nisia tovah” (have a safe trip).

Does this sound like dire threats to any sort of human rights? If these companies currently blacklisted were to close what do you think would happen to these Arab workers? They would be thrown back on the unemployed list with no benefits and no means of feeding their families. For a detailed expose of the situation read this analysis courtesy of PMW: https://palwatch.org/page/17409

What about the lie that these Israeli enterprises are operating on Palestinian land? That is just another untruth because Judea and Samaria plus Jerusalem were never ever part of any independent Palestinian Arab country.

The bottom line therefore is very simple. This scandalous list is purely and simply merely the latest example of incitement against Israel/Zionists and Jews.

Those familiar with Gilbert & Sullivan’s MIKADO will remember the well-known song about a list. With Purim approaching and apologies to G & S here is my suggested version of this popular refrain:

As some day it may happen that a victim must be found

We’ve got a little list; we’ve got a little list

Of international groups and their supporters

Whose hate of Israel is profound

And who never would be missed – they never would be missed


There’s the UNHRC which spends its entire time

In targeting Jews & Israel but ignores others and their crimes

We’ve got them on our list – they would never be missed


There’s UNRWA which teaches hate and fosters refugee status forever

It gets millions from nations which refuse their support to sever

They are definitely on our list & certainly would never ever be missed


There are the EU countries which love to draw up boycott lists

In the near future when they implode they will not be missed


There are the UNSC & UNGA members who gather regularly to condemn us & ban

Israel’s innovations & inventions are definitely not part of their plan

There’s Abbas & his disciples who always love to blame

Everyone else for their self inflicted misfortunes for over 70 years it’s been the same

ADD them to our list of those who won’t be missed


There are all the boycotters who shout and dam

But have no qualms in using Israel’s hi-tech – what a scam

Rent a crowd university faculty & students all of whom make

Anti Israel/anti Zionist conspiracies every one of them a fake

Put them on our list – they certainly won’t be missed


There are politicians of all persuasions whose duplicity stands out

When it comes to defending Israel at the UN their votes are in doubt

And then there is the media which is faithfully supposed to support

The facts & the truth but instead prefer to ignore or distort

They should be on our list of those who would not be missed


There’s the ICC with nothing better to do at The Hague

Than pick on the Jewish State even though their evidence is vague

They can huff & puff and draw up endless lists

At the end of the day, they also won’t be missed





Michael Kuttner is a Jewish New Zealander who for many years was actively involved with various communal organisations connected to Judaism and Israel. He now lives in Israel and is J-Wire’s correspondent in the region.


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  1. Monty Pogoda says:

    Since when have you turned to poetry?
    Shabat Shalom.

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