Victorian Jewish community supports Australians of African descent

January 15, 2018 by J-Wire Newsdesk
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The Coalition to Advance Multiculturalism which includes The Jewish Community Council of Victoria has expressed its targeting the African community as scapegoats for youth crime in the state.

Other Jewish members in the Coalition are the Australasian Union of Jewish Students (AUJS), B’nai B’rith Victoria, Council of Christians and Jews Inc Victoria, Jewish Christian Muslim Association (JCMA), National Council of Jewish Women of Australia (Victoria) (NCJWA), Online Hate Prevention Institute (OHPI), Progressive Judaism Victoria and Stand Up

The Coalition stated: “Victoria’s diverse faith and multicultural communities are extremely concerned and disappointed by the media reporting, unhelpful statements by politicians and public debate surrounding youth crime in Victoria, which appears to target and make scapegoats out of the Victorian African community, and the South Sudanese community in particular.

Our political leaders must understand that language is important and that we are all Australians. To protect the integrity of our multicultural society, communities must not be targeted for political ends, and politicians should communicate responsibly, to not victimize or alienate whole communities. Our leaders must stand up for the values which define our multicultural society not only when it is politically expedient.

No community should be held accountable for the actions of a few, and no community should become a target for racism, hate speech, intolerance and discrimination.

Criminal behaviour, whether by individuals, gangs or groups of perpetrators must be appropriately addressed, including effective policing, bail laws, sentencing and parole procedures.  The safety of our homes and streets should be a top priority for any community, and Victoria is no different.

We acknowledge that there is a youth crime problem, and congratulate Victoria Police for their work in crime prevention, securing our streets and in organising youth crime forums to address the breadth of issues which need tackling to prevent and reduce youth crime.

We support the Australian African community and their leaders’ work in dealing with this problem. We also call on the State and Commonwealth governments to provide financial assistance for programs to integrate newcomers to Australia with effective education, job training and community support. These programs have assisted new communities in the past and were highly successful, as many of our longer established immigrants and refugees can attest.

Clearly, more needs to be done, but making one community a scapegoat is not acceptable in a free, inclusive and democratic society.”

This statement is supported by the following organisations:

African Australian Communities Leadership Forum

African-Australian Multicultural Employment and Youth Services (AAMEYS)

Afro-Australian Student Organisation (AASO)

AMAFHH Federation

Bishop Philip Huggins, Vicar – General in the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne

Asian Australian Democracy Caucus

Australasian Union of Jewish Students (AUJS)

Australian GLBTIQ Multicultural Council Inc (AGMC)

Australian Intercultural Society (AIS)

B’nai B’rith Victoria

Board of Imams Victoria

Buddhist Council of Victoria (BCV)

Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY)

Council of Christians and Jews Inc Victoria

Eritrean Jeberty Community in Australia

Ethnic Communities’ Council of the South East (ECCOSE Inc)

Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria (ECCV)

Faith Communities Council of Victoria (FCCV)

Hindu Council of Australia (Victoria)

Incubate Foundation

The Interfaith Centre of Melbourne

Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV)

Islamic Shia Council Victoria

Jewish Community Council of Victoria (JCCV)

Jewish Christian Muslim Association (JCMA)

Melbourne Employment Forum

National Council of Jewish Women of Australia (Victoria) (NCJWA)

National Liaison Council of Chinese Australians

Online Hate Prevention Institute (OHPI)

Pax Christi

Progressive Judaism Victoria

Sikh Interfaith Council

Stand Up

Team Africa

Emeritus Prof Gary Bouma AM, UNESCO Chair in Interreligious and Intercultural Relations – Asia Pacific

Uniting Church in Australia, Synod of Victoria and Tasmania

Uniting (Vic/Tas) Limited

Bishop Peter Danaher (President) and Rev Ian Smith (Executive Officer), Victorian Council of Churches (VCC)

Youth Activating Youth (YAY)



33 Responses to “Victorian Jewish community supports Australians of African descent”
  1. Bill Rubinstein says:

    Our odious, left wing, politically correct communal “leadership” strikes again. No one has condemned the African community in Melbourne as a group, only its dangerous and violent youths, who are blatantly over-represented in violent and frightening crime. One might expect the JCCV to have some sympathy for the mothers whose cars have been hijacked with children inside, the residents whose homes were invaded by these crimina ls in the middle of the night, or the shopkeepers – many of whom are Jewish- who are terrorized by these monsters. I have close relatives in the jewellery trade here – they are waiting for the moment when a gang of African thugs will burst in and terrorize them. At the very least, already on a financial knife edge, their insurance premiums will rise and they will have to spend a fortune on store security. One might expect our wonderous JCCV to express some sympathy for them, many of whom, as noted, are Jewish, and some of whom belong to organizations that are affiliated to the JCCV. But no, the attitude of the JCCV et al towards them is: Drop Dead. You are racists and fascists! How dare you say the monsters who are threatening you are Africans!!(although they are.) We, the politically correct brigade, stand steadfastly with the criminals, not with the victims! Of course, the two or three uniformed guards who are always outside of Beth Weizmann are there as window dressing, not to save the head honchos of the JCCV from what the little people are contantly threatened with.

  2. michael Burd says:

    I was just thinking MR Herzog the Synagogue you go to like most synagogues in the Jewish community require armed Guards [ some bomb proof walls ] to protect their constituents , absolutely no idea why we Jews would need special security we are such a multicultural lot and defend all the other minority groups so cant possibly imagine who would wish us harm.
    Anyway perhaps your Synagogue can hire some of these young African youths and also some of the Syrian, Iraqi , Pakistani and Palestinian Arab asylum seekers as our security guards , what say Mr Herzog ?

    • Henry Herzog says:

      The last time our Jewish synagogue had a security threat it was from far-right white supremacists; you know those guys, Mr Burd. And we do have a security guard, with a gun, from an Arab country. Actually, even the local supermarkets have African security guards. Just asking, have you had those far-right supremacists on your radio program yet?

      • Otto Waldmann says:

        Very interesting, so by the Herzogian logical construct, if I object to a person of melanodermic complexion molesting me, quite possibly murdering me, I am , ipso facto, a white supremacist or , to be more precise, a former white supremacist. I wonder how mein elegy will sound at the Hevra “…gei Otto, gei already, who vants a vait supremacist to…blacken our community’s reputation !!”. If anything, Henry, you are definitely prolific.

  3. Otto Waldmann says:

    As expected, the statement put out by the Jewish Communal leaders of Victoria is a tedious, pretentious high horse moralising farce, devoid of the capacity to asses impeding realities.
    It is utterly ridiculous, but, sadly necessary, that they need to be reminded that we must all be mindful, alert and responsible in condemning acts of violence regardless of the ethnic origin of the perpetrators.
    In the case of Sudanese community, we have witnessed irregular occurrences of violent attacks committed by youth belonging to that community and also we cannot be satisfied that the leaders of the same community have proven that they are capable to handle the inordinate number of thugs found in the Sudanese community.
    In the statement by the Jewish leaders of Victoria, these realities are not at all apparent. It is as if our leaders have been absent from Victoria for the past few years and nobody told them what has happened in Melbourne while they were hiding under some rocks.
    It is not the first time that our Jewish Communal leaders seem less than adequate in addressing critical issues, preferring otherwise to offer inane lecturing on pedestrian behaviour.

  4. Robert Weil says:

    Alas, another example of how our once great community is so bereft of leadership.

    • Henry Herzog says:

      Robert, why don’t you run for office as our new leader to make the Jewish community great again.

      • Otto Waldmann says:

        Our community is great already, it is only a few oyf kippure at the top who aren’t making the cut…

  5. Liat Kirby says:

    It’s not the African communities that are being ‘targeted’ here, it’s the youths who commit the crimes who are of this background. Senior African members of the communities are every bit as concerned as the Victorian Police and the Victorian government at the high incidence of violent crimes being committed on a regular basis by some of their young, and they are joining with the police in an effort to help the serious situation that exists.

    This kind of general waffling and overly sensitive response by the Coalition to Advance Multiculturalism does two things: i. it completely ignores the very real problem that exists, and ii. it creates a new and different problem by suggesting that intolerance or prejudice is being perpetuated. There is only so much that can be done to assist integration of new migrants and most certainly they are assisted more, and in more concrete ways, than Australian migrants of the past. Unhappiness and unrest does not excuse criminal acts, and the current efforts of so many politically correct thinking people to turn a blind eye to reality and suggest understanding of violence, theft and terror rests at core with the society in which it is practised, only serves to worsen the situation.

  6. Henry Herzog says:

    When Dutton blows his dog whistle, Pavlov’s AJA dogs start barking. This fear and hate mongering by these bigots is an embarrassment to the majority in the Jewish community.

    All the security agencies and other people in the know, keep stressing that
    by alienating, disenfranchising and demonizing them, as the white supremacists do so well, will only create a much greater problem and risk to the safety of our community.

    And good job, the JCCV and AUJS and all the other representative organisation. Keep up your great work, and drown out the voices of fear and hatred.

    • Otto Waldmann says:

      Very interesting points and I would be anxious to learn more about the “alienation” of the newcomers from decisively alien lands, the “disenfranchising” of the same under the weight of multiple financial and other material Govt. aids in adjusting to a new society already ready and solidly equipped with the most generous institutions totally unheard of in the countries of their poor, miserable origin.
      Yes, our system and the politicians equipped with all kinds of dog attachments haven’t got the slightest about how to run a decent society. Azoy mazel that Sudanese emissaries were sent to civilise us and look, our own Henry Herzog has already gained so much benefit from it. Thanks, mate, for sharing it with poor us !!! Where can I get a brochure by JCCV and AUJS to learn me how to make an omelette mit a bishele African flavour to make me day !!! Hopefully cholesterol free, not to mention me slightly inflated prostate , moderate to high blood pressure, a bit overweight, occasional kidney malfunction, seasonal skin irritation and annoying sleep disorder….Could a Sudanese quack be able to fix me up, all on Medicare, of course !!

  7. Adrian Jackson says:

    After a generation or so new Australians usually assimilate, learn English, get a job or start a business and buy a flat or house. Many forget about the old country, other than its food and dance customs.

    After all they came here to get away from the old country in most cases so why would they want to be associated with it for the much part? They should leave there medieval religious and political conflicts out of Australia as most do.

    Australia took in 100,000 South Vietnamese without any problem in about 10 years during the Frazer government era. Canada took a similar number and the USA 400,000 with few problems.

    In the 1950’s Australia had the “bodgies” (boys) and “widgies” (girls) causing trouble, then the “mods” and “rockers” in the 1960’s followed by the “sharpies” in the 1970′.

    Google “Sidney Myer Music Bowl and sharpies” and you can see them dancing at a “Daddy Cool” concert in the 1970’s – hilarious.

    So far most of these youths were of Anglo-Saxon-Celtic origin like most Australians and New Australians are.

    As for the Africans Australia has taken in many for Rhodesia (not Zimbabwe) and South Africa after ZANU-PF and ANC political parties won elections in these countries and most have fitted in OK.

    All new Australian are welcome but assimilation is better than diversity as diversity can be divisive too. We dont want to see ethnic ghettos in Australia like in tribal Africa, Burma currently or Eastern Europe in the 19th century.

    As they said on federation in 1901 and repeated with a huge sign over St Kilda Rd on 2001 outside the NGV. “One people, one nation and one destiny” but these people are made up of races and former nationalities from over 100 countries which works fine so far.

  8. Alan Freedman says:

    Has political correctness now reached that point where the narrative is more important than the facts?
    No-one is unfairly targeting the African community but the facts are undeniable: youths of African appearance have been rampaging some Melbourne suburbs on a wild crime spree. And if there is a cultural element to it, then it needs to be identified and addressed.
    Sticking your collective heads in the sand is not helpful at all. The police have finally admitted what everybody knows, and that is that their are gangs of Australians of African descent terrorising some communities.
    Hiding from the truth is certain to do one thing, and that is facilitate the problem.

    • Henry Herzog says:

      Truths or facts Alan. Hard to tell these days since the words have taken on different meanings. As with your mate Trump, just by him saying he’s not a racist and a stable genius, it must be true.
      And with Dutton using African youth gang violence for political purposes to boost support for the state Libs, seems you’ve taken the bait, gladly.
      But since when have you or our neighbourhood been scared of these gangs/
      Or are just being mischievous and stirring up some fear and hate?

      • Terry Davis says:

        Again, Henry, you have outdone yourself with this response!! Totally irrelevant.

        What have African crime gangs in Melbourne got to do with Trump? Irrelevant.

        Dutton is a politician. That means he has the right to comment on what he likes, and any comment by a politician is political (except, presumably from a Labor politician, which you probably regard as being true, just because they say it). So also irrelevant.

        And every time a conservative agrees with a conservative politician, it is ‘taking the bait’? Irrelevant.

        And it is necessary for someone to have had their home invaded by African gangs in order to be qualified to express fear of future attack? Irrelevant.

        And mentioning the fact that there is a problem with African youth crime is ‘stirring up fear and hate’?!! I guess that if some Jewish communal body in nazi Germany had pointed out that Nazis are committing crimes against Jews, that would have been ‘stirring up fear and hate’ against the dear old nazis, by your warped definition. Irrelevant.

        Nothing in your post acknowledges the fact of African crime, and nothing suggests how it can be stopped. But that would be relevant to the CAM nonsense and the AJA response. Much easier to play the man, isn’t it, Henry?

  9. michael Burd says:

    BOy ! talk about fostering further Antisemitism by this ‘Coalition of Fools’ how do you think the wider community will react to this stupidity whilst they are angry and frustrated at the epidemic of AFRICAN GANG VIOLENCE how do you think the FAR Right will react that’s all we need more excuses for their hatred towards Jews for supporting immigrants antisocial behaviour or trying to play it down.

    Once again the JCCV joins the anti-zionist ICV/Islamic Council of Victoria their partners via JCMA supporting them in their causes and when I asked one former JCCV leader why JCCV never asks the ICV to make joint statements condemning Hamas/Hizbollah /Muslim violence against Jews in Israel I was told the ICV would never agree .. The JCCV do not demand or expect mutual respect or reciprocity from their Muslim counterparts which shows a very weak moral character in deed.

    • Henry Herzog says:

      Why worry about the far right groups becoming anti-Semitic, I’m sure you’ll be able to pacify them; after all, you’ve stuck up for them in the past. Anti-Muslim rallies, remember.

  10. Terry Davis says:

    Usual nonsense, decrying factual reporting of a problem which is acknowledged everywhere this threat looms. And the usual response about government throwing more money at the problem (post war immigrants from Europe got no welfare, little money, and managed to avoid terrorising their communities). The post war immigrants indeed created a multicultural society by consent, not government policies.

    If our communal representatives can’t even acknowledge that there is a particular problem with African youth crime, they should resign their positions. They are representing PC, not the Jewish community. I’m not sure where the idea comes from that by identifying African crime as being African, the rest of us bay for the blood of all Africans in Oz. There is little or no evidence of that, yet it is imagined and then thrown at us by our representatives.

    Islam has nothing to do with Islamic inspired terrorism, and African youths have nothing to do with African youth crime. Who are these fools kidding?!!

    • Henry Herzog says:

      Mr Davis, how do you sleep at night fearing that these Africans and Muslims are planning to cut your throat?

      • Otto Waldmann says:

        Cut throat humour, not just simply hilarious, but a deep, insightful cut into the meat and bones of the issues.

      • Terry Davis says:

        Mr Herzog, as an irrelevant response, that is world class.

        In fact, all your responses are pretty irrelevant, and often rude. I did read your letter some time ago in the Australian (nice to know you read a proper newspaper) about political correctness being merely a vehicle for polite discourse. Didn’t stop you referring to me as a ‘denier’ in the AJN, merely because I have an informed opinion on the climate change scam. I think we all know what a denier is, Henry, and it was intended to be rude, so spare us the nonsense about PC. Still, you carry on stumbling your way through the fog of your own hypocrisy. I find it quite amusing to see you moving in ever decreasing circles of hypocrisy and party sloganeering (bigots is a good one, applied by the left to anyone who it disagrees with, making the left, well, bigots).

  11. David Adler says:

    There is an African youth gang crime problem in Melbourne.

    This statement above is a level of PC which becomes dangerous – you can’t effectively deal with a problem if you won’t acknowledge and identify it. Therefore these groups are making a contribution to perpetuating the harm.

    • Henry Herzog says:

      Seriously, how come all the security agencies, federal police and counter terrorist authorities say that by denigrating, demonising and antagonising these groups only fuels the problem and increases the risk of violent reaction. While you believe the exact opposite.

      • Terry Davis says:

        I think you’ll find that the bodies you refer to have become as PC as you claim to be. Are you saying that African crime gangs are being denigrated by being referred to as African crime gangs? And are you saying that any crime gang shouldn’t be demonised, and if so, why? Furthermore, are you saying that taking action against crime gangs is bad because it ‘antagonises’ them? (If you are, I guess we can kiss goodbye to any future Mafia convictions, because we don’t want to upset the Mafia by bring them to justice, do we, Henry?)

        • Henry Herzog says:

          Sorry Mr Davis, but I rely more from the police and other security authorities on security than you and your paranoid conspiracy nonsense. If you no faith in these authorities, you should joint one of those vigilantly gang, blue patriots or some other far-right racist mob.

          • Henry Herzog says:

            Furthermore, I would love to say to you what I’m saying, but it wouldn’t get past the moderator.

            • Terry Davis says:

              Yes, Henry, and how nice of you to prove that you are unwilling to have a civilised discussion because of the shallowness of your understanding of such a concept. Face it, Henry, without your shallow rudeness you are just a lot of hot air seeking an orifice to escape from.

            • Bill Rubinstein says:

              Henry, I hope that these African thugs never beat you up, but if they do, I hope that they knock some sense into you.

              • Henry Herzog says:

                Rather nasty, Professor Rubinstein. The only ones who knocked any sense into me, literally, were neo-Nazis complaining that Hitler didn’t finish his job. Which begs the question; ever been, Professor Rubinstein, threatened, bashed by any African youth gangs lately, or are you just responding to Mr Dutton’s dog whistles?

                • Otto Waldmann says:

                  Very interesting, as we are regaled with another Herzogian perl of wisdom. So, by this rationale, until you are massacred or just a few broken bones by the so called African thugs, your opinion is worth gurnischt.
                  By this impeccable logic, nothing exist, nothing has occurred, unless one experiences the phenomenon personally.
                  Can’t wait for the next instalment of this treasure chest of responsa. Something is seriously broken here and it ain’t me….

            • Otto Waldmann says:

              Very interesting, so, why wouldn’t you follow your own sage advise of relying on the said officialdom in charge with our security and refrain from volunteering all present eitzes cum unsolicited chochma of how to fix up all these no problem problems, unless we are, in fact, dealing here with a groisse macher Police Commish Herzog !!( says me while biting me tongue as not to enrage the moderator ).

          • Terry Davis says:

            There you go again, Henry, always playing the man and not the ball. Anyone who has a different view to you is a fascist. Typical of the modern left, but nonetheless making you simply pathetic. You haven’t addressed any of the points I made, just the usual personal insults (which even contradicts your assertion that PC is merely a form of politeness, because you are neither polite nor insghtful). I may cut and paste your pathetic response and change the name to Mr Herzog. That way I can reply to all your future ravings with your own pathetic words. So much better than addressing issues, don’t you think? Why have a discussion when you can merely hurl insults?

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