Trump can end Israel-PLO impasse using India’s Vedanta Solution…writes David Singer

July 10, 2017 by David Singer
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The first state visit ever to Israel by an Indian prime minister – Narendra Modi – could generate the impetus President Trump needs to end the diplomatic void caused by the breakdown in negotiations between Israel and the PLO since 2014.

The Times 16th March, 1982

The obvious warmth, mutual admiration and friendship shared by Modi and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was clearly evident – contrasting with the hostility, acrimony and venom shown to Israel that has become the norm at the United Nations, UNESCO and UNHRC.

Israel has historically had a long love affair with India’s Vedanta Movement (also known as the Ramakrishna movement) – a worldwide spiritual movement headquartered near Kolkota in West Bengal.

Vedanta wishes and prays for the well-being, happiness and enlightenment of all the people of the world.

Writing on Modi’s visit – Khinvraj Jangid pointed out that Israel’s first Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion:

“… wrote, in September 1957, to Dr. Indra Sen (of the Aurobindo Ashram) praising the distinctive Indian approach to religion: “From Buddhism I have learned much about the history of religion and philosophy in India in general – and after I was enchanted by the Vedanta I began the study of the schools of Sankhya and Yoga.” In his bedroom in the Negev kibbutz of Sde Boker, there was only one leader’s portrait: Gandhi’s.”

Modi himself reportedly attended a comprehensive course studying Vedanta.

Vedanta’s views on peace in the Middle East (“the Vedanta Solution”) were published in the Times of London on 16 March 1982 by Vedanta’s British Chairman Swami Avyaktananda:

“It is generally not known that the East Bank [of the Jordan River – ed] was a part of ancient Palestine and when Britain obtained the Mandate for Palestine, the League of Nations included it in Palestine”

Swami Avyaktananda quoted as his sources:

The Swami continued:

“The major portion of Jordan today is really East Palestine, the country on the other side of the Jordan being West Palestine. The handing-over of the territory east of the Jordan River to the Emir Abdullah was, to all intents and purposes, the first partition of Palestine [in 1946 – ed.]through which a large portion of Palestine [78% – ed.] went to Arab hands. This partition was not considered when the United Nations framed the Plan of partition of Palestine into Jewish Palestine and Arab Palestine [in 1947 – ed.].

If the Palestine Liberation Organisation accepts the historical facts presented here, considers sympathetically the Jewish aspirations and struggle for the National Home, National Language and National Culture for about 2000 years, and agrees to rethink the problems of the Middle East with goodwill and understanding then the problem of the Middle East will be solved without difficulty. The whole of ancient Palestine will be shared by Jews and Arabs through an amicable settlement if the Palestinian National Home is established in the East Bank of the Jordan. It can be called “New Palestine” and this naming will be quite correct.”

The PLO, Jordan and Israel can cooperatively implement the Vedanta Solution – extended to incorporate the allocation of sovereignty in Judea and Samaria (West Bank) between Jordan and Israel – or Jordan and Israel can so act jointly if the PLO refuses to participate.

Embracing the two-State Vedanta Solution – with Modi as a possible interlocutor – could be the Trojan Horse President Trump needs to broker a deal to end the Arab-Jewish conflict.


David Singer is a Sydney Lawyer and Foundation Member of the International Analysts Network


12 Responses to “Trump can end Israel-PLO impasse using India’s Vedanta Solution…writes David Singer”
  1. Adrian Jackson says:

    The USA have caused huge problems in West Asia (so called Middle East)in the last 16 or so years. They certainly dont need that fool Trump grandstanding there now.

    The only thing the USA is interested in is selling arms, like the recent arms sale to Saudi Arabia. The US military/industrial complex runs America not the citizens.

    May US Congress members are scared of the economic power of the military/industrial complex, as well as the gun lobby the NRA.

    Regards, Adrian Jackson (ADF Infantry Officer, Retired)

  2. Lynne Newington says:

    I wonder how this recent update of Middle Eastern Forum Daniel Pipes is received.

    • david singer says:


      Probably with gasps of amazement and furious criticism by a fawning and adulating international community who continue to greet in their Palaces with guards of honour and State banquets an illegitimate and corrupt “President Abbas”.

      The same “President Abbas” who rewards murderers of civilians – Jewish and non-Jewish – and their families with lifetime pensions, refuses to accept Israel as the Jewish National Home and wants to wipe Israel off the map.

      Who needs the headache of running a State when you can get the fringe benefits that go with it – without the obligations?

      Netanyahu should make it clear that talking to Abbas or his low level bureaucrats is no longer going to happen and that he wants to resolve sovereignty in Judea and Samaria with King Abdullah of Jordan.

      Abbas has had 13 years to come to an agreement with Israel. Time to move over and give Abdullah the chance.

  3. Erica Edelman says:

    David – in its entirety it’s a brilliant and wise solution
    And one that would appeal globally
    the problem is not NOT being able to find a pragmatic
    And workable solution – there are many !
    The problem is one of hysteria, irrationality and hatred
    And while you are dealing with a sub-nation of resistant Arabs
    Who want nothing to do with rationality then I’m
    Afraid there will be no peace in this region – no matter the great
    Thrust of intelligent strategies thrown in the name of
    Peace and calm
    Suffice it to say these beasts will continue their
    Resistance until it comes to bite them severely
    In the meantime Qatar is a prime example of “the
    Beast who ate its own children”

    • david singer says:


      Can you please list any other pragmatic and workable solutions other than the allocation of sovereignty in Judea and Samaria between Israel and Jordan.

      Would be interested to know what you have in mind.

      • Erica Edelman says:

        Perhaps I got carried away with my “there are many”
        What I should have said is that there are a number of
        Outcomes on the table at the moment which could change
        The status quo in the Middle East – in a second!
        Your solution is unequivocably sensible, workable and practical
        And one which would bring about peace quickly and quietly I believe
        SHOULD second and third and forth parties be amenable

        • david singer says:


          Please fill me in on “the number of Outcomes on the table at the moment which could change the status quo in the Middle East – in a second!” I don’t know of any.

          • Erica Edelman says:

            David – I’m not exactly sure if you are trying to catch me out here – and yes, I’ll admit to being an amateur political scientist but really David? I will send you (by private email) a list of possible events – 20 if you like – that would change the way Israel is not only viewed by the rest of the world but would view the world around her.
            I can’t write a long and lengthy article in this little space but can I suggest to you that you read this month’s Australia/Israel Review (Colin Rubenstein et al) from cover to cover and get a glimpse of how frequently the world can change – starting with the cold war between Qatar and her (once) Arab friends.
            I’m sure you can recover my email address from J-Wire (I give permission to them) and email me and I will gladly write a long list of “what ifs” and “what happens whens”.
            As I have said before, it is just a matter of (short) time before the world views Israel through a much less critical lens. This will be less about what Israel does to change how she conducts herself and more to do with outside forces; forces beyond her control and ones which will change the way the rest of the world views the Middle East in general.

            • david singer says:


              You have gone from “solutions” to “outcomes” to “possible events” to “what ifs” and “what happens then”.

              My article deals with President Trump looking at the Vedanta Solution which you acknowledge ” in its entirety it’s a brilliant and wise solution
              And one that would appeal globally”

              You have also stated:
              “Your solution is unequivocably sensible, workable and practical
              And one which would bring about peace quickly and quietly I believe
              SHOULD second and third and forth parties be amenable”

              I see no benefit in being diverted from dealing with questions or comments on the Vedanta Solution which is what my article is all about.

              I am glad you see real merit in the Vedanta Solution.

              Maybe you should ask Australia/Israel Review and Colin Rubinstein for their opinions which would be of far greater value than my corresponding with you privately by e mail. If they can propose a better solution or shoot holes in the Vedanta Solution then we can discuss their objections on J Wire.

              • Erica Edelman says:

                Fair enough David
                I’ll speak to my brother-in-law Colin Rubenstein
                And see what I can do
                I’ve never seen an article in AIJAC about your topic
                And I’m pretty sure they keep up with JWire
                If solving Israel’s dilemma with her (antisemitic) neighbors
                Was as simple as your suggestion/ideas it would probably
                Not be the topic on which we have communicated these
                Last few days
                Thank you for your time and energy in communicating
                Never the less

  4. Ron Jontof-Hutter says:

    And what will stop the Palestinians from doing what the Muslims in south Philippines and south Thailand do? Or Nigeria?
    Israel would be sitting with a long permeable border, and be subjected to cross border attacks.
    Alternatives to a Palestinian state need to be discussed. A failed Israel-hating misogynistic state would not be the answer. It has not worked with India- Pakistan,nor with South-North Korea.

    • david singer says:


      The Vedanta Solution does not call for the creation of another Arab State between Israel and Jordan. That is why President Trump should be very interested in bringing this solution to the negotiating table – since the “two-state solution” (really the three-state solution) has gone nowhere in the last 24 years.

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