Tim Wilson slams UN resolution 2334

March 2, 2017 by J-Wire News Service
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Liberal MP Tim Wilson spoke in federal parliament in an adjournment debate on cultural genocide…focusing on the 1915 Armenian genocide  and last December’s United Nations resolution 2334 denying Jewish historic rights to East Jerusalem and the disputed territories.

The Victorian MP for Goldstein voiced his view on the resolution.

The first part of the video deals with Armenian genocide. Wilson turns his focus to Israel at the  2:20 minute mark.



7 Responses to “Tim Wilson slams UN resolution 2334”
  1. Henry Herzog says:

    Try as much as you want, but you can’t deny that the Arminian genocide actually happened, and it’s incredibly offensive that you try to deny the truth of the Arminian genocide. Not much different to Holocaust denial.

  2. Henry Herzog says:

    It’s commendable of Tim Wilson to speak of the Armenian genocide committed by the Turkish Ottoman empire at that time. Since no one protested against that gross atrocity, Hitler reasoned that no one will object to him ridding Europe of its Jews; and he was right on the money with that one. But Hitler and his mates had to first get the people behind him. He first alienated the Jews with all sorts of insulting and offensive propaganda and how International Jewish bankers were controlling the world economy for their advantage and how Jews were sub-human and so forth.
    And to do so, Hitler separated the Jews from the rest of the blue blooded German Aryans.
    But guess what Mr Wilson, most Australians, particularly in your electorate, don’t wants these changes to 18C because they have no need to insult their fellow Australians just because they’re not white.
    Free speech got Hitler into power, and then he shut it down.
    Tim Wilson has objected to section 18C because it creates inequality by giving a select few, because of their race, special privileges (The Australian 21/12/16). So, to make everyone equal, even those Australians of different races who are vulnerable to racial abuse, laws to protect them from racial abuse, should be watered downed or scraped to make everyone equal. How utterly absurd.

    • Roy Sims says:

      !8c has shown itself to be more open to abuse by those “offended” than those who are charged with that “abuse”. The absurd political correctness which now reigns in Australia needs to be addressed.
      Yes, ABUSE, is to be deplored. But the 18c ‘remedy’ is more to be deplored.

      • Henry Herzog says:

        And if the ACCC wrongly prosecutes people for fraud, are the laws on fraud then more deplorable than the fraud? Also, being politically correct isn’t what prevents abusing people on grounds of race.

        • Henry Herzog says:

          Furthermore Roy, you make out that 18C is all about insulting people on whatever grounds, when it’s all about insulting people on grounds of race. And if abuse is deplorable, how can laws that tackle abuse be more deplorable? Think about it, Roy.

          • Roy Sims says:

            My concern Henry is that some of the more ‘sensitive’ elements in our community are driving the proverbial ‘horse and cart’ through this provision of 18c.
            Free speech comments are meant to be just that. Free speech. Of course that is NOT to be taken as a license to insult, but the right to disagree with one another is a basic element of our ‘freedom’, It must be preserved.

    • Orhan Tan says:

      Henry Herzog says: “ It’s commendable of Tim Wilson to speak of the Armenian genocide….”I do not agree him, since I believe he is not aware of what really happened before, during and after 1915. Apart from that , according to the UN Resolution of 1948 only authorized international courts can decide an event as genocide. Is there anyone who could explain why the Armenian side has no courage to apply any court and receive a verdict ? I tell you why, because they have all invalid and fake documents at hand.

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