There are good people out there

January 24, 2017 by J-Wire
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So angry this week. So angry. Self righteous American leftists. Self righteous Trump supporters. The Bourke Street monster. And a journo asks the female Premier of NSW why she hasn’t had kids. What is wrong with people?

Thankfully there was a lovely story at tonight’s Bourke Street vigil about two heroes. Two ordinary people. Who stepped up to help those hurt on Friday until ESOs relieved them.

A taxi driver and an ordinary guy who has had life saver training.

There is hope in the world. There are people who care, who love and have compassion. Who help other people in need without seeking glory or recognition.

These are the people of Melbourne that remind us that despite all the crap on our social media feed and in the papers, there is good, self-sacrifice and hope.

Bad people do bad things, but many ordinary people do wonderful things.

Remember that next time when someone returns your lost wallet, when a stranger says good morning, when someone makes you a cup of tea at the hospital, when you see Hatzolah, Jewish Care or CSG volunteers busting a gut to help people.

David Marlow



5 Responses to “There are good people out there”
  1. Michael Burd says:

    I agree with you David never thought I’d see the day I would be totaly ashamed of my fellow Jews in particular those American Democrats ( or Un – democrats ) and their progressive leftists Group thinkers all like little sheep following one after each other . Lead by Hollwoood Jews and other American high profile Jews e.g Gloria Steinman ,gay / LBGT activists and of course those naive women all of them supporting the fascists , Islamists and all the myriad of hangers on like the Terrorist flag waving Palestinians .
    I have yet to see these self righteous women , gays , LBGT marching in the millions in support of the women ,Gays , LBGT in Gaza , Saudia Arabia , Teheran , Kabul and all the rest of the 57 Muslim mAjorty kingdoms , thiefdoms , dictatorships etc What a bunch of Hypercrites you all are !
    The progressive left just can’t seem to accept their team lost and for the next 4 years we are going to endure their anti democratic , childish facsist behavior how boring !
    I don’t remember Republians and the so called alt right when Baraak Al , Hussein Obama won the first time and the second time acting like fascists burning cars , stamping their feet , rioting and crying like babies because their guy / Gal lost . Sure they were disappointed but moved on .
    To all the Jewish progressive leftists Trump will be around for the next 4 years if he succeeds in carrying out his mandate on all his domestic and foreign. Policies America and the JEWS will be the winners . If not in a democracy he will be voted out either by his own party or the punters .
    Get over it !
    Jews for Tump

    • Eleonora Mostert says:

      I agreee hole heartedly but you missed one important message to them. The whole world will benefit from Trump including the above mentioned brainless twits. They’ll probably try and do what’s now happening in Brittain and try to have the vote overthrown.

  2. Ian Katz says:

    Donald trump was democratically elected. Perhaps the protesters should turn their attention to atrocities being carried out in the Muslim world

    • Henry Herzog says:

      And that’s way the USA form of democracy has gone wrong. Remember, Hitler was also democratically elected. The way Trump talks about women is an insult to anyone who has a mother.

      • Eleonora Mostert says:

        So Henry, your on side with Muslim Murderes because they scream harder and longer? How do you vision democratically held elections. It’s obvious your one of them and peeved you lost Mr. Herzog.

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