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November 9, 2023 by Gil Solomon
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It is clear that a picture is worth a thousand words. Unless the world media show the photos and videos of the horror of the terrorist atrocities that took place on October 7 in the South Israel area and not just write about it, Israel will have no hope of ever overcoming the propaganda war unleashed upon it.

Gil Solomon

How is it that only certain people can see the barbarity that took place by Hamas but apparently, it was “too horrific to show the general public”. In reality, the public need to be shocked to their soul. Meanwhile, the media bombards us day and night with scenes from Gaza as to the effects of war. The fact is that the Arab world has become adept in shaping world opinion in its favour, especially by manipulating the leftist tendencies of Western countries. We hear constantly about the suffering of “innocent civilians” in Gaza. But for decades, these “innocent” civilians cheered and celebrated at every opportunity upon learning that Jews were killed. Now, the repercussions of the horrors of a war they started have come home to roost.

It is clear that when it comes to Israel, world leaders prefer this war to end with another eventual ceasefire. An ignorant world needs to be reminded that thousands of missiles were fired at Israel from Gaza, and for Israel this is not a Sept 11 as some have foolishly implied. For Israel, this is an existential threat made worse by the prospect of a second front being instigated from Iran by way of Hezbollah in Lebanon. Israel needs no reminding that the arsenal of missiles at Hezbollah’s disposal on the northern border is in the tens of thousands. There have been seven decades of ceasefires and I say this time, enough is enough. This time, this war must end with the unconditional surrender of the enemy on Israel’s terms. International “Leaders” apparently all preach from the same script. First, the obviously cognitively impaired US President came to Israel to lecture Jews on how they must behave in times of war, followed by the UK Prime Minister, the leader of a country forever antagonistic to Israel, to again lecture Israel on the rules of war and what they can and cannot do in defence of their country and lives. How dare this nonsense be allowed to go on. It is time for Israel to stop being distracted and listening to world leaders, the UN or whoever else demands that it fight terrorism with one hand tied behind its back. This war poses an existential threat to Israel, and the country needs to do whatever it takes to be victorious.

In what world would a declared terrorist organisation be allowed to build offensive infrastructure in public spaces, be it under hospitals, refugee camps or apartment blocks, without each member being condemned as a war criminal? Where is the condemnation from any world body about this flagrant violation of human rights?

To add insult to injury, world “leaders” repeat that patronising and demeaning mantra: “Israel has the right to defend itself”. Which country on this planet is spoken to in this disgraceful manner? Apparently, it is reserved only for the Jewish nation. Of course, Israel has the moral right and duty to defend itself. To my shame, Jews themselves often repeat this nauseating phrase: “We have the right to defend ourselves” as if begging and pleading for understanding from ignorant world masses who in the majority understand nothing but the propaganda they’ve been fed.

It is my contention that this war must end with, at a minimum:

  1. The total and unconditional surrender of the enemy.
  2. The obliteration of all the enemy’s known offensive missiles on all Israel’s borders.
  3. The dismantling of all the Palestinian Authority offices in Jerusalem or elsewhere with PA staff to be dispersed to the Arab country of their choice. For how many more decades is Israel supposed to talk to an entity whose only idea of peace with Israel is the peace of the grave?

The media and public babble on about “Palestine” with most having no clue of history.

Below is a brief historical reality.

In 960 BCE, King Solomon constructed the first Jewish Temple in Jerusalem which was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar around 586 BCE.

A second Temple was built on the exact same site around 520 BCE, but this was destroyed by the Roman Emperor Titus in 70 CE.

The claim of Jewish sovereignty to the land of Israel is clearly established by the historical record – Jewish and only Jewish well before the birth of Christianity or Islam.

After the destruction in 70 CE, the Romans named the entire area Philistia to rub salt into the wounds of the defeated Jews by naming the entire Jewish homeland incorporating Judea and Samaria (the West Bank as commonly known today) in honour of the Jews’ ancient enemies, the Philistines – A people who were not native to the Middle East but who came from around Greece and the Greek Islands.

Many centuries later, Philistia was anglicised to Palestine. Some of today’s “Palestinians” claim they were descendants of the Philistines with no apparent historical, geographical or cultural evidence supporting this claim.  If “Palestinians” had a country that was stolen from them to make way for the establishment of Israel, then:

Where were the country’s borders?

Who were its rulers?

What currency did they use?

What was their religion?

In addition, immediately following World War 2 to be referred to as a Palestinian, implied that one was Jewish. It was Yasser Arafat the PLO leader who took it upon himself to commandeer the term Palestinian as a term reserved solely for himself and his band of PLO terrorists and followers. So here we are today, where lies and propaganda abound with ignorant masses believing what they are fed, day in day out.

In concluding this piece, the impasse with so-called “Palestinians” must end now. Decades of talking to terrorist representatives have gotten nowhere. Israel needs to take the lead, stand up for its rights and forcefully remind the world of the historical reality at every opportunity.


Gil Solomon is a retired Accountant

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