The Scorpion and the Frog…writes Michael Kuttner

July 28, 2017 by Michael Kuttner
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This tale of duplicity has a moral which basically teaches us that what is fundamentally vicious will not change because one’s nature cannot be changed.

Michael Kuttner

I remembered this children’s story as the mayhem surrounding security measures at the Temple Mount escalated. Just as the scorpion is conditioned to attack and subdue so it seems obviously are the brainwashed and conditioned Islamic masses. Incited and encouraged by leaders who know only too well that their behaviour will be forgiven and excused by a gutless and spineless international community as well as a biased media, those with whom we are supposed to embrace as partners, rampage, destroy, murder and defame.

Unfortunately the lessons of the scorpion’s tale are lost and ignored even by our own politicians so this is a good opportunity to set out some uncomfortable home truths about the realities staring in our face.

First of all the “sacred” status quo. One would think from the uproar generated as a result of the installation of security measures at the Temple Mount, following the murder of two Israeli policemen that all of a sudden Moslems were forbidden to pray there. Every news item and every commentator trotted out the lie that the “status quo” had been violated and that this was the reason for Islamic wrath engulfing various places. What is the so called status quo?

Back in 1967 after Israel had regained control of Jordanian illegally occupied Jerusalem Moshe Dayan stupidly handed back the keys of the Mount to the Islamic religious authorities who were under the authority of the Jordanian Government. Prior to this, Jews had been banned from worshipping at the site and in effect Israel was telling the world that this situation could continue. Thus today Jews are still banned from uttering any prayers on the Mount and their presence there is strictly monitored and controlled. Anything more ludicrous and self abasing would be hard to find but unfortunately woolly-headed politicians imagining that their liberal notions of tolerance might produce reciprocal behaviour were duped – then and today.

Israel’s record of maintaining holy sites for worship by adherents of various religions is second to none. The Jordanian track record is abysmal and yet we gave them the veto over Jews praying on the Temple Mount. This week Jewish visitors to Petra in Jordan went to pray at the tomb of Aaron, the first High Priest. They were threatened by Jordanian authorities that if they dared to pray there they would be arrested. Despite all this and the bully tactics of the Arab mobs we have dismantled the metal detectors and removed the existing cameras. Like all bullies this has not appeased the incited multitude and now sensing weakness in the face of violence they are demanding more. Our acquiescence to this is reminiscent of the disastrous 1967 agreement and its toxic after effects.

As reported by PMW

“The surveillance and espionage cameras are a violation of freedom of worship

Freedom of worship is limited by the intelligence cameras

With our blood we will thwart the Zionists’ plans


 “No to the occupation

No to the metal detectors

No to the cameras


[Official Fatah Facebook page, July 25, 

 It needs to be clearly articulated that the only status quo is the one established when King Solomon built the first Temple. The Babylonians violated that when they destroyed it and it was restored with the rebuilding of the second Temple. The Romans then abused the status quo by destroying it and subsequently the Moslems did so by building the Mosques on the site where the Temples once stood. Therefore the Jewish State has every right to reclaim its holy place and reinstate Jewish prayer there. As prophesised, the restored place of worship will be a place for all nations to visit. With the anniversary of the Temples’ destruction upon us, now is the perfect moment for our religious and secular leaders to assert our legal presence instead of succumbing to blatant terror. It’s a pity we have yet to discover some inspired leadership.

As Abbas and his corrupt authority increase payments to terrorists and their families who murder Jews, our leaders decide to spend a fortune of Israeli taxpayers’ money to erect cameras which most probably will never be activated, Why not deduct the cost of security measures from the funds we transfer to the PA?

Bullies once they have been appeased always make further demands. So it is proving after our latest surrender on the Temple Mount. This shameful charade will inevitably lead to further terror facilitated by Islamic intolerance and weak kneed preventative measures.

The scorpion tried to convince the frog that he was a reliable partner and in fact its only true friend.

The same sort of fatally flawed logic is continually thrown in our face when we are told that we only need to place our trust and faith in those who currently wish we would disappear and in many cases are actively plotting to achieve this aim.

Jordan and Egypt with which we have “peace” treaties are tottering on the brink of disintegration. Their futures are bleak and their populations have not been educated to accept the validity of a Jewish presence in Israel. Currently, Israel’s diplomatic representatives are either evacuated or in hiding which illustrate the illusory nature of our relationships.

The Turkish President who has visions of Ottoman grandeur is issuing forth the most outrageous accusations against Israel while hypocritically ignoring his country’s own dismal record of human rights and persecution of minorities. Having whipped up the local Islamic mobs, likewise, Israel’s diplomats are staying home and Turkish Synagogues are targets for demonstrators.

Saudi Arabia touted as a long lost friend bans the open worship of any religion other than Islam and has installed metal detectors in Mecca without any frenzied outrage bursting on to the UIN scene. The Gulf States are too weak to independently recognize the Jewish State while Syria, Iraq and Lebanon are failed States now in the process of being subverted by Iran which is busy working day and night to acquire weapons of mass destructions and the means to deliver them.

Yemen is a lost cause and is being decimated not only by terrorists but also disease. Likewise Sudan. North African Islamic States present a dismal picture with a bleak future. Therefore all the Moslem majority countries touted as our potential partners and who according to all the so called “experts” would precipitate an avalanche of peace and tolerance if only we would place our trust in them, are very likely to end up as the scorpion did – drowning and taking us down with them.

Even countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia touted as “moderate” will be struggling to contain Islamic inspired intolerance and one cannot envisage them any time soon breaking ranks and recognizing our legal and historical rights.

As proven by Nazi, Tsarist and Communist brainwashing daily doses of poisonous venom against Jews will produce fatal results. The same sort of incitement in Islamic countries is producing identical reactions.

The only way to win this war is to stand fast and refuse to bow to the dictates of bullies. Nazism and Communism were defeated by a total collapse of those two evil empires.

We dare not put our future into the hands of those who promise salvation while simultaneously plotting our demise.

Michael Kuttner is a Jewish New Zealander who for many years was actively involved with various communal organisations connected to Judaism and Israel. He now lives in Israel and is J-Wire’s correspondent in the region.`

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