The EU peddles diplomatic immunity…writes Ari Briggs

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The Jerusalem Municipality has demolished an illegally built structure just moments away from the Hebrew University campus. Read more

European Union Illegal Building Activities Exposed

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International Director of  Regavim Ari Briggs will address the Sydney community next month on EU illegal projects in Israel. Read more

Words matter: how vocabulary defines the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

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Settlements or Jewish communities? West Bank or Judea and Samaria? East Jerusalem or eastern Jerusalem? Those are some of the language choices that journalists covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are faced with each day—and those choices should not be taken lightly, experts say…writes Jacob Kamaras/ Read more

Bedouin settlement, are we missing the point?…asks Ari Briggs

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Recently a day of rage in Israel was initiated to protest the Begin Plan, the Government’s proposal to accommodate Bedouin settlement in the Negev. Read more

A Tale of Two Visits

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In late April Israeli media personality Avri Gilad went on a tour of the Negev with myself – the international director of Regavim…writes Ari Briggs. Read more

Et tu, EU? No Dutch Treat her

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Ari Briggs is a former Sydnesider now resident in Israel and active with Regavim, an organisation fighting to save Israeli land claimed by the Bedouin. He recently addressed the Dutch Parliament in defence of Israel… Read more

He came, he saw, he posted, now he’s branded a racist…writes Ari Briggs

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Last Thursday, Israeli TV personality Avri Gilad went on a trip to the Northern Negev with Regavim – an independent, professional research institute & policy planning think tank involved in protecting Israel’s National Lands. Read more

Illegal Arab Building Defies Supreme Court Ruling

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The illegal “building intifada” being waged by the Palestinian Authority  on state lands in Area C of Judea and Samaria, (the West Bank), has become the latest battleground for the radical left in conjunction with  foreign-funded Israeli so called “human rights” NGO’s such as B’tselem and Bimkom…writes Ari Briggs. Read more