Sweden’s ambassador responds to the ECAJ

October 4, 2012 by J-Wire Staff
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The Executive Council of Australian Jewry wrote to Sweden’s ambassador to Australia expressing concern following the bomb attack on the Jewish community centre in Malmo. The ambassador has responded.

HE Yuval Rotem, Ervin Forrester, HE Sven-Olof Petersson

Following the letter written by ECAJ executive director Peter Wertheim, Ambassador Sven Olof-Petersson wrote:

“Thanks for your letter regarding the attacks against the Jewish Community Centre in Malmö.

As you conclude in your letter this is not the first time that the Jewish Centre, or Jewish leaders in Malmö, have been attacked and the Mayor of Malmö has been severely criticized from all quarters in Sweden, including from the Government and his own party for the way he has reacted and for his comments at earlier occasions. I think, however, that the message has finally been well received and taken aboard also by the Mayor. This time he was the first to call the Jewish Centre in order to express his outrage for the renewed attack and promising adequate measures. Clearly these attacks is something the whole of the Swedish society find utterly unacceptable and disgusting.

Unfortunately, however, you are also right regarding the sources of these attacks, which makes it all the more serious, not least since this is a group of people who are rapidly increasing in number in my country and frequently, as seems to be the case also in some parts of Australia, have difficulties to integrate and not only bring new and enriching culture along with them, but also an unreasonable hatred based on phantasies, conspiracies, lies and far-fetched ideas that are simply not acceptable in a modern, multicultural world.

I fear that this is a problem that we will have to address firmly and frequently in the coming years. But all the more reason for everybody, and especially for the responsible politicians, to be absolutely clear on where we draw the line.

I will of course forward your letter to my Authorities in Sweden, as well as to the City of Malmö!-

ECAJ – Letter to Swedish Ambassador 3.10.2012


7 Responses to “Sweden’s ambassador responds to the ECAJ”
  1. Rita says:

    Dear Mr. Ambassador,

    You say: “…I fear that this is a problem that we will have to address firmly and frequently in the coming years…”

    A start would be to NAME the cause by its name. And with all due respect, I dont think we have many “years” to play with, in my opinion (living part of the year in France), we are very close to the point of no-return. Sweden, from what I see online, (because the main media continues to obscure and to euphemise) is already past it.

    • Paul Winter says:

      You are absolutely right Rita; the Swedish ambassador should have named the culprits. As long as we are all pussy-footing around without identifying who are failing to integrate and who are commiting crimes, the guilty group cannot be dealt with. Or helped.

      While we don’t know what Peter Wertheim said in his letter to the Swedish ambassador – and congratulations are due to him for having acted – the statement to which the link takes us also fails to mention mohammedans as being the ones waging jihad on Jews and the West.

      Another matter the ambassador omitted was any positive action that is planned. Kind words (and a tone of exasperation) are not substitutes for doing something about a long festering problem. And Malmö’s mayor’s outrage is pure hypocrisy and political opportunism; he was the one who created a climate where the Islamists grew stronger and bolder. Something should have been done about the mayor years ago; even in Sweden the central covernment must have some powers to intervene if local matters are going awry.

  2. EthanP says:

    I am pleased, surprised but pleased, that Amb. Olof-Petersson came ot and said what we all know. That these Muslim immigrants cannot integrate into the larger national society.
    Until our governments, leaders, and indeed populations at large recognize that it is against the principles of Islam to comprimise. The only reason a Muslim may live in a non Muslim country is to prepare the path for Islamization.

  3. michael says:

    If only our Politicians and Jewish community leadership would put aside the P.C / BS and say it as it is.

    • Shirlee says:

      Touché Michael

    • EthanP says:

      Absolutely correct Michael. So are you Shirlee. Believe me, It’s just as bad here in the USA. I remember the Palestinians dancing in the streets upon news of 9/11. No one will speak of it today.
      A non Muslim Arabic speaking student was suspended for berading two Muslim Arabs who were praising the 9/11 attacks when they thought no one could understand!

      PC is a suicide pact. And as I’m sure you know, suicide is against Jewish Law1

  4. Shirlee says:

    Finally, someone admitting where the blame lies. It took a long time for the penny to drop.

    Now maybe someone can tell our not so esteemed PM, who’s speech to the UN was all about kowtowing to these same people.

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