Sounding a warning…writes Michael Kuttner

May 6, 2014 by Michael Kuttner
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Baroness Caroline Cox looks like your favourite grandmother but her impeccable English manners are deceiving because behind that House of Lords exterior lurks an indefatigable fighter for human rights.

Michael Kuttner and Baroness Cox

Michael Kuttner and Baroness Cox

At a recent seminar held at Tel Aviv University the Baroness pulled no punches as she described the threats to British society posed by the infiltration of Sharia Law into the English legal system and the increasing influence of Islamic terror groups associated with Jihad in the UK, Europe and Africa.

Baroness Cox who started out as a Tory Peer now sits on the cross benches which means that she is able to be more independent and forthright.. She views with increasing alarm the spreading influence of Islamic groups who are having success in spreading their extremist Sharia agenda against women and non Muslims in schools, universities and the legal system. In her opinion there is a serious risk in the future of a Jihad takeover.

An atmosphere of apathy, appeasement combined with fear now prevails in the UK and Europe. Fear stems from a horror at being labeled Islamaphobic which leads to appeasement.

In the course of a conversation with J-Wire’s Israel correspondent, Michael Kuttner, Baroness Cox confirmed that the atmosphere today was very reminiscent of that in the 1930’s. Back then the media supported appeasement of Nazi ideology and apathy on the part of politicians and public alike laid the ground for disasters down the track. Churchill and a few others were lonely voices in the wilderness, more often than not vilified and ridiculed for their alarmist views.

Today the media and mainstream politicians alike, suffering from what the Baroness calls “inculcation of guilt” refuse to face the reality of an aggressive campaign by various groups, well funded by certain States, to impose their legal system and views into host countries.

Baroness Caroline Cox is a lonely voice in the British political establishment. Her clarion call for action against the forces which threaten to destroy liberal & democratic values found a sympathetic audience in Israel. After all we of all people know exactly what Jihad means and can see for ourselves exactly what happens when these forces take over. Her task is to convince the UK and Europe to wake up from their self induced fear and lethargy.

Given past history this will possibly be too little and too late.

Michael Kuttner is a Jewish New Zealander who for many years was actively involved with various communal organisations connected to Judaism and Israel. He now lives in Israel and works for The Israel Resource News Agency in Jerusalem. 


2 Responses to “Sounding a warning…writes Michael Kuttner”
  1. Evelyn Mara says:

    Baroness Cox’s’ description of England (for it no longer can justify using the status ‘Great Britain’) relating to Sharia, Islam and Terrorism is accurate. One senses the need to be careful if and when you mention your feelings about any of these topics. I work for the NHS and know from changes in working practice that the problem of FGM is a growing one, with nurses now being trained to recognise and treat this Islamic practice. I have supported Israel for 30 years; in 2008 I hung a full size national Israeli flag in my front window. This year for other reasons a neighbour accused me of killing Jesus, it came as a surprise as I am a Christian. I realised the reference was made due to seeing the flag in my window. I welcome and support the work of Baroness Caroline Cox and applaud her for her stamina, commitment and courage.

    • Nothing surprises me anymore. I continually send facts to the media when they don’t tell the truth and when Andrew O’Kiefe interviewed the Dutch MP he talked over the man continually trying to change what was being said and showed nothing but contempt throughout the interview. When or if anyone criticizes the media or shows proof of their errors they are called bigots. Freedom of speech is a one way street. There’s no truth within the media. Just look who sponsors their programs.

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