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David Singer writes an open response to reader Ben David…


Following my article

I commented:

Ben David

Kerry’s remark might not have been off the cuff as American spin and you yourself are now suggesting.

Kerry or someone in the State Department could well have read my following article in JWire:

Following the G20 summit – my following further article might have reinforced Kerry’s view that the gung ho approach he and Obama were pursuing was going to be disastrous.

Strange that his supposedly off the cuff remark appeared after these two articles were published by JWire.

I believe publications like J Wire are read by people in Government and have the ability to influence their opinion. This certainly seems to have been the case in the remarkable turnaround by Obama and Kerry. Their change of direction has certainly been welcome.

What do you think?


Reader Ben David responded:

There is no doubt you have been a prolific commentator on this issue and when you are not merely venting a somewhat predictable animus towards the Obama administration (am not sure you have ever written a kind word about them), you are often right.

But lets not otherwise get ahead of ourselves. As interesting as your articles are or the stories on JWire are about BJE’s Rosh Hashanah Cookie Baking at OBK or the latest instalment on Sydney’s Strathfield Synagogue, I am fairly confident that this site is not on the top of the daily reading list for the US Secretary of State or his department.

If you also don’t mind me saying, I always think its best to be a little modest about one’s influence in the world.


My open response:

“Ben David – the person who writes under two pseudonyms on two different web sites and changes quotes without authorisation – again makes a complete fool of himself in stating without any evidence at all:

” I am fairly confident that this site is not on the top of the daily reading list for the US Secretary of State or his department.”

Of course it is not.

But what Ben David is obviously unaware of is that many of the articles published in JWire end up among the top articles on Google News under particular key words.

As an example take my article that you published today “Putin Puts International Law Before War”

It has appeared among the top articles on Google News under the key words ” Syria UN Security Council resolution” and ” international law”.

Many of my articles and those of other contributors previously published on JWire could have been similarly exposed to a wider international readership. Certainly this has happened with many of my articles. I have plenty of documentary evidence to prove confirm my comments.

Ben David – like so many of his anonymous ilk – can only snipe and sneer and make generalised claims without any evidence to back them.

He needs to learn the first rule of effective public discourse – Put up or shut up”

JWire does have a proven international reach – no matter what knockers like Ben David write.


Here are the results of two pertinent Google searches:






7 Responses to “Singer defends J-Wire”
  1. Paul Winter says:

    Here, I agree with you David. Ben David and his alter ego and their ilk who do nothing other than sneer, snarl, distort and ignore facts and reality should indeed put up or shut up. Of course, since they cannot deal with facts, i.e. put up, they should take the second option i.e. shut up.

    It is interesting that little Ben who thinks that he will make any sense by uncharmingly chiming loudly as though he was Big Ben, makes an attempt at putting David down on the basis that he makes no impact in commenting on J-Wire. At the same time he misses the obvious point that if David makes no impact then his sneer makes as much impact on Jewish readers of J-Wire as a butterfly breaking wind in Siberia.

    • david says:


      Beautifully expressed. You should write an article or two yourself.

      I am used to windbags shooting the messenger and ignoring the message. It is always carried out by cowards under the cloak of anonymity.

      What I found objectionable was the sneering and snide attempt to denigrate J Wire in the process – when Ben David showed his complete ignorance of the international reach J Wire has been able to achieve.

  2. Mike Gold says:

    David, Google is tracking you. It knows that you visit Jwire (probably too much), and so it brings those results to the top of your results. When Sec. Kerry searches Google News for “international law” I think other publications may rise to the top instead…

    • david says:


      You may well be right. I don’t really know.

      Why don’t you try and google news and web under key words “syrian free army” and let me know what comes up when you do it.

      The length of time the article stays near or at the top of the page varies as more articles on the subject are published.

      Sorry that I am writing so many articles. I think the issue is very important although I am disappointed there has been such a poor reader response to what has emerged as one of the most amazing diplomatic turnarounds in my lifetime.

      • Sam says:

        Googled “syrian free army”. Looked through 5 pages and no JWire and no David Singer

    • Sam says:

      Mike, you are quite correct in what you say.

      Google is set to track you what you like and what you search for with cookies. A few days ago I was looking for an item to buy and now that item is appearing on a number of sites I visit. Even here and I am sure the rest of you aren’t seeing ads for mice/mouses.

      I also wonder if David Singer has a Gmail account? That would increase the Google tracking capability.

      If you search specific title it will come up in the number 1 position.

  3. Eleonora says:

    Thank you Mr. David Singer, you just made my day. Let the world now whatr IS truth!.

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