Queensland Labor calling for recognition of Palestine

September 1, 2015 by J-Wire News Service
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The Executive Council of Australian Jewry has responded to a resolution by the Queensland Labor Party that a future Labor Government should immediately recognise a Palestinian state.The Australian newspaper has reported that Queensland Labor vice-president Wendy Turner, has stated that “support for Israel was evaporating in centre-left political parties across the world and the Queensland Labor resolution was urgent given the continued persecution of the Palestinian people.”

Wendy Turner

Wendy Turner

Federal Labor Party foreign affairs spokesperson Tanya Plibersek has refused to accept the resolution telling The Australian through a spokesman that “State conferences don’t make Labor’s foreign policy. This matter was resolved by Labor’s national conference (in July).”

Peter Wertheim executive director of The Executive Council of Australian Jewry told J-Wire: “The latest resolution from the ALP’s Left-dominated

Peter Wertheim

Peter Wertheim

Queensland branch calling for immediate, unconditional recognition of a Palestinian state is an expression of the Left’s frustration at not getting its own way on this issue at the ALP National Conference in July.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the resolution that was passed at National conference concerning Israel and the Palestinians was seen as a setback by the anti-Israel element inside the ALP and their supporters.   The resolution did not commit the ALP to recognising a Palestinian State – no such State exists – and  also fell short of the move towards recognition that Bob Carr had called for.

The futility of the Queensland resolution has been highlighted  by  Shadow Foreign Minister Tanya Plibersek, who has refused to accept the resolution, and has reaffirmed the resolution passed at National Conference, stating that “State conferences don’t make Labor’s foreign policy.”

Dvir Abramovich

Dvir Abramovich

Dvir Abramovich, chair of the Anti-Defamation Commission added: ““This misguided, irresponsible  and reckless resolution is unhelpful and will do nothing to promote dialogue and peace between Israelis and Palestinians nor lead to the establishment of a Palestinian state.

All it does is to undermine the only real solution to the conflict, and bolsters the Palestinian Authority’s intransigence on direct negotiations with Israel and its  strategy of seeking statehood through international avenues.

This one-sided resolution omits to acknowledge the Palestinians’ role in failing to reach an agreement with Israel by turning down various offers of withdrawal, and consistent refusal to accept the legitimacy of the Jewish state.

The Israeli government has repeatedly stated that it supports a mutually negotiated two-state solution and Queensland Labor should play a constructive role in promoting reconciliation, compromise and  negotiation between the two parties.”


6 Responses to “Queensland Labor calling for recognition of Palestine”
  1. Liat Nagar says:

    These opinionated armchair experts like Wendy Turner are pathetic in their reasoning, as can be seen by what Turner had to say quoted in this article. Tanya Plibersek might have dissociated herself from it with her response, which is a truism, however she is known for her sympathies for the Palestinians – being the diplomatic woman she is that didn’t show this time; it’s my bet that in time it will. Bob Carr has been a poisonous influence on Labor with his superficial outpourings, and there are many others. It’s a great shame. A lot of this will also be associated with the demographics of electorates. Not so many Muslim peoples in richer, blue-ribbon Liberal seats.

    I’ll certainly have to put my thinking cap on, because I sure won’t be supporting the corporate loving Libs, most of whom wouldn’t have the faintest idea of how more ordinary people have to live. Every decision made in the past two years points to that, or perhaps they know, but don’t care. It’s a big step from the concept of Socialism to Stalin, and there’s a lot that’s good in between. The only big problem is human beings, who manage to distort and abuse good ideas through their own lust for power and their greed. This is the case across the board.

  2. Geoff Seidner says:

    ….Our parents and grandparents may in their time been supporters of socialism.
    Surely a readily – understandable default inversion of the hated extreme right: THE NAZIS OF WW2.
    It may have been a justified political position basis this alone.
    Even if the ‘left’ soon failed Jews because the totalitarian ethic built into the ‘warm inner – glow’ proletariat’ of Stalin and too many others.

    But socialism AKA communism has for decades been seen – by those who want to see as THE SIGNIFICANT SOURCE OF anti semitism / Jew hatred everywhere.

    Hatred of Jews and success contrasts with the failures of communism! SO PATHETICALLY …..essentially, obviously emanates from the left. AND THIS EVIL MANIFESTS MANY ARENAS LIKE THE BDS specifically and plain hatred of us generally.
    And even if the majority of Labor may be supportive of Israel, the Labor leadership do not have the numbers to silence the noisy minority.



    Why vote for socialism which has never worked and JEWS ARE USED BY OUR AVOWED ENEMIES AS AN EXCUSE FOR THIS FAILURE.

    Merely contemplate the influence of Israel’s supporters inside Labor against the enemy lead by Bob Carr.
    And now it is seen in QLD: vale Labor!
    So it is incumbent on Jews to ensure they value their vote.

    And forget socialist twirpery.

  3. Leon Poddebsky says:

    Those in the ALP who support the fabrication of a third ‘Palestinian’ Arab state (in addition to Jordan and Gaza) do so because they know that it would be as aggressive as Hamas.
    Those ALPniks don’t really care about peace; they prioritise ‘Palestinian’ Arab interests over the interests of Australia, for what Australian interest would be served if they had their way? More destabilisation of the Middle East?
    That is contrary to Australia’s national interest.
    It is sheer antisemitism.
    If it were anything other than that, the ALP would be passing resolutions hostile to regimes that are truly oppressive, a good example being Turkey, which illegally invaded and is still occupying part of Cyprus.
    Those same ALPniks are also hostile to any Jew living in Australia who supports Israel’s legal territorial rights.

  4. harry rich says:

    I wonder how the Labor National Conference would vote if Labor would win the next general election.

    I fear that the far left would not only have a strong voice in Queensland but also in Victoria and nationally. Recognition of a so called Palestinian state would be a foregone conclusion.

    • Leon Poddebsky says:

      If a federal ALP government came to power, and if the UN voted to send armed forces (in the guise of ‘peacekeeping forces’), to wage war against Israeli soldiers and civilians (for there would inevitably be ‘collateral civilian casualties,’) the ALP government would contribute forces to do that.

  5. Marta Mikey Frid says:

    Dvir Abramovich is the only one talking sense. Before the ALP in Qld opens their mouths they should know what they are talking about. They just want to jump on the popular wagons to escape their own irrelevancy.

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