Protesting for Gaza

November 25, 2012 by J-Wire Staff
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Demonstrations supporting Gaza took place in Australian cities yesterday.

Teachers protest

Greens – Fiona Byrne in white

The ABC seemed were not clear about numbers in Sydney with their newsreader mentioning “thousands” and their online report stating that “hundreds of protesters marched from Sydney’s Town Hall to the US Consulate”.

In Canberra, protesters marched on the Israeli Embassy with a reported 200 Palestinian supporters hearing that Tony Abbott is “a raving Zionist”. Media reports said that Palestinian supporter Unions ACTU secretary Kim Sattler told the crowd in Canberra that she was a student contemporary of Abbott’s and that she “had Jewish heritage” and that Tony Abbott did not.

Melbourne traffic in the CBD ground to a halt as a reported hundreds of demonstrators gathered in the CBD. The meeting, outside the State Library, was told that “the recent ceasefire changes nothing”.

Among those addressing the Sydney rally were Jewish author Antony Loewenstein and Senator Lee Rhiannon as members of the Greens Party reinforced their support for Gaza. Former Marrickville mayor Fiona Byrne who called for boycotts against all things Israeli was part of the Greens contingent. Boycotts were called for against McDonalds, L’Oreal, Ahava and Coca Cola with Loewnstein stressing the protest was against Zionists but not Jews.

Antony Loewenstein addresses the Sydney rally

also present.

Senator Lee Rhiannon

Mamdouh Habib. a former Guantanamo Bay prisoner told ABC-TV: “That means Israel is done, finished. The Muslims is going to take over and Israel is going to be no more.”

The CEO of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies Vic Alhadeff said: “The disappointing aspect of such speeches and rallies is that they demonstrate profound ignorance of the complexities  of the Middle East and do nothing to advance the situation.”

Police reported no problems.


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9 Responses to “Protesting for Gaza”
  1. Otto Waldmann says:

    I really wonder who does Lowenstein reckon he represents at places like these viciously anti Semitic gatherings !!! That is because if he is accepted as a …Jew, meaning that Jews are allowed to take the rostrum, then I too would like to address that mob, if I would be “as” Jewish as Lowenstein.

  2. Otto Waldmann says:

    Yes, a ridiculous show of so called PR efficient exercise. TV channels were there in force and I had the laugh of my life watching for minutes on end on the news those farcical clowns having their faces on MY TV screen, spilling their bile, blocking the CBD , making themselves known as traffic blockers, because that is what they really are !!
    Compare with the smart, intelligent, discreet Jewish retort of the last week end. Did we inconvenience any TV station for more than a few seconds, did we arrogantly invade the lounge rooms of the relaxed aussies having their “shrimps” on the barbie and VB’s !!?? No way, we delivered that subliminal message of hardly being seen and heard. Much more effective.
    And, at the Jewish RALLY of the last Sunday we showed them something else, a much stronger PR wheapon: in the courtyard of the Mizrahi , which from then on shall be known as ” The Barricades of Zion “, the orgaisers served the greatest hot dogs any political rally could rally ( kosher, of course ). MULTIGRAIN bread rolls, onions, tomato sauce and…FREE thinly sliced pickles and FREE thinly sliced…tomatoes, YES, REAL tomatoes. Do yourse KNOW how much tomatoes are these days ??Of course you do, so there !! It was just like being THERE in the heart of Tahana Merkazit !!!

    One word of criticism – which I voiced with my legendary big and insatiable mouth – THERE WAS NO MUSTARD !!!! Mr NSW Zionist Council, I demand MUSTARD with me hot dogs !!! Is that clear !!
    Some people may favour haggis ( !!!) with whatever stuff on, I expect MUSTARD with me dogs and IT was not there !!!
    Otherwise the most incredible Zionist show of force which ONLY NSWZC could put together.

    I reckon NSWZC should make an offer to organise the next Muslim Cultural Council demo in the CBD and let Lee Rhianon sample what we can dish out. She could do worse, which I sincerely HOPE !!

    ( but what have I done, I think somewhere there there could be seen something of a critical comment abt one of our communal organisations and that ain’t kosher. Will Ms Rhianon get offended !!
    Dear Henry, I reckon you can risk it ! )

  3. Paul Winter says:

    Rita and Ethan, I agree with you. The blind bigotry and Jew hatred presented as “anti-Zionism” is obvious. Such ideologues are following the politically correct path of supporting the “Palestinians” and identifying with their object of hate: Israel. Barry Jones once described such types thus: If they are told to fart, all they ask is in which direction.

    Loewenstein’s Jewishness and Sattler’s Jewish heritage mask a point that our leadership is desparate to keep from view: Jewish antisemitism. Jews who speak against the national home of their people and seek to harm their fellow Jews are antisemites. The ideas of the Bund, that of identifying with the people of the European nations whereever Jews lived, went up the chimneys of the crematoria. The Shoah showed that for Jews in almost all nations, there must be a place of refuge when the situation deteriorates; France is currently such a state and England may soon follow.

    What is most disappointing is that the CEO of the NSWJBD prattles the nonsense that: “The disappointing aspect of such speeches and rallies is that they demonstrate profound ignorance of the complexities of the Middle East and do nothing to advance the situation.” The Jew haters deliberately deny facts and ignore context in favour of their support for a non-people dedicated to denying self-determination to a people, some of whom have chosen to rejoin their kin in our ancestral home. Such dignified description of haters is so clever that it outsmarts itself. We need to call a spade a spade and identify, denounce and exclude those haters who support our enemies. And along with that enemies of Western civiliation with its notions of a fair go.

  4. EthanP says:

    I agree with Rita. O just watched a “Sun TV” Canada news report showing a Support Gaza demonstration. Those interveiwed were Muslims and radical leftists. What everyone interviewd had in common was a lack of introspection and, more desturbingly, a large dose of “Jew hatred” disguised as support for Gaza. No doubt about it. Rita is correct.

  5. Trev says:

    What do you expect from the ABC and its left wing supporters. They have had an anti Israel bias for as long as I can remember. The continual whining about Israel actually defending itself is also not unusual
    because these people talk about how hard the palestinians have it when all they have to do is stop firing rockets into Israel and retaliation will cease. The islamists are whipping themselves into a frenzy but they should stop and consider what happened last time when they attacked Israel and then had to leave their boots behind because they couldn’t run away fast enough. No, I am not Jewish, just a huge fan of their courage and discipline.

  6. Rita says:

    Oh, and a more apt title to this article, in my not-so-humble opinion, instead of “Protesting for Gaza” would have been: “Inciting against the Jews”.

  7. Rita says:

    The ABC seemed were not clear about numbers in Sydney with their newsreader mentioning “thousands”

    Even Aljezeera..sorry…ABC newsreaders are dreaming aloud these days …..

    Loewnstein stressing the protest was against Zionists but not Jews…

    So perhaps he IS Jewish after all, because he seems to have a sense of irony !.

  8. David says:

    “Police reported no problems” !
    Since when is boycotting Israel not equal to boycotting Jews or has the world forgotten that Israel was, is and always will be a Jewish state.
    Is there no federal or state law that prohibits religious persecution ?

  9. Ben Eleijah says:

    Mr Alhedoof is well aware of the situation, but does all he can to conceal the truths of expanding settlements, exclusive roads and checkpoints, the destruction of Palestinian fields by armed settlers, the reality of army rule and the demolitions and cutting up the West bank into small open prisons by the barrier, settlements and exclusive highways.

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