Partners in crime…writes Michael Kuttner

September 12, 2014 by Michael Kuttner
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John Kerry’s frenzied efforts to put together a coalition of terror busting countries and his boss’s equally futile attempts to contain rather than defeat one particular terror group while ignoring many others highlight the Mickey Mouse situation currently prevailing.

Michael Kuttner

Michael Kuttner

Israelis can only look on in bemused horror as the leading democracies of the international community continue to agonize and procrastinate in the face of unambiguous plans to spread Islamic terror throughout the world.

The absurdity of the situation was forcefully reinforced the other day when Joe Biden, the American Vice President, in an effort to prove that the Administration had a strategy and was in full control of the situation, proclaimed: “we will chase ISIS to the gates of hell.” Little did he realize that this sort of bluster is the same sort of rubbish stated by terror groups confronting Israel who promise at regular intervals to do this to us. Moreover his overinflated rhetoric was immediately blown out of the water by reports that GI’s stationed in Iraq tweeted: “how will he do this when we cannot even leave the front gate of our own base?”

The sad fact of the matter is that resounding resolutions which are not backed up by realistic, resolute and robust action have no show of doing anything other than garner headlines and satisfy those who prefer verbal pyrotechnics, acquiescing appeasement and political doublespeak.

In this regard I want to focus on two supposed allies being coddled and serenaded at present and show how the alleged fight against terror is being conducted in a manner which one can only politely describe as hypocritical.

First of all take Turkey which as a member of the NATO alliance one would imagine it to be a shining example of liberal democracy and upholder of human rights. Anyone with even a smattering of history and current events will know that this country which aspires to join the European Union at some stage has not only a sordid past but a very spotty current track record. This erstwhile ally has until today refused to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide in which up to one and a half million Armenians were murdered. Granted this was carried out by the Ottomans but the fact that Turkey still cannot bring itself to accept historical responsibility speaks volumes. After all Germany today has not only confessed the crimes carried out in its name during the Nazi period but has also made restitution to its victims, something the Turks have not contemplated. In fact any attempt to get Turkey to own up to its sordid behavior has resulted in violent reactions and threats of intimidation.

Anybody heard of North Cyprus? This is the illegally occupied territory of the sovereign State of Cyprus invaded and occupied by Turkey. For some mysterious reason neither the USA nor any other member of the United Nations has lost any sleep over this continuing and flagrant violation of international law. I wonder why?

Human rights abuses and intimidation of political opponents do not seem to be a barrier to becoming an ally in Obama’s intended coalition. However a far more worrying aspect of Turkey’s current situation is deliberately ignored. That is its full hearted and enthusiastic support for Hamas which has been designated as a terrorist organization. Not only does Ankara provide safe havens for Hamas leaders but it actively promotes the financial and political advancement of that terror group. Thus, we witness virulent anti Israel statements and policies which condemn our war on terror and encourage those carrying out these acts. Is this the sort of ally who can be relied on and indeed should be even considered?

The second country with a decidedly spotty record which Kerry is eager to recruit is Qatar. This feudal bastion of democracy with its immense wealth is the prime funder and supporter of Hamas which without its help would be unable to fire rockets at Israel’s civilian population. It also hosts Hamas leaders and helps promote anti Israel activities In other words this Gulf State is hardly a suitable candidate to be part of any coalition against terror.

These two partners in crime should be held to account and not embraced for their support of terror. However, international double standards being the order of the day, these considerations play no part in formulating strategy to eliminate terror groups. It is notable that Israel was not mentioned in Obama’s speech. Despite it being on the front line and suffering more than any other country it is obvious that in order to build a coalition, no matter how shaky that will prove to be, the USA needs to freeze out the only country which is a constant victim and moreover takes concrete steps to combat this scourge.

Assurances notwithstanding by American officials, the plain truth is that Israel is not wanted. Those Arab regimes which give lip service to the campaign will at the end of the day do very little. Turkey has already bowed out of anything meaningful.

With friends and allies like Turkey and Qatar, who needs terrorists?

One can judge the sincerity of one’s friends by the company they keep. The lesson for Israel is that once again we are on our own.

Some have yet to learn that lesson.

Michael Kuttner is a Jewish New Zealander who for many years was actively involved with various communal organisations connected to Judaism and Israel. He now lives in Israel where he is J-Wire’s correspondent.   


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  1. JOHN LEVI says:

    Brilliant! And very disturbing!

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