Palestine – France Embarks On Flight Of Fancy

April 22, 2016 by David Singer
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The announcement by French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault that France will host a meeting of ministers from 20 countries in Paris on May 30 to try to relaunch the Israel-Palestinian peace process seems to be yet another flight of fancy that is destined to end up where the Oslo Accords and the Bush Roadmap presently find themselves after decades of fruitless negotiations.The list of the 20 countries which will attend such a meeting will make fascinating reading.

The other 173 member States of the United Nations should be miffed at not being invited to enjoy the sights, sounds, food and wine of Paris as it seeks to put behind it:

  1. The devastating Islamic terrorist attack on 13 November last that claimed the lives of 130 people and wounded 352 others.
  2. The assault on a police station on 7 January last by a jihadist wearing a fake explosive belt attacking police officers with a meat cleaver while shouting “Allahu Akbar”. He was shot dead and one policeman was injured. The ISIS flag and a clearly written claim in Arabic, were found on the attacker.

Ayrault said the conference aimed to prepare an international summit in the second half of 2016 which would include the Israeli and Palestinian leaders – acknowledging that:

“The two sides are further apart than ever,”

He then proceeded to issue this mantra that has almost become commonplace in trying to end the Jewish-Arab conflict:

“There is no other solution to the conflict than establishing two states, one Israeli and the other Palestinian, living side by side in peace and safety with Jerusalem as a shared capital.”


The French Foreign Minister needs to understand there are other solutions – one involving the allocation of sovereignty of Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) between Jordan and Israel – the two successor States to the Mandate for Palestine – who have since 1946 and 1948 respectively enjoyed sovereignty in 95% of the territory once called “Palestine”.

Ayrault has reportedly said the discussions would be based on the 2002 Saudi peace initiative — approved by the Arab League but not Israel.

That decision in itself will guarantee the failure of the French initiative.

There is no mood in Israel to commit national suicide – which the Arab peace initiative unashamedly seeks.

Ayrault adopts an air of typical Gallic condescension as he intones:

“We have to explain to the Israelis that settlement activity is a dangerous process and that it puts their own security in danger.”

Maybe the newly-appointed Foreign Minister should look at the rapidly expanding Islamic settlement activity taking place in France and address that threat to France’s security before he seeks to interfere in Israel’s affairs.

US Secretary of State John Kerry, who brokered a previous round of Israel-Palestinian peace talks that collapsed in April 2014 gave the French proposal a guarded welcome when he visited Paris in March:

“Not any one country or one person can resolve this. This is going to require the global community, it will require international support,”

Kerry is right but at the same time he is wrong.

What Kerry and President Obama continue to fail to acknowledge are the firm written commitments made to Israel by former President George Bush on 14 April 2004 – overwhelmingly endorsed by the Congress.

Were Obama and Kerry prepared to rally the global community to get behind the Bush-Congress commitments and take Abbas dragging and screaming to the negotiating table – maybe some movement towards a resolution of the conflict could eventuate.

Pushing the 2002 Arab Initiative whilst ignoring the 2004 Bush-Congress Initiative is destined to become an exercise in futility and certain failure.

David Singer is a Sydney Lawyer and Foundation Member of the International Analysts Network



2 Responses to “Palestine – France Embarks On Flight Of Fancy”
  1. Lizzie Moore says:

    Todah for this great article, David. Am sending this to my sister and her friends in Jerusalem. I am not ‘well up with the politics’ and indeed am just beginning to read the essential books, after finishing M Theology but I do get the impression, that the Two State Solution, now, is simply never going to happen. Shalom, Lizzie via Bendigo Vic.

  2. Erica Edelman says:

    Once again some great thoughts David – and the significance of these are not lost
    On me (at least) considering it is Erev Pesach. Freedom from oppression indeed.
    But here’s the thing. Ayrault, much like Obama is a megalomaniac – wanting the Kissinger-style power and glory he THINKS he can achieve at these talks. Waste of time and waste of money. We all know their collective policies and ideas don’t have a snowball’s chance (in hell) of working.
    As well Kerry is a coward – he’s not even about to get in a row-boat with ISIS and Putin dancing their
    Dance of Demons. The rest of the world couldn’t care less 1. If Israel continues to build settlements or
    2. If the Arabs and the Israelis make peace. What they care about is ISIS in their backyard or over in the neighbor’s house. Me thinks Jordan is not making the noises it should be making – after all they’ve been through all this before. As a potential stakeholder they THINK the stakes are high and the pay-out for helping Israel is low – how wrong can they be. Motivation is not high.
    If Ayrault has any brains he will ONLY invite the Arabic member nations who are friendly toward Israel to his soirée.
    Abbas needs to be dragged kicking and screaming to that table, not by the Frenchman but by his uninsighful Arabic neighbors – the ones who SHOULD view peace with Israel as productive and morally correct. As in the past – their inability to act in a responsible fashion continues to haunt them.
    Chag Sameach David.

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