Palestine – Continuing Jew-hatred Must Extract A Heavy Price

November 21, 2014 by David Singer
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The slaughter of four Rabbis with axes, knives and guns whilst praying in a synagogue along with the serious wounding of six other Jews caught in this horrific blood bath – and the murder of a Druze police officer who went to their rescue – is the end result of endemic Jew-hatred…writes David SingerThe hatred

  1. Begun in the 1920 Jerusalem riots
  2. Embodied in the 1964 PLO Covenant, and
  3. Reinforced in the 1987 Hamas Charter

Arab Jew-hatred has continued unabated for the last 90 years since the Jewish people’s right to self- determination was unanimously endorsed by the League of Nations Mandate for Palestine and article 80 of the UN Charter.

Alarm bells warning of this week’s massacre should have sounded loud and clear when American Secretary of State John Kerry visited Israel on 2 January following Israel releasing 26 long term Palestinian Arab prisoners convicted of murder and other serious criminal offences.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presciently told Kerry on that occasion:

“A few days ago in Ramallah, President Abbas embraced [these] terrorists as heroes. To glorify the murders of innocent women and men as heroes is an outrage. How can President Abbas says – how can he say that he stands against terrorism when he embraces the perpetrators of terrorism and glorifies them as heroes? He can’t stand against terrorists and stand with the terrorists. And I’m wondering what a young Palestinian would think when he sees the leader of the Palestinian people embrace people who axed innocent men and women – axed their heads or blew them up or riddled them with bullets – what’s a young Palestinian supposed to think about the future? What’s he supposed to think about what he should do vis-a-vis Israelis and vis-a-vis the state of Israel? So it’s not surprising that in recent weeks Israel has been subjected to a growing wave of terrorist attacks. President Abbas didn’t see fit to condemn these attacks even after we learned that at least in one case – I stress, at least in one case – those who served and are serving in the Palestinian security forces took part in them.”

Among those 26 prisoners released were:

  1. Yakoub Muhammad Ouda Ramadan, Afana Mustafa Ahmad Muhammad, and Da’agna Nufal Mahmad Mahmoud – convicted of stabbing Sara Sharon, 37, to death in Holon on January 20, 1993.
  2. Abu Mohsin Khaled Ibrahim Jamal – convicted of the ambush and murder of Shlomo Yahya, a 76-year-old gardener, in a public park in Moshav Kadima and stabbing him to death.
  3. Barham Fawzi Mustafa Nasser – convicted for the murder of Morris (Moshe) Edri 65 – a former employer of Nasser who Nasser ambushed and stabbed in the back.
  4. Muammar Ata Mahmoud Mahmoud and Salah Khalil Ahmad Ibrahim – convicted of murdering Menahem Stern, a history professor at Hebrew University. Stern, 64, a winner of the prestigious Israel Prize, was stabbed to death while walking to work at the university’s Givat Ram campus on June 22, 1989.
  5. Abu Hadir Muhammad Yassin Yassin – convicted for the murder of Yigal Shahaf – shooting him in the head as he and his wife were walking through Jerusalem’s old city toward the Western Wall.

Netanyahu then told Kerry to his face:

“In the six months since the start of peace negotiations, the Palestinian Authority continues its unabated incitement against the state of Israel. This Palestinian Government incitement is rampant. You see it in the state-controlled media – the government-controlled media – in the schools, in textbooks, in kindergartens. You see it at every part of Palestinian society. So instead of preparing Palestinians for peace, Palestinian leaders are teaching them to hate Israel. This is not the way to achieve peace. President Abbas must lead his people away from terror and incitement, towards reconciliation and peace.”

Kerry failed to address this virulent Jew-hatred motivating Palestinian Arabs to murder Jews – ignored the adulation afforded these convicted murderers by Abbas and remained silent on the rampant incitement conducted on a daily basis against Israel.

Instead – Kerry – apparently languishing in a time warp – sought to provide some comforting reassurance for Netanyahu with these incredibly inane remarks:

“On a personal level, last month I travelled to Vietnam on my first visit there as Secretary of State. And the transformation in our relationship – I was a young soldier who fought there – the transformation in our relationship is proof that as painful as the past can be, through hard work of diplomacy history’s adversaries can actually become partners for a new day and history’s challenges can become opportunities for a new age.”

Kerry’s words have turned out to be a massive misjudgement.

It is surely time for America and the European Union especially – and for the rest of the international community generally – to take stock and make clear that:

  1. no further financial aid will be given in either Gaza or the West Bank
  2. Abbas and his Government will be regarded as persona non-grata


  • the insidious Jew-hating provisions in the PLO Covenant and Hamas Charter are repealed
  • Government-controlled media and schools excise all references denigrating and demeaning Jews.
  • The PLO is prepared to recognise Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people in any peace agreement signed by Israel and the PLO.

Failure to so act can only see the Jewish-Arab conflict spiralling out of control into a crisis of catastrophic proportions.

Should such Jew-hatred continue – this heavy price must be extracted.



13 Responses to “Palestine – Continuing Jew-hatred Must Extract A Heavy Price”
  1. Dr McCosker says:

    The hatred that is manifested in, for example, the Muslim butchering of baby Hadass Fogel and the ritual butchering – to accompaniment of chants of allahu akbar ‘allah is greater’ (i.e. as they ritually murdered the worshippers of Adonai, the Muslims boasted that their war-god allah was superior to Adonai Elohim) of rabbis in a synagogue, and outside of Israel, the Muslim murder of Miriam Monsonego and Rabbi Sandler and his two little boys, or the Muslim murder of Ilan Halimi (the kidnappers chanted Quran verses whilst torturing him) in Paris, didn’t start in 1920. It started with Mohammed; it has been manifested in periodic episodes of mass murder and forced conversions of Jews, by Muslims, throughout lands invaded and occupied by Muslims, throughout the past 1400 years. One utterly typical incident was the murder of Sol Hachuel in Morocco in 1834…long before modern Zionism, and before the restoration of Jewish sovereignty on Jewish traditional land. There are many verses in the Quran and in the Hadiths and stories in the canonical Sira that incite hatred toward Jews qua Jews. In the high middle ages, a Muslim preacher in north Africa declared “Love of the prophet requires hatred of Jews”. In the Cairo geniza there are letters written by dhimmi Jews that speak of sinuth, “baseless hatred”. Martin Gilbert “In Ishmael’s House”, David Littmann ‘Exile in the Maghreb”, Lawrence Loeb on the Jews of Islamic Persia, and Andrew Bostom’s monumental compilation of classic scholarly essays and original source documents “The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism” all tell the same story: orthodox, classical Islam inculcates hatred toward Jews, a hatred that is a particularly virulent subset of the hatred that is supposed to be felt toward all non-Muslims qua non-Muslims, whether harbis or dhimmis. Of course, right now the Jews of Israel, who refuse to live as near-slave dhimmis paying “protection money” to capricious Muslim overlords in order to be – perhaps – grudgingly allowed to remain alive, and instead assert full sovereignty and right of self-defence against Muslim assault, are hated with all the furious hatred that a would-be slavemaster feels when those he thinks ought to be his slaves are refusing to Submit. (And if anyone thinks being a dhimmi Jew wasn’t so bad, they can read Bat Yeor “The dhimmi: Jews and Christians under Islam” and Mark Durie “The third choice: Islam, dhimmitude and freedom”, and think again; the dhimma system was deliberately set up as a system of soul-killing; it was created and intended to crush the spirits of the dhimmis and turn them into unresisting objects of Abuse).

    • david singer says:

      Dr McCosker

      You correctly point out that endemic Jew-hatred espoused by Muslims has been in existence for many centuries.

      My starting point in 1920 was taken to show that Jew-hatred has been consistently pursued since then in relation to the Jewish-Arab conflict in former Palestine.

      The 1920 riots in Jerusalem during the festival of Passover – which saw 6 Jews murdered and another 200 injured – was just the beginning.

      This was followed in 1921 by riots in Jaffa and Petah Tikvah, which left 43 Jews dead.

      The Haycraft Commission into the 1920-1921 riots concluded:
      “The racial strife was begun by the Arabs, and rapidly developed into a conflict of great violence between Arabs and Jews, in which the Arab majority, who were generally the aggressors, inflicted most of the casualties.”

      In 1924 a better prepared Jewish defence force was able to deal with further riots in Jerusalem in which 133 Jews and 116 Arabs were killed.

      By late August 1924, the Arabs, attacked Jewish settlements near Jerusalem. By the end of the rioting, 135 Jews (including eight Americans) were killed, with more than 300 wounded.

      The 1929 Hebron massacre on 24 August saw sixty-seven Jews murdered (including 23 college students) and brought the centuries old Jewish presence in Hebron to an end.

      Then of course there was the Arab revolt 1936-1939 when the Jewish community would have been slaughtered but for the intervention of the British Mandatory Authority.

      This all happened before there was an Israel or “Israelis” or “Palestinians” – just “Arabs” and “Jews”

      The Shaw Commission held after the 1929 riots concluded that the violence was due to “racial animosity on the part of the Arabs, consequent upon the disappointment of their political and national aspirations and fear for their economic future.”

      That “racial animosity” has never ceased – and regrettably will never cease whilst the Jew-hatred espoused in the PLO Charter and the Hamas Covenant along with the inceessant incitement to Jew-hatred emanating in Palestinian Arab schools and text books and from Palestinian Arab politicians and in its media and television outlets is silenced.

      That the slaughter of Jews praying in a synagogue can be celebrated with dancing in the streets and handing out candies shows the obscene depths to which Palestinian Arab society has sunk.

  2. Ben Elijag says:

    Unsurprisingly, there is no acknowledging the factors behind the killing. The institutional violence of the occupation, the denial of living space to Palestinians through expansion of settlements and the terror of armed fanatics in the settlements.

    The UN reported in October that Israeli settlements had doubled in the last 54 months. But then the victims are Arabs.

    • Otto Waldmann says:

      Only criminal minds, simpletons dominated by pathological hatred, incapable of conceiving anything outside a diseased being, can find “justifications” for committing the kind of murders as seen inside a holy place, a synagogue, butchering peaceful worshipers connecting at the time to the Supreme Being.
      Nothing sacred with the murderers, nothing sane and sacred with this Ben Elijag (sic).

    • david singer says:


      “Denial of living space to Palestinians through expansion of settlements”?

      What a load of rubbish

      Have you heard of Rawabi?

      Read this:

      “The terror of armed fanatics in the settlements”?

      Have you heard of the Vogel family?

      Read this:,7340,L-4041237,00.html

      • Ben Elijag says:

        Benyamin Netanyahu himself had famously said he wouldnot be the first prime minister to halt settlements. Even the US has been goaded to make guarded criticism of settlements. And the BDS movement has begun to make strides even there. Instance of hatred are real, but what is fuelling the hatred is colonization and the terror of occupation.

        • david singer says:


          Wake up – 96% of the Arab population of the West Bank is under direct administrative control of the PLO – whilst 55% are also under full security control of the PLO – whilst the remainder are under joint Israeli and PLO security control.

          No comment about Rawabi? How come this new city is being constructed “under the hatred of colonization and the terror of occupation”?

          Why should the expansion of existing settlements be halted whilst the West Bank Arabs are building an entire new city?

          • Ben Elijag says:

            The Settlements are being built in the region that is purported to be the independent state of Palestine. Israeli forces go anywhere in the West Bank and Israel demolishes at will in the West Bank. The PA is known to collaborate with Israeli operations. Even the Bantustans were formally independent.

            • david singer says:


              Wrong again.

              Israeli settlements being expanded are situated within area C comprising about 60% of the West Bank – an area under the total control of Israel pursuant to the Oslo Accords and where only 50000 Arabs currently reside permanently.

              Israel only demolishes houses in Area C which are built without legal permission.

              Israel works jointly with the PLO in ensuring security in Area B – as provided by the Oslo Accords.

              When incidents such as the Fogel family slaughter or the kidnapping murder of three yeshiva students occur – you cannot expect Israel to sit around and twiddle its thumbs. Whilst terrorism abounds Israel will not stand idly by.

              Actually the PA does not exist. It was disbanded by an Abbas written Decree in January 2013.

              Actually this major development continues to be overlooked by the media – so I can hardly blame you for being ignorant of this fact.

              Actually I wrote a couple of articles about this event. They were published by JWire and can be read at:



              Help spread the word.

              • Ben Elijag says:

                Thank you for the reply. Though this is looking like lawyer’s fiction. Area C is not contiguous and includes 61 to 70 per cent of the West Bank with joint control over part of the remaining area. the areas too are cut up by Israeli controlled check points, exclusive roads, military posts and so forth. Israel controls the borders and the air space as well.

                • david singer says:


                  The fiction is all yours man.

                  The PLO agreed to the areas designated A, B and C when they signed the Oslo Accords and the conditions that were to be applicable to each area.

                  Reneging on a signed agreement is apparently acceptable to you. It isn’t to me.

                  • Otto Waldmann says:

                    Look who’s talkin’ about “replay” !!!!
                    I admire David for a number of reasons, reasoning being one of them, the other one is his steadfastness in pursuing the case for Israel when faced with ambitious simpleton-production line nauseating retorts from the juke(joke)box Ben Sometimewhatevername.
                    What must be repeated at every turn is that, as political dynamics demand, old perceptions and sometimes some old “agreements” can only survive the rationale of ndewly emerged situations, in other words, one must adapt thinkiing to the newly created realities. As such, what the so called palestinians wanted, demanded and even were formally agreed with at one stage MAY NOT apply at a different one. Whate causes principally these shofts are events to which ALL parties are involved. In the case of Israel vs perennial palestinian enmity, all THOSE big and smaller conflicts as well as the “lone wolf” incidents are bound to change the letter and the substance of what has been talked about previous to those events
                    Simply put, since palestinians have added to their ledger countless evidence of aggressive aggravated cases of destructive hatred toward the OTHER side, this other side is entitled to operate some modifications in its own stance. Hence we see an increase of radical statements by Israel meant to alert the palestinian contingent that the type of settlement (political!!!) the have envisaged all the time depends substantially to the kind of profile they are offering Israel as compatible with having that cake (state) in the proximity of the other one which has multiple reasons to believe that the claimant does NOT qualify as a reliable party. Complicated !!!??? Me no thinks so. Palesinians and their fans ( see, if you must, this Ben ) may not act in defiance of common decency and expect Israel to treat them as normal “partners”. To this extent, why could Israel not indulge in administrating the same treatment to those who seem to thrive on it. Palestinians delve into intolerance of the Jew, the Jew is entitled to test the same on the “initiators”. In a way, they, the initiators, may find the answer to the endless question : why aren’t we getting there ( meaning a respectable State ). Here I dispense knowingly with the sometime absurd notion of that bloody “golden rule” of not doing onto others……
                    Let’s see what palestinians will learn from their own kind of “thought” if tested on them !!!!
                    Incidentally,just as a logical detail, Israel does not have to justify to a bunch of impostors why it reasserts its rights over its own G-d Given land !!!

  3. Otto Waldmann says:

    Realistically, we must admit that the complex strategy of the palestinian political agenda functions of the premise that ANY retaliatory measure from ANY source for WHATEVER crimes committed by palestinians will be met with MORE aggressive palestinian actions. The ONLY end acceptable to the palestinian are the uncompromising demands in relation to their territorial and demographic designs. John Kerry knows this too well and , it seems, he is trying to ameliorate the uncompromising stance taken by palestinians. The extent of the palestinian retaliation is also attached to the greater islamic menace. Palestinian causes are integral in all extreme and even moderate islamic ideological programmes.
    Under these circumstance, Israel has no choice but to apply the most rational measures against an enemy which can only be dealt in a direct confrontational way. It may sound “ethically” repulsive, but what has been deemed “apartheid” is the only measure now applicable in respect, at least, to the palestinians from Judea and Samaria. In local moral lifting terms – not to mention other necessary tactics – Israel should also maintain the pace of building residences in the “disputed” territories.
    Considering the fact that fundamental/extremist islamic forces worldwide – whether specifically on open front line or in Western centres – are recognised as necessarily to be defeated enemies by the same countries which now seem more affable to the palestinian cause, Israel has nothing to fear that the greater , encompassing islamic camp is being taken care of outside Israel proper. It stands to reason that USA, for example, will not abandon its war against IS or any other affiliated form just to please/appease the palestinians. Thus, the palestinian segment of this larger contingent is bound to lose out in any scenario. This should give Israel the necessary impetus in introducing MORE draconic measures against its well known enemy.
    Like so many of us, I’d give anything to be right there at the decision making round – or any shape – table to give our people my precious eitzes…yet I trust that they can manage ( at least for now ) without me – that’s how realistic and modest I can be…………………

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