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If your children engaged in outrageous behaviour every day from the time they were babies until well after teenage years wouldn’t you be inclined to do something about it?

Michael Kuttner

The normal answer to this question would undoubtedly be yes.

If that is the case can anyone offer an intelligent explanation as to why democratic Governments and human rights groups continue to condone the most outrageous antics by those purporting to represent the fake country of Palestine?

For over seventy years on almost a daily basis there have been days of rage instigated by opponents of the very legitimacy of a Jewish State. Ever since the international community proposed the establishment of a Jewish and Arab State the rage of violence and terror has enveloped the region. One would think that by now most sane policymakers could have discerned the root of the problem and pulled the plug on those whose only aim is to dismantle Israel as the nation State of the Jewish People.

If after more than seven decades of rejection hasn’t the time finally arrived to read the riot act? Apparently not because like indulgent parents who do not wish to teach their offspring the basic rules of normative behaviour the international community continues to encourage further destructive verbal and physical abuse. Temper tantrums masquerading as “days of rage” convulse Palestinian Arab society on a daily basis.

These take the form of strikes, terror acts, boycotts and poisonous incitement, all designed to display defiant acts of resistance against a situation which their own leadership has managed to manufacture themselves. The stark truth is that none of these raging days has achieved anything meaningful for those concerned. In fact, all they have produced is more misery, poverty and deprivation and a further barrier to any sort of positive outcome in the future. That is the sorry story of Arab rejectionist behaviour since the 1930’s until today.

Just imagine what could have been if only the opportunity to join the Jews in 1947 had been grasped. The miracle which is Israel today could have transformed the whole region. The rejection by today’s predecessors of the chance to create a modern tolerant Arab State doomed future generations to self-inflicted misery. After so many years of terror, it is clear that despite illusory mirages dangled by the UN and others the time has come to say DAYENU.

You had plenty of chances – you refused to take them – you preferred to wage terror instead – you now have to face some tough realities. The lie of Jewish occupation of Arab Palestinian territory is just that – a lie perpetuated by the regurgitation of endless historical falsehoods and the venal acceptance of them by a morally bankrupt collection of nations too cowardly and hypocritical to punish raging revisionism.

This refusal to administer discipline has resulted in the rise of grotesque groups around the globe which now peddle resurrected anti-Jewish conspiracy theories mutated into anti-Israel libels. We just need to witness the take over of the UK Labour Party by doctrinaire far left members and the struggle now taking place in the Democratic Party in the USA as those who consider Israel to be the source of all evil and its Jewish supporters to be of doubtful loyalty slowly but surely gain ascendancy. With the dramatic rise of hate against Jews in Europe those in Ramallah, Gaza and Tehran who pump out ever increasing incitement are encouraged in the belief that nobody will stop them in their quest to rid the region of the Zionist evil.

In case anyone believes that this is an exaggeration I offer some latest contributions which prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the situation we face is not only outrageous but if ignored will only result in even more disgraceful antics in the future.

An official Palestinian Arab newspaper described the US special envoy, Jason Greenblatt, as “mongoloid” amongst other epithets. Remember, that this newspaper like all other media under the strict control of the “peace” loving kleptocracy in Ramallah cannot publish without the sanction of those in power. Therefore when the defenders of these insulting comments claim “freedom of speech” it gives a whole new meaning to the concept of democratic rights as we know them. It is interesting to note that the published insults elicited hardly a yawn from most of the world media and that tells us all we need to know about double standards and hypocrisy.

True to an old script which has worked every time it is trotted out the Arab mobs are being stirred up again with baseless accusations that the Temple Mount and Mosques are threatened by Jews. Violence of course then follows and police have already been attacked and firebombs thrown. Inevitably the UN ambassador has appealed for restraint by which he means Israel should refrain from enforcing law and order and surrender to terrorist thugs. On cue, the Turkish latter day sultan leaps into the fray and stirs the pot of hate.

The leader of Israel’s far-left political party made a pilgrimage to Ramallah and had a photo opportunity with Abbas while pledging undying faith in consummating a suicidal deal with him. Unfortunately, nobody remembered to remind the euphoric participants of the latest pronouncements issuing forth from “Palestine.”

These include a statement that there is to be NO normalization with Israel and all forms of boycotts should be undertaken. In addition, Abbas asserted that “Israel bears responsibility for the economic problems we are currently experiencing.” This continues the old familiar pattern of blaming everyone else for self-inflicted misery and disasters. The pity is that the UN and its members encourage such outrageous nonsense.

If anyone is still naïve enough to hallucinate that genuine peace can be achieved it is worth listening to what the newly appointed Prime Minister of “Palestine” had to say on assuming office the other day: “I will act to establish an independent and sovereign Palestinian State with Jerusalem as its Capital whose borders are the 1967 lines. The Palestinian residents of Jerusalem are waging a struggle to protect the city from Judaization and to preserve it as an Arab Palestinian city. The struggle to preserve the narrative about the Al Aqsa Mosque and the city of Jerusalem goes through strengthening the steadfastness of the Muslim and Christian residents of the city against the Jews.”

By courtesy of MEMRI and PMW these “peace loving” sentiments can be viewed here:



When will democratic Governments stop ignoring these clear and unambiguous messages of hate and incitement and demand that this outrageous farce be terminated?

Michael Kuttner is a Jewish New Zealander who for many years was actively involved with various communal organisations connected to Judaism and Israel. He now lives in Israel and is J-Wire’s correspondent in the region.


3 Responses to “Outrageous”
  1. Geoffrey Zygier says:

    mate, calm down. all this ranting won’t achieve what you seek and may even give you a heart attack.

    sure it’s frustrating. but non-jews have hated us for millennia and we’re still around and doing better than ever.

    as muslims continue to destroy one other, and the uk, us, australia (sadly) and many other western countries decline in soft and hard power, israel continues to thrive. i visit there annually and never fail to be astonished by the progress.

    surveys tell us that israelis are amongst the happiest people on earth. that they can agree on something and even more that what they agree on is positive is miraculous!

    as george herbert wrote, “living well is the best revenge”. we jews are doing well, so let’s enjoy it. have a cream and strawberry cream hamentash with a top of the range coffee and really enjoy it.

    oh, one last thing, today we read zachor, so we should always remember that hashem runs the world. mate, we’ve got a great team and what a captain-coach!

    • michael kuttner says:

      Shalom Geoffrey

      Thanks, mate, for thinking of my state of health. Be assured that I am perfectly calm, in fact my blood pressure has never been better.

      However that does not prevent me from acknowledging that there are very serious threats to the lives of Jews and Israelis out there. Yes – we have survived millenia of hate but at what cost? Just because Israel is doing relatively well does that mean we should ignore the hundreds of thousands of rockets pointed in our direction and the Ireanian desire to eliminate us? Should we just shrug off the hate education poisoning the minds of those we are told are our “peace partners?”

      The fatal mistake we have always made is to be lulled into a false sense of security preferring to believe that the threats against us will vanish.

      Yes – we indeed have a fantastic captain/coach but HE expects us to play by the rules and as a team. All too often we forget that and then everything hits the fan.

      Chag Purim Sameach

  2. Monty Pogoda says:

    We can detest and protest [ and we should] but anti semitism will not stop. It comes[as T’ve said] from above.
    Shabat Shalom/

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