Ominous Omens…writes Michael Kuttner

September 23, 2014 by Michael Kuttner
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As a new year dawns in Jewish communities worldwide there are already signs that the demons of the past year are not going to disappear or be vanquished any time soon.

Michael Kuttner

Michael Kuttner

Unless the messianic age descends upon humanity it looks as though we are in for more manifestations of malevolent malice made worse by the feeble gestures of political leaders.

The deadly scourge of Islamic extremism has already washed up on Australian shores. Predictions by those in the know that radicalized youths, battle hardened in Syria and Iraq, whose minds have been poisoned with hate would eventually seek to emulate the barbaric excesses of their peers in the Middle East, were initially met with ridicule and skepticism. The politically correct brigade managed to divert attention away from this looming threat and instead blame those blowing the whistle as Islamaphobes. Even after Australian authorities acting on information struck first, the deniers continue to blame the police and minimize the situation. No sensible person claims that every Muslim is a terrorist but the plain truth is that nearly 100% of terrorist activity being carried out and planned today involves followers of Islam.

Denial reaches right to the very top of the political establishment. Barak Obama has stated that ISIS is not Islamic. David Cameron in a similar vein asserts that they are not Muslims but monsters. Other European leaders are also in denial. One could easily assume from their reactions that the beheadings of journalists, the mass rape and murder of women and children were all carried out by aliens from Mars. These terrorists may very well be perverting Islam but they and the multitude of their rapidly growing followers proudly proclaim to all and sundry that they are acting in the name of Islam. The Koran itself devotes more than 160 verses advocating the glories of Jihad and therefore provides a theological foundation for the behavior we are currently witnessing.

To prove how this sick ideology of jihad and martyrdom has infected other terror groups and especially those whom some deem worthy peace partners take a look at this clip provided courtesy of PMW.

The retired head of the American Marine Corps is quoted this week as stating that Obama’s ISIS strategy has a snow ball’s chance in hell of succeeding. If anyone should know it is him. However watch for the frantic spins from the White House, State Department and Downing Street. The so called coalition cobbled together by Kerry will be as effective as a desert mirage. Drones and a few bombs will not defeat the advancing plague. Arming so called moderate rebels is doomed to failure as the moderates are already being overwhelmed by the fanatic Jihadists who will at the end of the day gleefully use the weapons provided to them against the very people Obama and company pledged to save. The Kurds will be hard put to stem the barbaric hordes and more disasters will ensue. . Unless and until Obama, Cameron and others admit the horrible reality, then any counter measures taken in a half hearted manner are doomed to fail.

Meantime the brilliant US strategy apparently also includes making some sort of murky deal with one of the chief terror supporting States, Iran. In exchange for supposed support the relentless Iranian march to nuclear terror capability will be given a nod and a wink. Israel’s warnings about Iran’s intentions fall on deaf ears and we all know where that will lead. There are also reports that the US is providing indirect military aid to Hezbollah in the fight against ISIS. If this is proven to be true it would be a scandal of the highest order, but no surprise to anyone aware of the duplicitous nature of foreign policy as practiced by some members of the international community.

If you really want to understand the level of hypocrisy now being practiced then take note of the fact that the USA and Europe continue to make a distinction between ISIS and Hamas, Hezbollah, Boko Haram etc. Apparently ISIS are the bad terrorists because they threaten western lives whereas Hamas and Hezbollah are the good ones because they only threaten Israelis and Jews. That is the message coming through loud and clear. Israelis are expendable and the fact that they are being threatened by rockets and terror is as a result of their stubborn refusal to accede to demands to hand over more territory so that these groups can close down our airport and cause mayhem in all parts of the country. There are even individuals who maintain that if only we would make peace with those whose charters call for our murder then ISIS and Islamic terror would disappear as if by magic.

It is the warped warbling of these latter day appeasers which pose the greatest threat to those targeted by Islamic terror. Thank goodness there are still some clear headed politicians around such as Stephen Harper in Canada and Tony Abbott in Australia who are not scared to pre-empt where necessary.

By the way did you notice how quickly the UN peacekeepers on the Golan scuttled to safety in Israel as soon as non moderate rebels captured bases and towns on the Syrian side of the border? Those who advocate a UN presence as part of any Hamas/Fatah Palestinian Arab Authority deal with Israel which would be designed to guarantee that terrorists do not take over, should be stunned into reality. Unfortunately these types of dreamers never acknowledge the folly of their policies therefore the same suspects will continue to peddle the same nonsense even in the face of proof that it is doomed.

Given the continuation of past failed follies, the refusal to face up to unpleasant facts and an obsessive fixation to condemn any Israeli desire for survival in the midst of a sea of terror, one cannot hold out much hope for an improvement in the coming year. The omens may certainly look ominous but that should not deter all who cherish freedom, democracy and human rights from pursuing a course of action which will bring about the permanent demise of those who seek our destruction.


Michael Kuttner is a Jewish New Zealander who for many years was actively involved with various communal organisations connected to Judaism and Israel. He now lives in Israel where he is J-Wire’s correspondent.   


One Response to “Ominous Omens…writes Michael Kuttner”
  1. Liat Nagar says:

    As usual, a clear-headed and concise summary of the reality of the situation, Michael Kuttner. I do look to your articles for their ability to cut to the thrust and expose with simplicity of language the complexities involved. It’s good writing.
    Shana tova to you and all in Israel.

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