New Yeshiva college shines in schools’ rankings

January 31, 2010 Agencies
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The newly established Yeshiva College Primary School in Bondi, first in Australia to have Torah studies approved equivalent to secular studies with regard to Government requirements, ranked within the top 3 Jewish Primary Schools in Sydney and within the top 12% of all Primary Schools in the State of New South Wales.

Governor-General Quentin Bryce visits Yeshiva College Primary School pic: Ingrid Shakenovsky

The rankings were released as part of a national education report published on 29 January 2010. The Australian Government released rankings of Primary Schools based on the average of their results for reading, writing, spelling, grammar, punctuation and numeracy.

This is an exceptional result for Yeshiva, a school which has won plaudits from the Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd and Governor General, Quentin Bryce. Both visited the school and Yeshiva Centre where they received Menorahs.

Yeshiva ranked ahead of the largest Jewish School in Sydney, Moriah College and the Modern Orthodox, Kesser Torah. It also came ahead of the select Reddam College which has a large Jewish student population.

Principal Rebbetzin Pnina Feldman said, “This outstanding result is an expected yet amazing endorsement of our School’s Torah education program.”

“It is particularly pleasing to receive such wonderful news so early in our School’s history.”

“Credit is due to the excellent teaching staff and parents and students who have placed their confidence in a Torah education. Not only has the secular education not been compromised but has indeed excelled.”

The NSW schools ranked as follows

Mount Sinai – 34
Masada College – 67
Yeshiva College – 127
Moriah College – 131
Emanuel – 152
Reddam – 154
Kesser Torah – 220

A Department of Education spokeswoman frowned at the rankings which were created by media. SHe told J-Wire: “It was not our intention to produce a ranking rate per school. The idea is simply to offer the opportunity of comparing school results within a given area.”


5 Responses to “New Yeshiva college shines in schools’ rankings”
  1. To to menachem Aka one of the feldmans says:

    Isnt it sad that the so called “shluchim” of the city find the need to constantly undermine the main frum school of the city ie kesser torah, just bc they no longer control the school. ( I am sure this is what the rebbe wants)

    The undisputable fact is that the amount of limidei kodosh learnt in kesser torah is equal if not more then the former yeshiva collage which rabbi feldman ran.

    Enough of the mud slinging and ridiculous accustions( ie modorn orthodox) You bring yourself no benefit by trying to deride others and other mosdos you dont control insread try and build bridges as the the rebbe would have wanted.

  2. To Menachem says:

    To Menachem,
    1. You obviously know very little about Yeshiva. The distance education was 3 years ago prior to the registration of the school.
    2. Thank you for conceding to the truth on this. If Kesser Torah was so Chassidish it would follow Yeshiva’s lead in this regard.
    3. I was at the GG’s visit, you admit that you weren’t. She visited the school, heard a speech from one of the students, heard a performance from the students and praised the School in her speech. I don’t know what more is called a school visit!
    P.S. You could have been at work but you were definitely sulking.
    The truth was reported here in full. Kesser Torah is not a Chabad school. A Chabad school is one which is run according to the directives of the Rebbe, which the school is not. That leaves modorn orthodoxy as the only option. (Unless it’s another form of Chassidic other than chabad… perhaps Breslov or Satmar???)

  3. fellow sydneysider says:

    The purpose of this article i presume is to show off and publicize the achievements of the cheder. Congratulations you have achieved a great deal and we are very happy for you.

    From this article and many others printed in the past of the Yeshiva. We’ve seen a great number of successful functions and events by Yeshiva etc. But instead of shmuttzing it in the face of the rest of the community,That your still running and functioning despite the setbacks and machlokis. Instead why don’t you think about the bigger picture in life, that your goal is to essentially to accomplish/promote achdus in the community and therefore whilst your articles are getting you great pr with chabad and jewish communities around the world, Back home in Sydney your just tearing the community apart and stocking the flames which are slowly sub-siding. Because Without achdus theres nothing!!!!!!!!

    I guess when one reads this they will start the blame game etc. But stop thinking about yourselves for a minute and think about promoting achdus.

  4. menachem says:

    1. If the Yeshiva has an English curriculum, why are the students doing distance education courses?
    2. No comment, I’ll give you that one.
    3. The GG visited the Kitchen, not the school. She was presented with a Menorah, in absolute contradiction to the Rebbe’s directives to NOT give Jewish objects to goyim, but to give them to Yidden who will use them.
    P.S. I wasn’t sulking…. otherwise occupied at work, supporting my children who attend the Chassidishe School Kesser Torah (not modern orthodox as stated in this article)
    I therefore repeat: “Truth in reporting, please”.
    Otherwise, it is just geneivas da’as.

  5. To Menachem says:

    To Menachem,
    You are obviously very jealous.
    1) The Yeshiva does have an English curriculum otherwise it wouldn’t be a fully registered school
    2)Torah is the main focus of the studies, but as correctly reported, the school is the “first in Australia to have Torah studies approved equivalent to secular studies with regard to Government requirements”
    3) The GG did visit the school and spoke about it at length in her speech. You were obviously sulking and not there at that special occasion.

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