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December 20, 2012 by Henry Benjamin
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J-Wire wishes Mazeltov to all HSC and VCE students  and other final school year students throughout Australia and New Zealand who reached their goals in their final school exams.

Sydney’s Emanuel School reports:

2012 has been a phenomenal year for Emanuel School with a student topping the State in Software Design and Development, another second in the State in History Extension, at least nine students with ATARs above 99 and ten students on the All-rounders List.


Daniel Goldbach, an exceptional academic, has been placed first in the State for Software Design and Development.

Daniel, whose ATAR stands at 99.90, modestly said of his achievement: “It’s very rewarding to see the results of my labour on a statewide scale. When I received the email from the Board of Studies, at first I thought it had to be a mistake – I knew I had made mistakes on the paper. It turns out that I just made fewer mistakes than anyone else! The exam itself helped in this regard as well – the Board of Studies seems to be moving toward exams that penalise superficial memorisation, so future students should keep in mind that memory can only take you so far.”

Ashley (AJ) America placed second in the State in History Extension and earned an ATAR of 99.2. She hopes to study History at Cambridge University in 2013. “History Extension was a course I loved because it introduced me to an enormous array of ideas in which I could find direct resonance and relevance to the world I live in, as well as a more academic fascination,” she said. “It was a course that allowed such interesting discussions with my teacher and peers, and I felt that I was allowed the freedom to explore ideas and produce work that was a more genuine expression of my thinking. Because of this, I put a lot of time and thought into my History Extension major work and study and by the end of the year, I was really proud of myself, regardless of my final marks.”

Emanuel School Dux of 2012, Daniel Altman, whose ATAR is 99.95, gained first place in the State in Extension 1 Mathematics and third in the State in Mathematics in 2011, and this year was amongst the Top Achievers in the State in English (Advanced) – an exceptional result across two very distinct subject groups.

Emanuel School also has a particularly strong Music program as has been reflected in our excellent results. Particularly high achievements in Music 1 came from Sam Weiss, whose orchestral compositions were both nominated for ENCORE, and Anna Giacco, who received an ENCORE nomination for performance (her Body of Work for Visual Arts was also selected for ARTEXPRESS).

Of the nine students in Music 1, all have received a Band 6. The Music 2 students also scored extremely well, with four nominations for ENCORE. In Music Extension, all four candidates achieved the highest band, E4.

Ashley America, who studied Music Extension, said: “I chose an ambitious program of music that was perhaps a little beyond my years, and I wrote a piece that I was by no means sure the markers would appreciate, but that I felt reflected my own musical education thus far and influences, and my ideas about what music means. In the end, it was because I wanted to make my work in History Extension, Music Performance and Composition meaningful – something more satisfying than a safe bet at a Band 6 – that it was so rewarding and exciting to receive such recognition.”

The following Emanuel School students have been recognised on the 2012 Premier’s All-Rounders List of students who achieved Band 6 results in at least 10 units:

  • Daniel Altman
  • Daniel Goldbach
  • Isabel Hartstein
  • Paul Edelstein
  • Miriam Greenbaum
  • Alice Kriesler
  • Ashley America
  • Hannah Grolman
  • Jonathan Katz
  • Simone Nerwich

Emanuel School Principal, Mrs Anne Hastings, is overjoyed: “We are all so proud of our  extraordinary class of 2012. Their results are the culmination of many years of hard work and enthusiasm for learning, in partnership with our dedicated and expert teachers. To have students achieve top results in the State and ten students on the Premier’s List are exceptional achievements. I am very proud of every one of our students who put in their best effort throughout this challenging year. We wish all our students a hearty mazel tov and all the best for the future.”



  *   first in state in Legal studies  – David Mansberg
*   First in state in modern hebrew continuers – Gila Friedgut (Year 11 Accelerant)
*   Dux for 2012 is Adam Solomon – ATAR of 99.9
*   26 students are ‘all rounders’ – I.e. On the State Honour Roll for achieving >90 (Band 6) in at least 10 units of study:  Briana Bakaric, Brandon Chilchik, Celine Farkash, Nicole Flax, Jason Gaitz, Kira Glezerson, Jessie Goldberg, Noam Hayman, Belen Kornfeld, Stephanie Lowy, Ruth Lubrainschik, David Mansberg, David Moss, Remy Negrine, Jennifer Nurick, Nicole Phillips, Phoebe Port, Matthew Rosenberg, Josh Royal, Tamar Ruiz, Nadia Shnier, Gary Shternfeld, Daniel Sokol, Adam Solomon, Jake Wakil, Zachary Wolff

HSC Fact File

Top 1% of the State:

Of the 132 Moriah HSC students who

received an ATAR, 20 gained a rank of

99 or over, placing them in the top 1%

of the State. This equates to 15.2% of our


Top 5% of the State:

A further 34 students gained an ATAR over 95 which means that 54 HSC students or 40.9% gained a place in the top 5% of the State.

Top 10% of the State:

A total of 81 students gained an ATAR of 90 or over, placing them in the top 10% of the State. This represents 61.4% of the cohort.

*   Melanie Altit – Design & Technology – her Major Work has been selected to appear in DesignTECH – the D&T showcase exhibition that tours Australia for 9 months
*   Rebecca Toblib (Year 11 Accelerant) – student of Dance (through Ecole Ballet and Dance Theatre) has been chosen to perform her Core Performance at Callback – the showcase for excellence in Dance, at the Seymour centre in February

Top Achievers in a Course

Business Studies Daniel Sokol – 10th

Classical Hebrew Continuers   Zachary Wolff – 4th

Classical Hebrew Extension Zachary Wolff – 2nd Jennifer Nurick – 5th

English Advanced Adam Solomon – 5th Stephanie Lowy – 9th

Legal Studies David Mansberg – 1st

Mathematics Nicole Flax – 9th

Mathematics Extension 1 Aaron Springer (Year 11) – 3rd

Modern Hebrew Continuer s Gila Friedgut (Year 11) – 1st

Modern History Remy Negrine – 6th

Software Design and Development Nicole Flax – 3rd Josh Royal – 8th

College Principal John Hamey said: “The College is enormously proud of the Class of 2012 and their many outstanding individual achievements. The results demonstrate, in terms of academic outcomes, the benefit of the partnership between our students, teachers and parents – a partnership that has borne fruit in so many diverse and outstanding results. The possibilities for the Class of 2012 are limitless as the world begins to tap their enormous potential and they begin to pursue their passions. They leave Moriah well equipped to be active and engaged citizens with the confidence and ability to make a difference in our world.”


From Melbourne’s Beth Rivkah

We are so proud of our Yeshivah – Beth Rivkah students, not just of our VCE high achievers, but of every single one of our graduates.
It is in partnership with you that our students are able to achieve what they do.
We know that our staff provide individual attention and care, and that deep connections exist between our teachers and each and every one of their charges.  To quote a recent new enrolment in our school after their first visit, “I have never been to a school where the teachers care so much”. 
In our school we encourage each student to aim for their personal best and in doing so we find that many achieve significantly higher marks than they would have elsewhere, due to the nurturing and personal attention they receive from our staff.
Our students are inspired to believe in themselves and in their ability to achieve. They are provided with a strong framework of Jewish and Australian values upon which to build their lives.  They are given the confidence to face the future as young Jewish men and women who are dedicated, lifelong learners.  In tandem with a stellar General Studies education our graduates have developed an unwavering Jewish pride and a deep appreciation of Torah study, chesed and community involvement. 
We are exceedingly proud of our VCE class 2012 who have shown true leadership and inspired the entire school community to become involved in their chesed projects.
In addition to our academic achievements, we are delighted that our school offers a broad range of co-curricular activities and events. During 2012 our students participated in events and activities which showcased our focus on the emotional, creative, social and holistic development of each and every student.  Highlights of 2012 Student involvement include the Yeshivah College Visual Arts Expo, Yeshivah Middle and Upper Years School camps, Beth Rivkah’s portrayal of the Dunera Boys’ story in their moving Song and Dance performance, the I-Volunteer / Yad L’Ezra program that runs throughout Beth Rivkah and will be implemented in Yeshivah College next year, the legendary Beth Rivkah Year 9 Footprints Adventure Camp Program and City Experience, the Yeshivah Twilight Market, the Torah for Toulouse campaign and the Buddy and Mentoring programs across both schools. 
We are proud to once again rank amongst the top achieving schools in the State.  The school ranking, which includes the marks of every student, not just the high achievers, reinforces the fact that Yeshivah – Beth Rivkah Colleges enable all students to excel.

Beth Rivkah Ladies College 2012 VCE Results

· Top ATAR score 99.45
· 51% ATAR scores above 90
· Median ATAR 90.4
· 62% of all grades A or A+
· Median Study score 36
· 25% of all study scores above 40
· Perfect Score of 50 in Further Maths
Yeshivah College 2012 VCE Results

· Top ATAR score 99.75
· Median ATAR 89.6
· More than 1/4 of our students scored
in the top 5% of the state
· 57% of all grades A or A+
· Median Study score 38
· More than 1/3 of all study scores
were over 40
· Perfect Score of 50 in English
We are excited about the future. The joint principalship commencing 2013 opens new possibilities and provides tremendous opportunities across all levels of the school community.
As the community learns of our superb educational and welfare offerings we are experiencing unprecedented growth in enrolments across all sectors of our schools. Having unveiled over 12 million dollars in capital works in the past year, we are excited to embark on the next stage of our master planning in an ambitious expansion of our facilities as we focus on meeting the future needs of the community.

We apologise in advance for any omissions for the list below from NSW

We have published results from Bialik College in Melbourne separately but did not receive any results from the other Jewish day schools.

NSW  students who distinguished themselves

Daniel Altman Emanuel School
Ashley Americq Emanuel School
Briana Bakaric Moriah College
Sarah Charak Kesser Torah College
Brandon Chilchick Moriah College
Nicole Flax Moriah College
Jason Gaity Moriah College
Kira Glezerson Moriah College
Daniel Goldbach Emanuel School
Jessie Goldberg Moriah College
Miriam Greenbaum Emanuel School
Hannah Grolman Emanuel School
Isabel Hartstein Emanuel School
Noam Hayman Moriah College
Sang  Hub Jung Masada College
Deborah Karpel Masada College
Jonathan Katz Emanuel School
Belen Kornfeld Moriah College
Alice Kriesler Emanuel School
David Moss Moriah College
Remy Negrine Moriah College
Simone Nerwich Emanuel School
Jennifer Nurick Moriah College
Nicole Phillips Moriah College
Phoebe Port Moriah College
Josh Royal Moriah College
Tamar Ruiz Moriah College
Dana Segall Masada College
Nadia Shnier Moriah College
Gary Shternfeld Moriah College
Daniel Sokol Moriah College
Adam Solomon Moriah College
Jake Wakil Moriah College
Zachary Wolff Moriah College



The All-round Achievers List contains the names (in alphabetical order) and schools of students who have been placed on the Distinguished Achievers List for courses totalling 10 or more units. This may include placements on the Distinguished Achievers List in previous years.



Sarah Charak

Sarah Charak

The First Place in Course List contains the names and teaching schools of those students who achieve the top mark in any course, provided they also are placed in the top band (Band 6 or Band E4, as appropriate) for that course. If two or more students receive the top HSC mark, the average of the examination mark and the assessment mark (each to one decimal place) is then used to select the top student(s). In the case of extension courses, if two or more students receive equal marks then the marks awarded for other courses in the subject area are also taken into consideration.


Sarah Charchak Kesser Torah College Classical Hebrew Continuers
Sarah Charchak Kesser Torah College Classical Hebrew Extension
David Mansberg Moriah College Legal Studies
Gila Friedgut Moriah College Modern Hebrew Continuers
Daniel Goldbach Emanuel School Software Design/Development
Daniel Goldbach

Daniel Goldbach

Top Achievers in Course

The Top Achievers in Course List shows the students in the top places in each course, provided they have also achieved Band 6 or Band E4, as appropriate. The number of students reported depends on the course candidature (see table below). Students are ranked by their HSC mark. Where students have equal HSC marks, they are then ranked by the average of their examination marks and their assessment marks, each taken to one decimal place. In the case of extension courses, marks awarded for other courses in the subject area are also taken into consideration when students are tied. The list shows the student’s name and teaching school, and their place in the course.


Daniel Sokol Moriah College Business Studies
Rivky Perlow Kesser Torah College Classical Hebrew Continuers
Shira Lawrence Kesser Torah College Classical Hebrew Continuers
Sarah Charchak Kesser Torah College Classical Hebrew Continuers
Zachary Wolff Moriah College Classical Hebrew Containers
Lauren Satill Masada College Classical Hebrew Containers
Sarah Charak Kesser Torah College Classical Hebrew Containers
Shira Lawrence Kesser Torah College Classical Hebrew Containers
Jennifer Nurich Moriah College Classical Hebrew Containers
Adam Solomon Moriah College English Advanced
Stephanie Lowy Moriah College English Advanced
Daniel Altman Emanuel School English Advanced
Stephanie Cemal Masada College Food Technology
Ashley America Emanuel School History Extension
Farran Gordon Masada College Hospitality Examination
David Mansberg Moriah College Legal Studies
Nicole Flax Moriah College Mathematics
Aaron Springer Moriah College Mathematics Extension 1
Dana Segall Masada College Modern Hebrew Continuers
Karmi Shariev Kesser Torah College Modern Hebrew Continuers
Iris Vayzer Masada College Modern Hebrew Continuers
Gila Friedgut Moriah College Modern Hebrew Continuers
Remy Negrine Moriah College Modern History
Nicole Flax Moriah College Software Design/Development
Josh Royal Moriah College Software Design/Development


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