Lord of the Lies…writes Michael Kuttner

October 23, 2015 by Michael Kuttner
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The time has arrived, in fact it is long overdue, to bury the false notion that the President of the Palestinian Terrorist Authority is a partner for peace.

Michael Kuttner

Michael Kuttner

Amazing as it seems there are still individuals, politicians and other assorted so-called experts who hallucinate that we have partners for peace and therefore we must make far-reaching gestures in order to placate these invisible doves of brotherhood and tolerance. There is an abundance of evidence from all sources of the torrent of hate and incitement pouring forth from Ramallah and Gaza in particular and other parts of the Arab/Moslem world in general.

It is important to remember that given the absence of genuine democracy, human rights and freedom of expression which prevails in these countries, all expressions of anti Israel/Jewish diatribes in the media and via various spokespersons, are officially sanctioned. Thus anything you read or hear emanating from the PTA and Hamas has been approved by those in charge. That means our “only hope for peace” partner, Mr. Abbas has given his hechsher (seal of approval).

His own speeches and statements continue to set the tone. Whether it is his claim that “filthy Jewish feet must not be allowed to defile the Temple Mount” or a myriad of other hate filled libels, the fact is that he and his colleagues have set the stage for the stabbings and other murderous terror attacks now taking place.

Accusing Israel of carrying out “executions” he and his cohorts elevate those who murder Jews to the status of martyrs. Of course these accusations reiterated endlessly go viral and therefore it is no surprise when the likes of the UN Secretary General, the US State Dept. and all the other usual suspects accuse Israel of using excessive force and disproportionate reactions.

It does not matter how much evidence to the contrary is provided, the myopic mob keep burbling nonsense.

Take Jim McLay, the New Zealand ambassador to Ramallah and Ban Ki Moon, the UN Secretary General, as prime examples. John Kerry deserves an op-ed. of his own as he is in a special league, closely followed it seems by Murray McCully, the NZ Foreign Minister, who wants to make a big splash at the UN.

Recently Mr. McLay, a former NZ Prime Minister and ambassador to the UN, was interviewed about his thoughts on the current situation following his visit to Ramallah. Take some time to read his analysis (link below) and then decide for yourselves whether the views expressed reflect reality or just more of the same old ill-informed rubbish. He is in good company because the flawed acceptance of the lies spread by Abbas and friends is shared by others in the international community. Demonstrating that from Ramallah shall go forth the lies of the Lord, his acceptance of the myth that all the present terror is caused solely by the “occupation” and “settlements” ignores historical realities. Someone should ask him to explain why the offer of an Arab State has been rejected many times since 1947. Is he unaware that Jordan illegally occupied half of Jerusalem plus Judea & Samaria for 19 years? During that time the non-existent Palestinians were not interested in declaring their own State with Jerusalem as its Capital. There were no Jewish settlements on Jordanian occupied territory and, despite that, there were still terror attacks and Jews were barred from visiting & praying at the Western Wall. Therefore the “excuses” for the current terror put forward by Jim McLay are purely and simply complete rubbish.


Ban Ki Moon is another candidate for the political lunacy prize of 2015. Quite frankly one does not really expect any semblance of rational attitude from the UN but the current cacophony of unbalanced utterances is hard to beat. Having rushed here on a pre-ordained fruitless mission to restore “peace” he first met with the Israeli PM and other leaders. Despite being presented with boundless examples of Abbas inspired incitement to terror he could only repeat the same old worn out mantras. After his visit to Ramallah he issued a statement claiming that the only way to end violence is to end the”occupation”. He further admonished Israel for its “over zealous” security measures. Presumably this means that Israelis faced with Arabs running them down and stabbing them with knives, axes and meat cleavers should meekly agree to be murdered because to eliminate the terrorist is a sign of excessive and disproportionate force. It is these sorts of gratuitous nonsense emanating from Wellington, Canberra, Washington, London and other Capitals which merely encourages Abbas and his terror teams to further outbursts of hate and lies. They are safe in the knowledge that no matter what they incite and do, the international community and the media will always excuse them and blame Israel.

Ban went on further to warn against the outbreak of a “religious” war. This shows how out of touch he is because the Islamists declared a holy war against Jewish infidels (and Christians) years ago.

The week is ending with two further manifestations of madness.

The French are proposing to ask the Security Council to send observers onto the Temple Mount. One can confidently assume that if this was to ever eventuate, the observers would overlook the storage of rocks and guns in the Mosque by Palestinian Arab worshippers and condemn Jews for wanting to exercise their right to ascend and pray on the Temple Mount. Ignoring the former would guarantee immunity from Islamic violence and condemning the latter would bring kudos from the rest of the world. Luckily this French display of unmitigated gall will have as much chance of success as the French had against the NZ All Blacks but the very fact that it has even been proposed shows the madness we face on a daily basis.

The icing on the cake so to speak was the attempt by Abbas to convince UNESCO to declare the Kotel (Western Wall) as part of the Al Aqsa Mosque compound and an Islamic holy site. This classic case of denial of a Jewish connection to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount only failed at the last moment because of outrage expressed by Israel and Jewish groups worldwide. Even the UNESCO chairperson was moved to ridicule the proposal thus ensuring its removal from the agenda. However that is not the end of the farce. The next move instigated by those supposedly frustrated by “occupation and settlements” was to ask UNESCO to declare the Cave of the Patriarchs and Rachel’s Tomb as Moslem holy sites, thus negating any Jewish connection. Not surprisingly this travesty of a declaration was passed with 26 countries voting in favour, 6 against and 25 abstentions. Those voting against were USA, UK, Germany, Holland, Czech Republic and Estonia. All the rest either voted with the inciters of hate or decided to sit on the fence and thus avoid upsetting Islamic sensibilities. As the places where the Jewish Patriarchs and Matriarchs are buried and which have thousands of years of Jewish connection are classified as “occupied” who cares a damn about right or wrong? After all Jewish rights can be safely ignored because everyone knows that Jews will not be burning, looting and rioting in retaliation.

As a consolation prize for having pulled the Western Wall resolution, UNESCO for good measure condemned Israel for “aggression” on the Temple Mount. That’s what passes for even handedness at the UN these days.

These are the realities we face. Every day produces more lies concocted and disseminated by Abbas and his colleagues.




What more proof is needed to convince the international community that the real aim is the elimination of any Jewish presence here?

Sadly, experience should have taught us that we cannot expect salvation from those who refuse to confront the truth.

We must no longer remain silent or inactive in the face of these murderous acts and we must make sure that politicians and the media are held accountable for their blatant ignorance and bias.

At the same time Israelis must continue to facilitate the permanent dispatch of those who carry out terror. If that upsets the rest of the world, too bad.

Michael Kuttner is a Jewish New Zealander who for many years was actively involved with various communal organisations connected to Judaism and Israel. He now lives in Israel where he is J-Wire’s correspondent.   


11 Responses to “Lord of the Lies…writes Michael Kuttner”
  1. Leon Poddebsky says:

    Yirmiyahu, I can understand your anger, frustration and anxieties, but you are directing these emotions against the wrong party: they should be directed against the true culprits, namely:
    1. those Arabs who refuse to recognise Jewish rights and who persist in their aggression and barbarism.
    2. “the international community”, whose diplomacy and in many cases, material assistance, encourages the aggressors.

    Didn’t Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert’s capitulations, and the Arab response, tell you anything about the real aim of the Arab ‘Palestinians’?

    It seems that you believe that a retreat to the Green Line would pose a smaller threat than the status quo. In your opinion, what would be the consequences of such a retreat?

  2. Leon Poddebsky says:

    Oh, and, Yirmiyahu, do you seriously believe that if Israel conceded everything, the Arab “Palestinians” would be satisfied?

    Professor Shlomo Avineri is absolutely correct in his view that the Arabs do not see the conflict as one between two nationalist movements, but as a conflict between the rightful, indigenous owners and a foreign, colonialist usurper.

    It will take generations to denazify Arab “palestinian” society.

  3. Leon Poddebsky says:

    So your plan amounts to building a fence.
    What would be the route of the fence?
    What would you do if the enemy climbed over the fence, destroyed the fence or tunnelled under the fence?
    What would you do with the hundreds of thousands of Jews who live in communities east of the Green Line?
    How could you justify the Arab “Palestinian” APARTHEID policy of forbidding Jews to live in their own homeland?
    And how would you defend Israel’s narrow waistline and prevent the Arabs from using the high ground that you advocate donating to them from being used to bomb Ben Gurion Airport and using ground troops to cut Israel in half?

    I DON’T WANT TO SEE A BI-NATIONAL STATE EITHER, but how do you propose these little problems be solved?

  4. Paul Winter says:

    Reading the Israeli press which states that Bibi has stopped the demolition of terrorists’ houses to avoid inflaming the situation and the watching SBS TV which showed the Fakestinian “ambassador” to the UN stating that all of the problems are due to Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land, I can say no more than that the problem is the fault of what passes for Jewish leadership.

    With regard to the demolitions, they should not only have been carried out, but accelerated and carried the warning that the houses of rioters would be sealed until the riots stopped.

    With regard to the “occupation”, the areas returned to the land promised to the Jewish people should have been annexed long ago and those Arabs not willing to live in peace should have been expelled; the breakdown of government provides the perfect opportunity to expel the fifth column. The PA and Hamas leadership should be returned to Tunisia.

    Determined action by a Jewish leadership would be criticised for a while, which is preferable to the drip technique of trying to wear down Jews. Moreover, the diplomatic language of Bibi is pathetic, and that egoist should be put out to pasture. He should have told Ban to stop being stupid or bugger off. And he should tell Kerry in no uncertain terms to stop exposing his stupidity and to stay at home instead of wasting everyone’s time with his fool’s errands. Polite diplomacy does not penetrate the thick hides and thicker skulls of bigots and Jew-haters.

    • Michael Kuttner says:


      I don’t know which Israeli press you have been reading because in actual fact it is the Supreme Court which has issued a temporary injunction against the house demolitions. The PM has no control over the independent judiciary. The fact that certain sections of the rabidly anti Netanyahu media are prepared to spread misinformation needs to be taken into account. The usual leftist NGO’s supported by the New Israel Fund petitioned the court. They will issue a final ruling next week.

      • Gil Solomon says:


        You have just confirmed what I have been saying for ages,the fact that the leftist Supreme Court and the equally leftist Attorney General override any decision made by the elected Government even in times of war. Netanyahu, instead of railing against the Judicial System in place and attempting to do something about it, is in fact a pathetic mouthpiece for it.

        Israel needs a strong man in charge and Netanyahu in my mind has been proven to be weak and pathetic in every response he makes, be it Hasbara or action taken against terrorists including the arch terrorist Abbas and his PA. To this day, Netanyahu is virtually begging the West to urge Abbas to cease incitement. What a farce of a leader. As far as the press in Israel is concerned I would like to see the likes of all leftist media shut down and NGO’s thrown out of the country. How dare the Supreme Court even consider any petition by NGO’s, NIF and other traitorous rabble especially in times of war.

        What a basket case of a democracy Israel is.

  5. tsvia shapir says:

    TAQIYYA – is a form of Islamic deception (a permission to lie).
    the Quran allows Muslims to lie in order to protect themselves or to protect the Muslim community


  6. Yirmiyahu Natan says:


    While acknowledging that Mahmoud Abbas is not a saint, he is nevertheless(in the meantime) the leader of the Palestinian Authority and ignoring him has absolutely no positive value.
    I suggest however, that instead of choosing to focus on the shortcomings of the Palestinian leadership, you set your sights closer to home – Prime Minister Netanyahu’s most recent statement regarding the Holocaust and its planners is just another example of the separation between his mind and his mouth. His nonsensical comment relegating Hitler to a secondary role in the Holocaust after the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem is not only an insult to all the victims and survivors of the Shoah but a pathetic attempt to (yet again) rewrite history while making cynical use of the current unrest.
    His refusal to retract or apologise (I don’t recall him him EVER apologising for anything..) highlights the sore lack of courageous leadership on the Israeli side that is unfortunately only serving to perpetuate the current situation instead of seeking a resolution that will end the conflict.

    • Rami Reed says:

      I suggest you read
      Ben Cohen article about the.mufti

    • Leon Poddebsky says:

      Well, Yirmiyahu, how would YOU satisfy the appetites of the Arabs who call themselves “Palestinians”?
      What would YOU expect a candidate for the Prime Ministership of Israel to donate to them?
      Let’s hear it.
      You’re good at telling us what others are doing wrongly; what ideas do YOU have?
      And don’t tell me that it’s not your job to make policy- you’ve just given us a lecture on what should NOT be done, so presumably you have the wit to tell us what SHOULD be done.
      Don’t be modest. Let’s read it.

      • Yirmiyahu Natan says:


        I’d be interested to know if you live in Israel.
        I have no interest in satisfying any “appetites” but rather, ensuring that I, my children and theirs, continue living in a country of Jewish, democratic and moral values. Whatever your political persuasion, there can be no denying that if we do no separate ourselves from the Palestinians (or them from us) my grandchildren will no longer live in a democratic State whose future Jewish characteristics are beyond doubt.
        As long as we control territory inhabited by people to whom we continue refusing a democratic say over their welfare and future, as long as our children stand at checkpoints searching pregnant women and denuding people of basic human rights and dignity and injuring their own moral character, as long as we allow them to mingle freely among us, there can and will be no solution to the conflict.
        I would erect a fence leaving most of the Palestinians on the other side to fend for themselves and make the best of their own country and leaving most Israelis on our side. I for one am glad we pulled out of Gaza – the threat posed by missiles from the other side of the border is significantly less than it was when we lived and patrolled in the midst of the hostile Palestinian population.
        Unfortunately, our current Prime Minister lacks an iota of the courageous and visionary of the ilk of Begin, Rabin or Sharon

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