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June 26, 2011 by Odile Faludi
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Sixty one years together, Julie Faludi, 76, and George Faludi 79, still say, “We love everything about each other.”  Celebrating their 56th wedding anniversary in June, the hurdles of life haven’t tarnished their devotion or love for each other. From surviving the ghetto in Budapest, Hungary as teens, to both of them suffering mid life threatening illnesses parking them very close to death’s door; their relationship has only continued to thrive.

George and Julie Faludi




We met at a youth social club gathering in Budapest, Hungary in 1950. I was 17 years old. Julie was nearly 15. Julie was always getting into trouble with her parents, she was not one to conform to any rules. I remember distinctly, “She had to leave the dance early that night as she was in trouble again as per usual.” She lived across the road from the party and I innocently said, “That’s okay you are not allowed to be out tonight but I will come around at midnight and you can sneak back out. If your mother complains, you simply say, it’s a new day!” I was a joker, always mucking around making everyone laugh especially Julie.

We both came from humble beginnings and our childhood was marred by a ghetto existence. The ghetto was overcrowded, and we were denied basic foods and medicines. This led to many deaths from starvation and disease, resulting in piles of bodies being stacked up in the streets and parks. Thank g-d we were too young to really understand the consequences of what was happening. It certainly wasn’t a great childhood and these memories still bring tears to my eyes.

Life has always been special with Julie. I truly love everything about her. We are the exact opposites; she is my antithesis, “I forgive, she never forgets. I trust everybody, she doesn’t trust anybody. I see the good in everything, she cannot see good in anything.” It’s amazing that 61 years have just flown by but if you ask me what I love about her my reply will always be the same, “I love everything.” In Budapest in 1955, we got married and shortly after headed for Australia because everyone told us to come. We worked really hard and virtually upon our arrival our only child, Peter was born. We had lots of friends and whilst it wasn’t ideal that my in laws were living with us in our tiny house in Annandale, it had its benefits with inbuilt daycare and babysitters for Peter.

When Peter was only one Julie got terribly sick. This was very frightening but to be honest I only realize now how easily I could have lost her. Julie worked long hours in the heart of the Eastern suburbs of Sydney, Bondi Junction, in a handbag factory. In those days, they used a glue to make the handbags. Little did they know at the time that the glue was toxic. It resulted in her developing the acute condition known as Aplastic anemia. This disorder causes white blood cells to attack the bone marrow. Constant warm blood transfusions and hospital trips kept her alive. At the time only three people in Australia had ever had this rare condition, Julie and two men. The other two men didn’t live to tell their story and I am so thankful Julie made it.




I was 15 living in Budapest, Hungary with my mother and step father when Erica, my close girlfriend, suggested I meet an acquaintance of her boyfriend. I will never forget, it was the 25th of February, 1950 and I met George Faludi at the youth community gathering. To be honest, I actually preferred the other guy which was part of the same crowd but George seemed nice enough. In a flash, he was always making me laugh and my first impression was that he was a little bit “silly.”  One day he was so funny, “I actually peed a little in my pants!” After a few months of dating, George went to speak to my step father (man to man) to tell him his intentions. He was all of 17, had nothing to offer me, but made it clear to my step father, “He had serious intentions.” My step father didn’t like him much and thought the relationship had no chance of success … how wrong was he. Our relationship has always worked because he does what I want him to do. He still makes me laugh but I am not joking when I say he is an exceptional man and accepts me exactly the way I am. “I love everything about him but I am not totally convinced that he should love everything about me. He is a much better person than me.”

Our best times together were when Peter was around four years old. We had an established group of friends and we relished their company. We worked hard but played hard and life was generally good. That’s what I miss most about being younger – you lose your dear friends and they are irreplaceable. The group gets smaller and smaller and the last few years have been very difficult with so many close friends dying.

When George was 38 years old he unexpectedly got seriously ill. I had already had my time of being close to death and it seemed g-d was returning the favour. George was in a shocking state. He had a burst ulcer and was rushed to hospital where he stayed for eight solid months. It wasn’t a big surprise to me that he had an ulcer but the fact that they couldn’t control the bleeding or speed up the healing process was a real concern. George had always suffered from acid reflux. I remember being out one night when we were dating and he excused himself to throw up and the liquid he expelled could have burnt a hole in the pavement it was so acidic. Working each day, visiting George each night in the hospital and trying to take care of Peter was a challenging time. I am not sure how we got through all the hurdles but I think being young helps and not thinking too much is the trick. We have always laughed till our bellies hurt never taking life too seriously. After all, we have each other and that was and still is the best thing ever!




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  1. Shirlee says:

    Go to

    I searched Faludi G North Bondi and came up with two entries. Write to J-Wire, they have the email address

  2. eddy says:

    Hi! Happy to see you are doing well. Iam your nephew and wouldn’t mind keeping in touch!

    • Odile Faludi says:

      Dear Eddy,

      Apologies for not contacting you sooner but we just saw this message now.

      My name is Odile Faludi. I am the daughter-in-law of George Faludi and the person who wrote this article. You can contact George on the following email or feel free to send through a message to me at and I will help to get you in contact. George is looking forward to hearing from you and thank you for making contact. His phone number is +61 2 91303879.

      Best regards, Odile Faludi, Sydney Australia.

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