Jews for Refugees

February 5, 2017 by J-Wire Staff
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A rally has been held in Sydney to welcome refugees in Australia.

Joanna Weinberg and Philip Feinstein

Philip Feinstein reports that “with Trump’s new ban on Muslims, the rally in Sydney had extra significance. There are many Australians who are strongly opposed to racism and the Jewish community is no exception.  We all need to express our sentiment that refugees are welcome here. After all, did we not come from a refugee background and was made welcome . . . ? “

Despite having larger numbers at previous rallies, the number of Jews turning up was low but very enthusiastic.
Feinstein added: “Following  the speeches, we all marched to the American consulate. Roads were closed and the public took lots of photos  –  our banner was continuously photographed.
We finally went home feeling satisfied, but still wondering where our fellow Jewish compatriots were . . . .”


12 Responses to “Jews for Refugees”
  1. Gillian Miller says:

    Under Jewish law it is a sin to commit suicide and inviting MIGRANTS in is an invitation to have our throats slit or to become slaves again. The majority of these Muslims are coming to different Western countries because the Muslim countries are not stupid enough to let them in and to obtain jizya off of the dhimmis who allow it. Others come because they are practising Hijrah.

    The Rambam said that we should accept Islam because it is a monotheistic religion. Unfortunately, he was wrong, it is an idolatrous religion as Allah is actually the moon god, one of the statues at Medina that Mohammed picked and Allah has 3 daughters. If Christianity is rejected under this premise as God is thought of as being a Trinity, then how much more can a religion of hate be unacceptable?

    I’m not saying that there are not genuine refugees such as the Yadizi, Christians, Samaritans etc who are suffering genocide as the Muslims carry out ethnic cleansing, it is just not the vast majority of healthy young Muslim males trying to force their way in. And we do know that some of them are terrorists.

    May I remind people that both Indonesia and Afghanistan were Buddhist countries and that both Turkey and the Lebanon were Christian countries. Malaysia was Chinese with their religions and Buddhism was influential prior to the arrival of Islam. Myanmar is keeping Muslims out, they do not want Islam in the country and they do that despite the screams of people demanding that they allow them in. Why?

    For those that still want to allow Muslims to come into their country, one only has to look at what is happening in Europe with the sexual assaults, rape etc along with criminal damage because they don’t have chocolate! The natives are being removed from their homes to put the migrants in and surely the people who already live there should be considered first. It is costing the EU billions to pay for these parasites who go home for holidays and holydays as well as to see the families that they have left behind to face the enemy!

    • Eleonora Mostert says:

      Eccellent statement and I’m fed up of those few self hating Jews speaking on my behalf.

  2. dr john nemesh says:

    Australian Jewish people have a difficult balancing act between the history of the Holocaust and refugee immigration in the 40s and 50s , whilst also recognizing that the overwhelming majority of Muslim intake now may be hostile to the jewish community.

    • Eleonora Mostert says:

      Maybe hostile, Dr. John Nemesh!. You seem to have skipped over some history, regarding refugees and the Holocaust. Go back and start reading again sir.

  3. Cody Flecker says:

    Islam is a Cancer, a blight upon mankind and should be excluded from the family of religions that teach peace and harmony. Islam teaches death and destruction, just look at Europe if you do not believe me. Rape, Plunder, Murder, are the code words for Islam. I always thought of Australia as a civilized country, not subjected to these savage ideas. As for the Jews parading, what can I say? There are Communists and Socialists in every country and one thing for sure, there are incredibly stupid people in every country. Some Jews are just not happy unless they face certain death, and then they will complain about the circumstances.

  4. Brian Wiener says:

    How foolish, naive and misguided these people are. We all abhor racism. We are (sensible thinking people) also reslitic. We also abhor terrorism. We want to profile/check/vet whatever you want to call it …people coming to this country. The useful idiots who think they are on the way to saving the world are so misguided as to be dangerous. Oh..I assume they practice what they prrach..and leave their front doors and night. Right?

  5. michael Burd says:

    What a bunch of fools, they ask why the number of Jews is down maybe because it is better that only a few naive Jews embarrass the whole community.
    Fancy Jews marching on behalf of 6 of the most anti -Semitic, anti _ western, anti- Gay, Anti- LBGT rogue Islamist states in the world.
    I dare these Naive Jews to get on a plane and go to Yemen or Somalia, streets, Syria and identify themselves as Jews in streets, remember what happen to Daniel Pearl [ probably never heard of him and why he died.
    Just imagine if G- D forbid they were Israeli Jewish refugees being Temporary banned [ If Extremists Jews were flying planes into tall buildings in the name of Judaism and the majority of Jews did or said nothing they to should be banneed] can we ever imagine Muslim community members including Imam’s and young Muslim men marching in the streets yelling ‘ we are all Jews ” yeah sure>>
    Phillip asks where all the Jews are, hey Phill probably in Synagogue with armed Guards outside or may be picking up their kids from School with arm guards outside and in some cases a bomb proof wall as well or inside a Community Center with armed guards.
    Trump was voted in with a mandate to make America safe again get used to it if there is any criticism of the policy it is only that there are not enough another rogue anti western, anti- Semitic, racist, bigoted countries on his list.

  6. Adrian Jackson says:

    Does that include Palestinians too?

  7. John McCormick says:

    Yeah right, as the brewery advert says here in NZ. If you were right they would have been there with you. The 7 counties are places where terrorists are trained. By the way has everyone forgotten the attack on the USS Coll in Aden?

  8. Danny Kidron says:

    That many Australians strongly oppose racism is absolutely incorrect. It is an overwhelming majority of Australians who strongly oppose racism.

    Islam is not a race

  9. Danny Kidron says:

    Australi always has and still does generously welcome refugees as do Jewish Australians so it’s nice to carry a sign declaring it.

    Islam is not a race. It is a religious / political ideology.

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