Israel’s scandalous deficient response to anti-Semitic tsunami

February 24, 2015 by Isi Leibler
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Successive Israeli governments have failed miserably to meet the challenge of global anti-Semitism, not providing the leadership demanded of a Jewish state in these turbulent times and leaving Diaspora Jews to their own devices…writes Isi Leibler.

Isi Leibler

Isi Leibler

The global anti-Semitic tsunami, an unprecedented surge of feral hostility compounded by the Internet, emanates from a combination of factors: rabid Muslim anti-Semitism and violence, demonical anti-Israelism of the Left, and traditional cultural and radical Jew-hatred of the Right. It has impacted on Jewish communities everywhere but ironically is most acute in Europe, the continent drenched with Jewish blood during the Holocaust. It gathered enormous momentum during the recent military confrontation with Hamas, climaxing in France.

The responses by European Jewish leaders differ in various countries. Overall, the French have responded courageously. In contrast, others have behaved like “trembling Israelites,” some remaining in denial and continuing to understate the problem. By and large, Jews in Europe are under great stress and many are despondent about their future.

The situation in South America and South Africa has increasingly deteriorated. Even Canada and Australia, whose governments are strongly supportive of Israel, have witnessed an upsurge in anti-Semitism

In the United States, the Goldene Medina, despite the strong public and congressional support for Israel, many Jews are stunned by the anti-Israeli hysteria generated by the Left and some liberal media and shocked by the toxic levels of anti-Semitism displayed on many college campuses.

It is estimated that well over $100 million is invested in various overlapping agencies purporting to combat anti-Semitism. Some play a constructive role but others are useless and sometimes even counterproductive.

Yet, despite this, American Jewry’s graying establishment leadership is on the defensive and has become less strident.

The caustic and frequently hostile anti-Israeli remarks expressed by President Barack Obama were met with deafening silence — uncharacteristic of the traditionally feisty leaders. The reluctance, despite grass-roots outrage, of leading Jewish organizations — including the Anti-Defamation League — to publicly protest the New York Metropolitan Opera’s performance of the anti-Semitic opera “The Death of Klinghoffer” also exemplifies this trend.

Overall, Diaspora Jews are under enormous stress, confused and frequently divided as how to respond to the upsurge of anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic onslaughts.

The global Jewish bodies purporting to combat these vicious trends all have limitations and have proven unable to provide the necessary direction on a global basis. The rejuvenated World Jewish Congress, headed by Ronald Lauder, has been a positive force, especially over the past year, among Jewish communities in Europe and especially in Latin America. Its inherent weakness is the absence of endorsement by the major American Jewish organizations, without which it cannot purport to represent world Jewry.

The Jewish Agency is headed by the charismatic Natan Sharansky, who possesses a full intellectual grasp of the problem. Unfortunately, he appears to have been diverted, channeling most of his energies toward fundraising, the bureaucratic management of an old and ailing organization, and concentrating primarily on non-contentious issues such as promoting Jewish identity. His absence of leadership was especially notable following the recent tragic events in France when he actually distanced the Jewish Agency from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s call on French Jews to consider aliyah. Alas, today the Jewish Agency is no longer regarded as a major force in leading and coordinating with Diaspora Jews.

The World Zionist Organization (WZO), once a major body with active constituents throughout the world, is today utterly moribund, and has negligible impact as evidenced by its hibernation during the recent anti-Semitic upheavals in France.

A few weeks ago, the WZO suddenly emerged from its slumber with a childish questionnaire to constituents inquiring whether they felt that anti-Semitism was growing. Incredibly, it was accompanied by a primitive video seeking to depict Belgian anti-Semitism. It highlighted a Rabbi Menachem Margolin of the Association of European Jews (not to be confused with the European Jewish Congress) who the previous week had castigated Netanyahu for his “Pavlovian calls for aliyah after every terror attack.” Former WZO leaders must be turning in their graves at the degeneration of this formerly respected body. Chairman Avraham Duvdevani should consider officially dissolving the organization which disgraces its remaining constituents in the U.K., Australia and South Africa who continue to be engaged in important Zionist activity.

Over a decade ago, Israel’s Foreign Affairs Ministry, in conjunction with the Diaspora Affairs Ministry, created the Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism. It was enthusiastically supported and endorsed by major Jewish communal organizations and activists throughout the world. Sadly, due to lack of funding and personnel, it was unable to create a meaningful secretariat to maintain operations between the intermittent international conferences and therefore failed to provide the vital ongoing leadership and framework for consultation for which it was created.

Ironically, despite the explosion of anti-Semitism, aside from a parliamentary offshoot, this organization is dormant. Its last conference was in 2013, with a follow-up meeting of 20 representatives held in February last year that was a non event.

However, only recently, in a letter signed by Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and Diaspora Affairs Minister Naftali Bennett, the Global Forum invited Diaspora Jewish leaders and activists to participate in the fifth conference, scheduled for May 2015. That ministers, whose sole contribution to the organization comprised an opening statement to conferences, could launch a meeting scheduled for a date when they may no longer be in office, highlights how politicians with a penchant for exploiting platforms to aggrandize their political status have hijacked this area.

It is now crucial to create an umbrella organization to serve as an ongoing forum to exchange views, provide direction, and determine and coordinate global strategies against anti-Semitism.

Only a prime minister has the status to launch a global body to encompass organizations, recruit the best activists and convince the often egotistical leaders of communities and competing Jewish organizations and agencies to set aside their parochial interests and merge their efforts to face the increasing threat.

The head of such a bureau should be a civil servant with a thorough understanding of the field and the ability to work and coordinate with Jewish agencies and the varied Diaspora leaders and activists engaged in this area. Staff members must not be connected to domestic politics. Aside from academics, there are a number of talented former ambassadors currently engaged in bureaucratic desk jobs who have the expertise to play a major role in such a body. There are of course also many talented and passionate Jews here and in the Diaspora who would be willing to engage on a voluntary basis in such a venture.

To function effectively, it will require substantial funding. But this project should not merely be perceived as a support for Diaspora Jewry. Israel itself has a major vested interest in creating such a global consultative body. We are currently being overwhelmed in the war of ideas and it is incumbent upon us to identify the anti-Semitic elements in the campaigns that seek to demonize us.

As severe as it is, anti-Israelism and anti-Semitism in Europe and most countries is more rampant at the grass-roots level than is currently reflected in government policies. Should we fail to reverse the tide, governments pressured by their Muslim communities and other constituents increasingly radicalized against Israel will inevitably lead to a further downgrading of relations with Israel.

At the very least, the existence of such a global body will enable us to hold our heads high and expose those opposing us as bigots and racists. It will also ensure that young Jews in the Diaspora, enveloped in a viciously hostile environment that is constantly saturated with media distortions, are not brainwashed into condoning the hatred directed against them.

Irrespective of whether Netanyahu or Herzog is elected, the new prime minister must consider the establishment of such a bureau as of the highest priority, in terms of both our national interest and the obligatory role of the Jewish state on behalf of the Jewish people.

Isi Leibler lives in Jerusalem. He is a former president of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry.


15 Responses to “Israel’s scandalous deficient response to anti-Semitic tsunami”
  1. Liat Nagar says:

    Otto, you have provided a really insightful, highly intelligent analysis of Margolyes as a Jew attacking the essence of being a Jew, while reinstating herself at the same time by ‘protecting’ any charge of anti-Semitism with constant use of HaShoah. It is interesting to note that when asked the kind of questions put to her on the most recent Q&A, she always replies with short, theatrical denouncement of what those monstrous Israelis are doing in Gaza and leaves it at that – there is never an attempt to complicate discussion by going any further. This would be in accord with your view of her as performer rather than anything else – she uses her dramatic capacity to singular, simplistic effect. Certainly the young Jewish woman in the audience who had asked the question was gob-smacked and stymied by Margoyles’ response, this despite her being articulate and angry, obviously quite capable of further argument.

    I have mentioned before on J-Wire the book written by Barry Rubin, ‘Assimilation and its Discontents: Jew’ – it’s about how Jews changed themselves in order to join – and in some cases, to lead – modern society and how they altered the society they entered. It’s inside cover blurb says, “… the Jewish effort to break out of the ghetto unleashed three revolutions: first, a movement to redefine what it meant to be Jewish at all; second, the Jewish contribution to movements of social change; and third, the shaping of today’s dominant liberal humanist culture.” Within that first movement referred to we see all sorts of well-known figures elaborated with varying degrees of reaction to their Jewishness, not all of them positive. Margolyes would fit into that discussion, albeit not as someone who deserves comparable recognition as a more well-known identity, but certainly out of interest in the conundrum.

    You mention Vivienne Porzsolt. I’d not heard of her until today, when on visiting the J-Wire article on the recent upheaval at Sydney University by Professor!! Jake Lynch and his ragbag student cohorts, THERE SHE WAS, the only contributor against the grain. My contribution was more noticeably angry than I usually allow myself – this Jake Lynch has to go – he’s a blight on Sydney University, a narrow-minded bigot and a hater of Israel, possibly also a hater of Jews. He doesn’t deserve his position and if he has tenure, he’s riding high and easy and would be more difficult to dislodge. I object to this man in a big way.

    Well, I know anti-Zionist religious Jews are irrational and an aberration, but probably, of all Jews, they can be used by anti-Semites effectively against the State of Israel.

  2. Liat Nagar says:

    Dear Otto,
    Hmmm, that’s an astute discussion of the possible underbelly of Miriam Margolyes’ behaviour in regard to her Jewishness. I’m aware she declares it boldly and often. Do you have a slight soft spot for her due to her positive comments on what Hungarian Jews have brought to Australia? My question is not meant as criticism, just interested. Frankly, I’m losing patience with her escalating passion for the Palestinians and her making over of Israelis into monsters. She’s not lacking intelligence and a sharp brain – perhaps she’s just a complete ignoramus where history is concerned. Wonder if she’s ever been to Israel?

    As for Josh F., it’s possible he might not have declared being a Jew due principally because of the way Tony Jones’ question to him was framed, which directly asked for comment on ‘Israel related anti-Semitism’. Somewhere in my memory bank I seem to recall him having already stated his Jewishness on another Q&A programme quite a long time ago. Yes, it would have helped for him to conclude with addressing the new anti-Semitism. That’s a good point.

    As to the admittedly small numbers of Orthodox anti-Zionist zealots in the U.S., I agree that devout anti-Semites wouldn’t embrace them, however they could still USE them.

    • Otto Waldmann says:

      Dear Liat
      it would at least aesthetically improper to criticise both Margolyes and Josh F. in the same phrase, even same posting as they are so distinct particularly in matters Jewish.
      I would venture that Miriam’s behaviour would be characteristic of a person allowed to parade uninformed critical stands while encouraged by both an astute, precocious mind and a delighted audience, albeit made at first of immediate family circles. As a child she must have entertained with her quick wit, cute image – curles etc, kinda dark hair you know who – and associated chutzpah of irreverence toward “pompous” authorities, read important Jews who, inevitably, would be known by the Margolyes. Once touched by the thespian bug, public performance with guts was the best way of being noticed and, when acceding to popular “kultcha”, such as having a go at the forbytwos, a star was born…..Defying other social norms in very private matters was another filter of objecting to acceptable mores, just as much as the norm, the great majority of the Jews she knew back home in England were passionate zionists. Mind you she would not give a stuff about the palestinians if they were not the nemesis of the Jews, the means by which she could attack the Jews FROM A POSITION SHE CONSIDERS UNASSAILABLE, AS A JEW HERSELF. Here we have the kind of constructed, rationalised contradiction, yes a Jew attacking what is accepted as being the essence of BEING a Jew, i.e. a Zionist. In the same scheme, to eliminate the similarities shared by dedicated antisemites, she mentions constantly the attrocities of the Shoah, as if the intent of the palestinians, their plight, would be completely different to what the Nazis had in their own ideology and practice . This deflection is intentional and attempts to put a criminal palestinian antisemite at the opposite pole to the nazi criminal antisemite. Thus she is the same, yet BETTER, one that demands and receives bloody attention and also ACCLAIM.Acclaim for demolishing the respect the others in her tribe are enjoying. Acclaim is also the purpose of being on stage, being recognised as THE star. She does not sit on a bloody QANDA panel just like any other schmock, SHE PERFORMS to the delight of HER audience. Mind you even if jeered that is still attention. For a thespian mediocrity this is her revenge on obscurity. As always, the vulg is her audience while not being shy to cut through her “own people” with the guts of a schechter who has no choice but slit the throat of the animal; it’s actually her job, her vocation….
      We have a few other cases of Jewish objection to Jewishness such as our own Vivienne Porzsolt, fortunately NOT on the ABC guest list and, then the ones who use a double spear attack, pseudo academic and irrationally propalestinian, part of the “Chomsky Syndrome”, the Slezak type associated at the intellectual fringe by Anthony Whoever. These are the rational reductionists with somehow greater PR weight for the causes they espouse.

      The stuff about Hungarian Jews bringing culture ( Musica Viva and generally classical music ) to Australia is a “clever” vicarious way of association for her own profile benefit. What if I told her that the son of the Musica Viva “family”, has been the President of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies, David Knoll, himself a dedicated Zionist !!!
      Josh was not intimidated by Tony, one could argue that, if seen neutral, the weight of his argument would have been greater, seemingly “objective”. It is also more beneficial for a Party higher ranking aspirant NOT to be pigeon-holed as the singular voice of a fairly insignificant electoral segment, the prisoner of his distinct identity.

      Anti Zionist religious Jews are simply irrational, an aberration.

  3. Liat Nagar says:

    Otto, you might remember my somewhat dismissive view of Josh Frydenberg a while back. He has more than redeemed himself in my eyes with his frank, unequivocal defence of Israel during last Monday night’s Q&A; he also gave gave the audience an apt and short history lesson regarding the fate of Jews in the Diaspora since the Middle Ages, equating that with contemporary anti-Semitism. Good on him! He warmed my heart. Now, all he has to do is become a different form of politician to the clones churned out by the Libs. in particular, and allow some singularity of speech in response to Australian political questions rather than succumbing to the eye-glazing, evasive party lines trotted out, seemingly effortlessly. Another observation: I think he might be too ‘nice’ a person to succeed ultimately in the games that must be played, unless, of course, he compromises his niceness.

    Miriam Margolyes! As soon as I saw her sitting up there on the panel I knew there was going to be a Jewish question, giving her the opportunity to vent her spleen. She was so overboard this time as to be ineffective, actually. What is her problem exactly?! Does she sub-consciously hate her own Jewishness? Does she secretly fantasise about being a reincarnation of a Palestinian and therefore take personally every perceived ‘blow’ against them? She says she’s ‘anti-Zionist’ – if there’s one thing I’ve never been able to comprehend it’s a Jew being anti-Zionist. The lady has problems, that’s for sure.

    Speaking of anti-Zionist, I saw on ABC news last night the black-suited Orthodox Jews in Washington, with their objectionable placards, demonstrating against Netanyahu’s upcoming speech to Congress, AGAINST the State of Israel, and FOR the rights of the Palestinians! Who are these people? Are they the group who don’t believe Jews should be in Israel until the coming of the Messiah? IDIOTS!

    • Otto Waldmann says:

      Dear Liat
      Josh Frydenberg replied in a succint, clear way, fairly relevant to the notion of antisemitism while NOT addressing the NEW antisemitism which is antizionist based. To this Margolies continued in her vein of anti Israeli-propalestinian rants, by then the issue being superseded by other topics. “Our” Josh, however, did not have the guts to attach the label Jewish to himself as openly as Margolyes did and that, in my book, is a major MINUS for the bloke as one with an identity spine !!!! The fact that we know it and a few non Jews do ain’t enough. This makes him a kosher and yosher political aparatchnik, however supposedly supportive of Jewish causes.
      Margolyes’ manifestations of antizionism extended notionally to antisemitism, although not explicit – she constantly brags about her Jewishness and associated issues of oppression etc . – is an outlet for a comprehensive abandonment of a Jewish identity as much as that would be possible. And here lays the problem evinced by constant aggressiveness. Problem is that Jewishness may not be shed off as this is also a matter of perception by non Jews of Jews. Interestingly enough, Jews would be quite ready and anxious to abandon, exclude a “turncoat”, a geshmatte and this is done in earnest and in many cases with passion and determination.

      Unfortunately there are a few strands of antizionist Jewish groups. They are, in my view, quite proper Jews in all other respects, however obtuse in certain interpretations. I would not consider them pernicious at all in almost any matter Jewish or zionist. Irrelevant by number and the ostensive contradictions with mainstream. Devout antisemites could not possibly “embrace” them, anyway.

  4. Liat Nagar says:

    Otto, if you can’t admit that your enemy has been successful in something, vis a vis, the Arabs seducing the world into backing the Palestinian cause, as well as rewriting history as they go, then that’s going to be your Achilles Heel. Their rhetoric and propaganda has been skilfully planned and well executed for a very, very long time now. And Israel, as well as Jews in the Diaspora, are way behind in countering it. THAT HAS TO CHANGE.

    As moving as Netanyahu’s performance at Congress might have been, as important those who applauded him might be, just see if it makes a difference world-wide in real terms, as Arab rhetoric most decidedly has. It’s a good start, but Netanyahu can’t do it by himself. As well, Israel as a unified whole can’t take any credit at all for it – just look at the divisiveness in relation to it and the pressure many were putting on him not to go to the US. It was Netanyahu’s baby.

    Instead of getting your nightie in a knot about the use of the word ‘excellent’ in relation to Arab efforts, consider that it relates to the success they’ve achieved with their rhetoric and the publicity its attracted, rather than to them as people. Saying that doesn’t mean I like it! If you choose to view them as simply a primitive, crime-driven people, best you don’t apply for a job with Mossad, because it’s a hell of a lot more complicated than that. It’s time to do more now than get emotional over Israel and assume its excellence.

    • Otto Waldmann says:

      Dear Liat

      for starters, about my job with Mossad, I wish to inform you that LESSON NUMBER ONE, as Major Ilan told us on our very first day at that secret location Afula Mossad school of secret agents also known as YWZXY, as its Hindi transliteration would have it – smart, isn’t it !! – “boys and gerrlz donot dekonspayerre yourself nomattterr what” – mit a very, very thick sabra akzent, as you can see . So let’s not talk about Mossad at all, this is a public space and lots of people follow me……..( lesson two at the same school !!).

      Liat dear, I know what Israel’s enemies are up to and I also know that Israel is engaged on multiple fronts to stave off these seemingly endless agenda of destruction. We, the diaspora Yids are also the targets of the same greater strategy and, in the process, some Western governments and/or democratic institutions have been aligned to some degree into making Israel’s job more difficult. Leibler goes well above board in his comments here. It is as if we, the Diaspora Zionist supporters cannot think and act on our own and we should be guided across the street, holding hands by some Israeli Central Merkaz haTembelim in doing our work on behalf of Israel and our own welfare. What, haven’t you ladies got enough yentas at WIZO to make speeches and serve fantastic home made cakes on the subject !!!
      Jokes aside, I look at you Liat and I have complete trust that those PRIMITIVE imbeciles having a go at us haven’t got a chance in hell and I mean it !!! I know that you deserve a free trip to Yerushalaim grace to the JCA whose non-elected groisse machers go there at the rate of once a week and twice on Shabbos for “update and training” and most of them visit the Leibler shrine also known as “I.A.R” ( Isi Always Right ), since you are a most articulate and dedicated advocate for (almost ) all Jewish matters – save the ones I AM right !! – AND I AM NOT BEING FACETIOUS AT ALL , I trust you more than any other voices !

      • Otto Waldmann says:

        Incidentally, if THEY have someone of the Miriam Margolies calibre (sic) as on the latest QANDA to do their propaganda job… let’s be serious.
        And our Josh had answered her well re antisemtism while very careful not to deconspire himself as you know what…….

  5. Liat Nagar says:

    Otto, I don’t think you’re getting the point. It’s not about Israel protecting Jews in the Diaspora. It’s about starting to make good intrusion into the most excellent Palestinian/Arab propaganda machine, which has been enormously successful internationally, that success escalating significantly in the last few years. Now, every time there’s a single incident in the Middle East involving Israel the world goes into default and comes out braying. Hand in hand with that Israel has become the new excuse for the eruption of an obvious anti-Semitism that can now reign supreme behind the back of the Israeli ‘oppressors’. It’s a dangerous situation with left wingers, academics, right wingers,the media, the ignorant do-gooder groupies, et al, banding together – it’s actually a new brand of anti-Semitism even though more of the same.

    Israel has been very slow in seeking to combat this when it relates to local incidents, and prior to Mark Regev being spokesman for the government and used to react and explain situations and circumstances (which he’s done relatively well) there were a hotch potch of ineffectual, sometimes poor English-speaking Israelis putting the case, this actually making things worse. It now needs far more than Mark Regev in Israel and the present Jewish representatives of the Diaspora operating as they do.

    That something needs to be done IN A NEW WAY and make its mark is an urgent imperative. There’s nothing fluffy about what Isi has to say. How you can be content with the status quo, I don’t know.

    • Otto Waldmann says:

      Sorry Liat, but, like your protegee, Isi, I can see no practical ideas, eitzes to the fluffy stuff. Criticising one thing or another, such as “indifference”, lack of funds and so many standard kvetchings about anything by anyone who has ( but mainly not ) a “reason” is juuuuust a waste of time.
      Just in case, the antisemitic/antizionist campaigns run by palestinians and their cohorts are anything but excellent. A primitive lot, unsophisticated irrational hate mongers achieving only crime; what’s so “excellent” about it !
      Israel is doing a fantastic job, just watched Bibi in Washington… I was in tears, all as one, THE most important politicians in the world in TWELVE standing ovations for Israel. THAT IS EXCELLENT !!!

  6. Otto Waldmann says:

    Every now and again Isi spits the dummy and obviously, when he does it, it’s a fluffy one.
    Alternating between kindness to Bibi, friendly ” howdie” to a previously not in the best books Ronald Lauder, kind tapping upon a cuddly Sharansky , mixed with redactional hysterics upon all and sundry across Jewish meridians, finally stopping, catching his rhetorical breath and concluding without the slightest eitzes as per WHAT SHOULD ISRAEL DO ANY DIFFERENT OR WE POOR DIASPORA BUGGERS BETTER, DIFFERENT !!
    This means that Isi is not criticising the right people, or, better still , that criticism simply is not required. It follows that , addressing , of all “people”, ISRAEL and even Jewish organisation/communities affected or likely to be affected by local antisemitism as “failed” systems of cooperation, reciprocal assistance etc. is not simply myopic, it is completely devoid of a realistic appraisal. Israel is doing a great job in assisting Diaspora !!!
    – USA has by far the most complex Jewish communal structure complicated by political activism of local agendas, seemingly conflicting religious “strands” etc., yet , it cannot be considered of being a being a place where antizionist antisemitism ( the current scourge ) is capable to affect the quality of American Jewish identity activism/structure, nor is it a force to affect the DEPENDABLE US support for Israel.
    – France in particular, but most Western European countries with a vast muslim population, CAN depend on their national governments to protect their Jewish communities; the complexity of the problem is far greater than what Israel could possibly do to CONCRETELY intervene in the internal affairs of the respective countries.

    And here comes the very “problem” Isi has hatched up for us regarding Israel’s ……….hard to spell out …. ineptitude, lack of genuine concern, indifference – expressed at least financially if not institutionally -, personnel redundancy and the list could go on.

    What defies Isi’s “logic” is the known reality that ALL communities affected by local antisemitism are extremely well aware of the phenomenon as such, that the relationship between all said communities and Israel has been and still is of an intensity and intimacy which leave no efficiency gaps whatsoever. While I am not the most enthusiastic spruiker of the Australian Jewish groisse machers, I am, however, very happy with the outstanding formal support Australian Jewry is receiving from ALL expected Australian Government agencies and all individual politicians etc. While antisemitism has been on the increase in Australia, this is, by far, the safest place and I cannot detect any measure of “negligence” of our concerns by Israel and her respective diaspora agencies etc. It looks like our Isi has eaten something which made him broygess; I suggest next time three soup spoons of Epson salts washed down mit a tinny of Bundaberg Ginger Beer and DEFINITELY turn off the internet !!!

  7. J.J. Surbeck says:

    Leibler’s idea of having someone put in charge of such a project with the gravitas needed to be accepted all over the world as the official voice of Israel is definitely a good one. Having such an authority nominated and endorsed by the Israeli government would make it a lot easier to do several things: 1. declare right off the bat who is and who is not a group supportive of Israel (e.g. ZOA, yes, J Street, no). 2. coordinate the core message and the most effective rebuttals of the long litany of Palestinian lies that non-informed people of all faiths tend otherwise to swallow. 3. coordinate strategies between existing local pro-Israel organizations: all have something to offer, but none has all the talents and capacity to win this war alone. They must come to accept that basic reality. That is particularly true for ADL and Hillel, both of which are so insulated in their delusions that they have become liabilities instead of being the assets they could be if they were not so obtuse. So yes, there is a need for some adult presence in this unruly kindergarten. Now the question is whether the Israeli government, which has studiously avoided taking the lead in this large-scale operation, is willing, or can even afford the luxury of focusing on that when it has a few other more pressing issues to address. That is the question.

  8. Liat Nagar says:

    Such passionate, succinct response, Paul Winter. Couldn’t agree more.

    We are living in an age where you will not find the likes of Ben Gurion anywhere and where societies in first world countries are, in the main, driven by entertainment and consumerism, including Israel. Historically, everything evolves, getting worse before getting better, and vice versa. In what I consider to be the special case that is the land of Israel, people must be more than their norm, and see the responsibility demanded by place. But, who will get the ball rolling? And, Jews everywhere should assert themselves against all those playing the groupie game you mention. It’s a vile and ignorant agenda they’re pushing.

    Just some months ago at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival there was an Israeli theatre group who had to withdraw due to the street protests by these very kind of people, noisily making their ridiculous case for ‘Palestine’ and the poor dispossessed, occupied people, people of whom they really knew nothing. The police had deemed the situation a danger to the public. An ABC radio arts programme interviewed the Israeli director (whose name I can’t find among my papers at the moment), who was polite, but forthright and proud to be Israeli – he spoke well. I wrote to the ABC program protesting at the end result for the Theatre company at that festival, I wrote clearly, with cold anger, and they read my comments over the radio the next day. I also emailed the organisers of the festival in Scotland and, after receiving back the weak excuse of police advice re public protection, I wrote back saying that I knew the history of Scotland, which is a fierce and proud one, I had Scottish ancestry on my father’s side, and was this day ashamed of the weakness shown in not supporting the Israeli theatre group and insisting on their protection, on their right to perform, on the public’s right to see the performance for which tickets had been sold. I said surely the police were there to ensure that, not to weakly cave in to the ignorant prejudice of the despoilers. We need many more people everywhere to rise up and protest in this way, not just accept it.

  9. Paul Winter says:

    Israeli leaders are as craven as they were when the UN passed the Zionism + Racism resolution. They shrug their shoulders and accept that that is the way of the world. Had ben Gurion have been such a castrati, there would be no Israel.

    The ageing leaders are shtum because they have been too long in the job. Israeli generals have developed the Petain syndrome of defeatism.

    The Jewish touchy feely left identify with the oh-so-progressive beautiful people who feel so, so deeply for the Palestinians and cannot understand those cruel Jews who have not learned the lesson of persecution.

    As long as we allow the lies of Jew haters to go unchallenged anti-Zionism/Israelism/Semitism will dominate public discourse.

    Jews, had the leaders, would call out every mohammedan/Arab/fascist/leftist lie. They would state that there is no such thing as a Palestinian or Palestinian land. That the PA is a terrorist, deceitful, totalitarian, jihadi regime capable of nothing but violence and parasitising on donors.

    Israeli leaders would point out that the two state solution is dead and its international border since the creation of Trans-Jordan is the Jordan River and Arabs can fit in or flit out. Israel can point out that it has power over the local Arabs and it should retaliate when there is an outrage. The death of baby Adele Bitton should have seen the lock-down of Judea and Samaria and the denial of electricity.

    Instead of smiling when spat upon by EU, UN and US dignitaries Israel should tell them off. Jews should form picket lines around hostile media and universities. The Klinghoffer “opera” should have been invaded and the sets destroyed. Hostile marches like the anti-Jewish parades in support of Gaza should have been disrupted.

    Enough of being quiet in the face of anti-white, anti-Jewish, anti-West, anti-male, anti-social prejudice by packs of lying, hypocritical terror supporting groupies who fancy themselves intellectuals because they bay in harmony with whatever tune is fashionable at the time.

  10. Rabbi Pinchos Woolstone says:

    Herzog is a total ineffective leader who will not be the Prime Minster, he may be a minister in the next Netanyahu government, if Bibi wants to keep Bennett in check; if Bennett gets 16 plus mandates Herzog and Livni will occupy seats in opposition.
    Anti Semitism must be fought vigorously, the post Holocaust secular Zionists believed that the emergence of the State would rid the world of anti-Semitism, how wrong there were.
    Now the State of Israel is used as an excuse for this evil scourge.
    The Arab world will never formally recognize Israel as the Jewish State therefore it is hard to believe that a Palestinian State will emerge.
    Most Israelis sense that, even those who talk the correctly political game, ‘ A two State Solution”.
    We do not really believe in the PR we expose on the world stage and the astute observers know it.
    The truth needs to be said by the politician, somewhat of an oxymoron unfortunately.
    The State will continue to do all it can to protect its citizens, Jewish communities in democracies must protect their rights through all channels available, and Jews living in places like Ukraine should be assisted to make Aliyah as soon as possible.
    Most importantly we should pray for the Messianic Era when there will be World Peace and Universal Harmony.

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