Israeli settlements illegal says Carr

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Australian Foreign Minister Senator Bob Carr is reported to have said that all Israeli settlements on Palestinian land are illegal…but calls for Israel’s right to exist.

Foreign Minister Bob Carr

Foreign Minister Bob Carr

Addressing  a crowd gathered outside Sydney’s Lakemba mosque at the Eid celebration signifying the end of Ramadan, Carr said on SBS-TV that he was proud of the part Australia played in supporting the UN initiative to elevate the status of the Palestinians adding that all Israeli settlements on Palestinian land are illegal.

He added: “I’ve been to Ramallah, I’ve spoken to the Palestinian leadership and we support their aspirations to have a Palestinian state in the context of a Middle Eastern peace and that means respect for the right of Israel to exist.”

Liberal Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey told the same crowd that his father had been born in Palestine and that if the Liberals win next month’s election, he may well become the first person of Arab heritage to  attain a leadership position in an Australian government.


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17 Responses to “Israeli settlements illegal says Carr”
  1. Liat Nagar says:

    Bob Carr is a dogmatic, arrogant/ignorant expert on every country he takes it upon himself to pronounce on. Most especially Israel and the Palestinian Territories. Every authoritative sentence he utters confirms his huge egocentric attitudes to himself. It will be such a blessing when he is no longer involved in the Parliament and we as public are removed from having to suffer his verbiage.

    His comments outside the Lakemba Mosque are a disgrace for their potential incitement and for the reflection of historical ignorance they display. And this from the mouth of an Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs. He has done nothing but play at this job for his own self-aggrandisement, and Julia Gillard should never have brought him back into politics, which of course she did with her own position in mind – well, that backfired.

    Such good commentary on the Israel/Australian situation, Sylvia. You’re absolutely correct. How any non Aboriginal Australian in this country can point the finger at Israelis with ‘colonising’ in mind beats me! Apart from the fact that with Israeli Jews in mind it’s not even appropriate.

    • Otto Waldmann says:

      Describing obvious flaws in Sen. Carr’s profile – as well as frontal – aspects is a field day for anyone decent with a few daring expressions in mind ( and writing ).
      Yes, Carr’s delusions of a refined intellectual have been, to be fair, displayed with amasing successes.
      Freyers with gasping mouths were energized by fork-tongues rhetorics in places such as Jewish VIP functions, Labor piss-fests on political “ideologies cum Party identity”, Islamic hysterical processions and, most of all TV ad hoc lectures condimented with improvised theories on everything he has no idea about.
      His intellectual irrelevance, however, shall be permanently sealed by Sept.7 after which he’ll be lucky to get his teeth into a shaorma on the backwaters of Lakemba and should not expect even one of our famous “International Roaster” instant coffee with the compliments of the Board of Deps.
      Vale Bob !

  2. Sam says:

    We have Bob Carr for another year. His seat on the Senate expires in 2014.

  3. MIchael says:

    The Jews and Israel by extension have the exclusive historic, moral, spiritual and indeed the legal rights on the land, called by some, by ignorance or by deceit Palestine. There was never a sovereign state called Palestine nor was there ever a nation, distinct, specific ethnic group of people called Palestinians which is a later day politically motivated but fake invention. On what exactly are the so-called rights of the Fakestinians based?

  4. Sylvia says:

    The poster above who compared Jews in Israel to (non-Aboriginal) settlers/ colonists in Australia, made a fundamental and massive error.

    It is the JEWS who are to the Arab Muslims, in Israel, as Aboriginal Australians are to non-Indigenous Australians, in Australia. The Arab Muslims are to the Jews as we white Australians are to the Aborigines. A very uncomfortable analogy; but, it applies.

    When Captain Phillips came to what is now Sydney he was not ‘coming home’ to a place where, 3000 years before, the bones of his spiritual and religious forefathers and foremothers were buried; he did not rush straight to the focal point of his belief system, there to weep and pray.

    But Jews returning from EXILE to the only place on earth that Jews have ever recognised as homeland – to join those Jews who had never left it in the first place, who had hung on by teeth and toenails through all the terrible centuries of the Muslim imperial occupation (whether Arab or Turk), were not entering and colonising a strange land, a land they had not previously known about; they were going HOME, to the place their forebears had come from (or been driven out of, perforce, by violence); they’d been singing about, dreaming about, praying about, that Land for centuries (and often, from time to time, visiting as pilgrims, despite the grave danger incurred in so doing, in order to affirm the connection); the first place they usually made a beeline for, was the kotel, at the Temple Mount, where had stood both the First and the Second Temples, the spiritual foci of Judaism. Jews from within eretz Israel and Jewish pilgrims from all over the diaspora have been buried on the Mount of Olives for some 1200 years…can any white Australian claim that depth of attachment? Merely scratch the soil in any part of eretz Israel and you will find evidence aplenty of ancestral Jewish / Hebrew/ Israelite presence. Jews – a people indigenous to the ‘Middle East’, which many of them (the Mizrahi) never left in the first place – have been living in eretz Israel for far longer than Angles and Saxons have been living in England!…let alone English-speaking people in Australia! Half of Israel’s population is now composed of middle-eastern Jews – Jews who had lived as minorities in other middle eastern lands, who were driven out of places like Iran, North Africa, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, where they had in fact been present as minority communities BEFORE the Arab/Muslim conquests (so Muslims drove out, ethnically/ religiously ‘cleansed’, Jewish communities that were, basically PRE-ISLAMIC).

    By every criterion currently used in Australia to establish Native Title Jews have Native Title – Land Rights – in eretz Israel.

    The establishment of Israel was not the formation of a colony by persons from far away who had no ancestral/ linguistic/ religious connection to the land; it was, rather, The Return of the Native, and an act not of colonisation but of DE-colonisation. The Arab Muslims (many of whom are not ethnically ARab, but descend from ancestors who drifted in from assorted parts of the dar al Islam, at different times) represent a colonising and imperial invader, the Empire of Islam, which attacked – non-Arab, non-Muslim, Jewish and Christian – Byzantine ‘Palestine’ in the 7th century or thereabouts; attacked, invaded, dispossessed, mass-murdered, enslaved, force-‘converted’ and then proceeded to imperially oppress, from that day forward, the indigenous inhabitants. For more, see James Parkes, ‘Whose Land’ and Bat Yeor, ‘The Dhimmi: Jews and Christians Under Islam’. (The land of Israel was never Judenrein at any time between the death of Christ and the present day; at times the persistent and defiant Jewish presence in Arab/ Muslim-occupied eretz Israel was small, almost as small as – say- the remnant Aboriginal presence in some corners of heavily-Europeanised Australia, but it never disappeared entirely).

    Australian Aborigines should be THE most vociferous and enthusiastic Australian supporters of the Jews of Israel.

  5. Cody says:

    My ancestors came to Australia as convicts and settlers. I will not bore you with your own history other than to say that the Jews and Christians in Israel who settled the land and brought life out of the desert that had been dormant for centuries, are no different than those who did the same in the vast Australian deserts. Today Australia and Israel are very much in common having both undergone great transformations in their respective societies. If Israel or Australia gave up their agricultural diverse areas to nomads, the flowering deserts would revert to their natural sandy nothingness, good for scorpions and vultures. The so called Palestinians are a made up people that have contributed nothing to any society, except gun and bomb manufacturers. If this is their contribution to society, then they have achieved the status of the Neandertal Peoples of the world. Anyone who supports this viewpoint, only shows their general lack of intelligence. Bob Carr fits that mold.

  6. Peter says:

    Carr is wrong in asserting that Israeli settlements on “Palestinian Land” are illegal.

    The land is NOT “Palestinian” ie Palestinians have no rights of ownership or sovereignty.

    This is a complex issue with a very long history, but basically;

    (a) The Palestine Mandate signed by the League of Nations in 1922 ( consequent upon the San Remo Treaty ) provided for Jewish settlement on what is now known as “The West Bank”.

    This was not altered by subsequent United Nations resolution

    (b) The United Nations in 1947 offered/suggested an Arab State (on land which now includes the Settlements) and an adjoining Jewish State, but this was rejected by all Arab states.

    (c) The area which now includes the Settlements was won by Israel in a just war, namely the 1967 six day war, which was in effect started without legitimate cause by surrounding Arab States, including Jordan.

  7. Terence says:

    It’s obvious that Bob Carr has been deceived by Satan, as have far too many other leaders around the world. I will be writing to him to enlighten him of the truth….historical and legal facts quite independent of the Hebrew bible (the Tanakh) – I don’t whether he believes in G-d or either the Tanakh or the Christian Bible.

  8. David says:

    Bob Carr has never been a friend of Israel despite his claims and associations , he has a history of anti-Zionist rhetoric, this is more of the same, the sooner this has-been evaporates, the better for all of us.

  9. JonS says:

    For someone who destroyed NSW he sure has a lot to say. Bob Carr is and has always been extremely anti-Israel and bordering on anti-Semitic. And yes he will be gone forever in 4 weeks time

  10. steve says:

    I agree Rita….now will ZFA. or ECAJ do anything about it? Of course not

  11. Lynne Newington says:

    He’s at that again is he?
    Snakes in the grass that some of them are always seeking to cause mischief.

  12. Rita says:

    Bob Carr should be reported for inciting hatred against Jews – what else was this statement he spit out in front of a huge crowd of muslims. Does he want to bring this conflict here to Australia, does he want to see Jews here in Australia attacked as they are in Europe, let alone in Islamic countries.

    Bob Carr, let me express my deepest contempt for your hate mongering. PFUI !

    And while I am at it, let me spell it out: a vote for Labor/the Greens is a vote for Jew Hatred.

  13. Mike Gold says:

    Bob Carr says something that every country around the world holds, and has been Australian and US foreign policy for decades? Stop press!

  14. steve says:

    …either way, as a Jewish community we are screwed….pack your bags while you can

  15. Otto Waldmann says:

    Hopefully this shall be the last public statement Bob Carr made in relation to the ME as Foreign Minister and hopefully our communal leadership shall erase his name from now on from the list of any guests to our communal functions.
    So far Joe Hockey has been decent in relation to associating himself with the pro-Palestinian camp and he should stick to his future portofolio totally unrelated to foreign affairs…………

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