If at first you don’t succeed…writes Michael Kuttner

May 31, 2018 by Michael Kuttner
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First there were rockets. Then terror tunnels dug underneath Israeli houses. This was followed by kidnappings and explosive devices. In between there were frogmen trying to infiltrate from the sea and misnamed aid flotillas trying to smuggle in forbidden items to Gaza. Lately there have been flaming kites setting fire to wheat fields and forests.

Michael Kuttner

The latest efforts involved hordes of Hamas operatives orchestrating civilians to physically storm the border fence.

All these manifestations of “peace” were accompanied by rent a crowd media groupies who were fed lies and fables together with props of women, children and babies pushed to the front of riotous mobs.

Having failed to murder masses of Jews the terror groups ruling Gaza nevertheless knew instinctively that they could easily dupe the international media. Thus it transpired that as per the preordained script, scenes of mayhem were videoed and broadcast around the world. As life means nothing to these followers of the religion of “peace” it was inevitable that human sacrifices would be the order of the day.

Touted as “peaceful” protests and ostensibly portrayed as a spontaneous reaction to Jerusalem being acknowledged as Israel’s Capital by the USA the stage was set for Israel’s demonization. Despite warning of dire consequences the orchestrated riots and attempts to breach the border resulted in Gazan casualties. From the point of view of the terror group organizers this was a resounding success. Thanks to the willing idiots of the media most of whom swallowed this drama hook, line and sinker the images rapidly hit the blogosphere.

This in turn activated a predictable chorus of condemnations and censure from every member of the UN except the USA and Australia. Issuing forth from every Capital, from Wellington to Windhoek, came the same hypocritical and ill-informed expressions of outrage. Ignoring months, indeed years, of Hamas attempts to murder Israelis and pathetically blaming the USA’s transfer of its Embassy to Jerusalem for demonstrations disgustingly termed “peaceful” the Prime Ministers, Foreign Ministers and spokespersons of the international community all behaved exactly as the terror groups had anticipated.

Critics blamed Israel for its ineffective advocacy efforts but what they fail to realize are two very important factors. The first is that Islamic fanatics and mobs have not the slightest regard for human life. In fact they revel in creating “martyrs” of all sexes and ages. The second fact is the double standard syndrome which means that Israel can never win, no matter how moral or fair its case may be. In addition an inbuilt antipathy towards the Jewish State guarantees a predictable outcome.

Given these scenarios it is almost impossible for Israel to appear the aggrieved party.

Knowing that no matter what happens they will come out of it looking squeaky clean it is inevitable that the terror groups will try to dream up even more creative ways to have Israel pilloried in the court of world opinion

Therefore it should come as no startling surprise to discover two more schemes in the pipeline.

They both involve attempts to breach the maritime quarantine which prevents weapons being smuggled into Gaza.

The first is another flotilla sailing from Scandinavia and Europe with the usual motley crew of Western “progressive liberals” spouting the by now discredited mantras of BDS.

The second effort is even more creative and again designed especially for a media spectacular of Hollywood dimensions. Coming to a screen near you very shortly will be a boatload of “sick” patients of all ages and sexes who are ostensibly setting sail in a quest for medical treatment somewhere beyond the shores of Gaza. The real intention of course is to create a major incident whereby Israeli gunboats intercept this ship of fools. Whether the vessel carries genuine patients shlepped out of their hospital beds or individuals suitably disguised as ill, remains to be seen. At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter because the aim is to embarrass and show Israel in a negative way. Ideally Hamas and friends would love the Israelis to blow the boat out of the water because the resulting scenes would be an Oscar wining occasion. Forcing the boat back to Gaza will be portrayed as cruel treatment and the media will love it. Ideally Israel should intercept and tow the boat to Ashdod where the “patients” can be landed. Then in full glare of the media those faking sickness can be exposed and those genuinely ill can be transferred to Israeli hospitals or clinics for treatment and repatriation back to Gaza.

Whatever the result one thing is certain. Israel will come out of it looking bad and the terrorists will once again be on a winning streak, knowing full well that the media have performed according to a predictable agenda. This in turn will let loose the usual idiocy from the UN and associated bodies.

Ever since 1948 and even before that time our adversaries have tried any and every means to eliminate us. Whether it was all out war or terror tactics they never stopped trying. Today in addition to physical violence we face diplomatic terror and delegitimization campaigns.  A rising tide of Jew hatred masquerading as anti Israel hate is an additional factor we face.

Just as we overcame past attempts to wipe us off the world map so today’s efforts will also fail.

Michael Kuttner is a Jewish New Zealander who for many years was actively involved with various communal organisations connected to Judaism and Israel. He now lives in Israel and is J-Wire’s correspondent in the region.


One Response to “If at first you don’t succeed…writes Michael Kuttner”
  1. David Gilbert Lawson says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have very recently come across your website and I have been impressed by its authentic and accurate content. It agrees with other web news that I receive regularly from the Middle East, but its local Jewish news content adds that great additional flavour. Know this, there are so many in Australia who care for and support both the people and nation of Israel – you are not alone and we are not going away; we keep a low profile and a quiet voice, but we know in part what’s going on and we know what side we are on. Yes, and I have heard with my own ears both the bombs falling on the tunnels at Gaza and the tanks battling over the border on the Golan heights

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