Hitting the fan…writes Michael Kuttner

July 22, 2016 by Michael Kuttner
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The definition of the phrase “hitting the fan” is: “messy consequences brought about by previously secret or ignored situations becoming public.”

 Nothing could be more appropriate as one surveys the wreckage of this past week’s events.

Michael Kuttner

Michael Kuttner

First of all we had the sickening spectacle of yet another jihadist causing murder and mayhem in the name of Islam on the streets of Nice, France. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology the entire terror attack and its aftermath was broadcast live via social media and TV around the world instantly. Those familiar with the carnage which occurs in these situations knew straight away that it was more than a mere vehicular accident. Others, including the French authorities, were loathe at first to apportion blame lest the politically correct mob was stirred into righteous indignation. Only when it became apparent and abundantly clear that this was a terror attack perpetrated by yet another brainwashed fanatic did the French authorities admit that indeed something more sinister than an out of control driver was involved.

This reluctance to face reality is now endemic throughout western democratic countries and nowhere is it more pronounced than in Europe and in Washington. Jihadist Islam is at war with civilized societies everywhere but those under attack, or at least most of their leaders, prefer to ignore, sweep it under the carpet and if possible keep the truth secret. However in a world where keeping things secret is almost impossible the aftereffects when they hit the fan, splatter everywhere.

Thus, when a young man carries out a stabbing attack on a crowded train in Germany and at the same time shouts Allahu Akbar, the first reaction of the German police is to declare that the motives are unclear and need to be investigated further. It is only when an ISIS connection is uncovered later that the authorities somewhat reluctantly and certainly belatedly admit that perhaps there is something more sinister involved. France and Germany are facing a situation where radicalized locals and immigrants or those posing as refugees are now so numerous that the Governments concerned have lost track of and have no idea how many potential terrorists are living amongst the general population. Instead of doing something about it they are re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic so that by the time their citizens force them to wake up, the European Union ship will be sinking fast.

What is ironic and symptomatic of the gross hypocrisy afflicting the EU and others is the reaction of officials and the media to the situation. When terror attacks take place in Israel the White House, State Department and other assorted suspects are quick to admonish us for using disproportionate force and even quicker to offer gratuitous advice against perpetuating a “cycle of violence.”  As an added bonus we are usually also told that these stabbings and car rammings are as a result of frustration over the “occupation.” How then, are the same terror events in Europe and the USA explained? Perhaps the French should return the occupied west bank in Paris and support the establishment of an Islamic State with half of Paris as its capital!

For an instructive look at how the media treat terror in Israel and elsewhere watch this short video produced by Honest Reporting:


Meanwhile back at the White House another dirty little secret has just hit the fan. At the time that the non deal with Iran was struck (a year ago), critics, including Israel’s Prime Minister, warned that unpublished provisions would enable Iran to advance their march to the bomb much earlier than touted. These claims were rubbished as hysterical fear mongering. On the first anniversary of this latter day Munich style piece of paper, President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry and the entire chorus of appeasers of Iranian duplicity, joyously proclaimed their unadulterated joy at its wondrous virtues. Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind were the themes emanating from Washington.

Lo and behold, Associated Press managed to obtain a copy of the confidential secret document which literally explodes this ode to joy and exposes the duplicitous details kept hidden for a year. Not only was it kept hidden but its very existence was denied.

The document says that as of January 2027 — 11 years after the deal was implemented — Iran will start replacing its mainstay centrifuges with thousands of advanced machines.

From year 11 to 13 of the agreement, the document reveals, Iran will install centrifuges up to five times as efficient as the 5,060 machines it is now restricted to using.

In other words, Iran will be able to obtain the bomb much earlier than publicly stated. This combined with Iranian development of missile technology which provides the means to target Israel and countries beyond, makes a mockery of USA claims that it has our back. The fallout from this latest example of nasty things hitting the fan will be widespread and have major repercussions.

As an added bonus this report broke: Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Tuesday scorned US global influence as impotent, boasting that Iran got its way in a landmark nuclear deal and that the “US cannot do a damn thing” to intervene in its affairs.  

Another dirty secret which most want to keep hidden is the ongoing incitement to terror generated on a daily basis by the Palestinian Arab Authority and its leaders. John Kerry is going to meet Abbas again in another vain attempt to kick start a non existent peace process. Will he demand an end to incitement as published last week by the Palestinian Arab Authority, congratulating students on completing their high school exams?

 “The day of the publication of high school matriculation exam results is known as a day of long expectation, and as a first step in the realization of the aspirations of tens of thousands of students who sat on the school benches for 12 years. Some of them are disappointed because they did not receive the grade they hoped for or did not succeed. Some of them view this day as the day of their birth and the start of their path in life, work, and building. However, the families of the Martyrs (Shahids) and their relatives find themselves proud of the Martyrdom (Shahada, also means “certificate”) that their children achieved with the Creator and in the homeland… Sixteen [students] succeeded [in achieving] the Martyrdom (Shahada) of the homeland and withstanding its difficult tests, for death as a Martyr is the path to excellence and greatness, and the path of those who know how to reach the great victory.”

This blatant piece of incitement to jihad for high school students has hit the fan. Nothing Kerry and friends are likely to do will prevent its toxic effects from being sprayed far and wide.

As Rabbi Tarfon put it so eloquently:

The day is short, the task is great, the laborers are lazy, the wage is abundant and the master is urgent. It is not incumbent upon you to finish the task. Yet, you are not free to desist from it.

Michael Kuttner is a Jewish New Zealander who for many years was actively involved with various communal organisations connected to Judaism and Israel. He now lives in Israel and is J-Wire’s correspondent in the region.


3 Responses to “Hitting the fan…writes Michael Kuttner”
  1. Howard Levin says:

    Michael Kuttner is a great writer and it is a pleasure reading his thoughtful and insightful remarks. I agree, of course, with just about everything he writes, especially the White House anecdotes. Thank you, Michael, for sharing your wisdom. If only others would acknowledge the facts you list.

    • Yirmiyahu Natan says:


      Michael’s writing skills are indeed admirable but even more so is his ability to write the same thing each and every week. Unfortunately what is required to advance the peace process and extract Israel from the slippery slope of eroding democracy on which it currently finds itself is a change in attitude and words.
      Unless Israel’s emperor, sorry – Prime Minister – realises that the current reality is ultimately unsustainable, we may soon find ourselves in international isolation not to mention moral corruption.
      I wonder who Mr. Kuttner will blame then.

      • Howard Levin says:

        Yirmiyahu, thank you for your comments but I couldn’t disagree more with you. You sound like John Kerry and Barrack Obama. Peace is not currently possible because there is no one to negotiate a real peace with. Abbas is corrupt and Hamas is even worse. Should Israel just give away what it has gained from war to satisfy the Israel haters of Europe and the rest of the world? I don’t think so. I’m not at all worried about the Israeli democracy. Israel is at war with those who wish her total destruction. Why wasn’t there peace prior to 1967? Terrorists who stick knives in people’s throats and backs don’t deserve all the niceties of court trials. They deserve to be apprehended quickly and neutralized if necessary. I have the greatest of sympathy for Azaria because he was merely stomping on the equivalent of a cockroach in your living room. That cockroach doesn’t deserve to live in my opinion. Those who attack Israeli citizens don’t deserve anything but neutralization. I believe that Prime Minister Netanyahu is one of the greatest leaders in the world and that Israel is very lucky to have him. If it were up to the liberals, they would have given away Israel a long time ago. The current reality is all that Israel can live with now. It can not negotiate with murderers and scum who deny the holocaust and who hate Jews all over the world. PM Netanyahu protects Israel from this scum and keeps Israel strong. I am not worried about international isolation because PM Netanyahu recently reached out to African nations in a remarkable trip that brought great benefits to Africa and to Israel. Let Angela Merkel continue to admit unlimited terrorists to her country. She has already seem some of the result. The French who notoriously hate the Jews have damaged their national fabric by admitting all kinds of terrorists without vetting admissions properly. What I say may sound harsh but it is the brutal truth. Israel has no choice currently and may not for decades, until the next generation, until the Arabs realize that peace is in their own interests. I am not prepared to give away the Jewish State of Israel to Jew haters and criminals who will further jeopardize the future of Israel. Howard A. Levin

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