Help needed in Marrickville

September 6, 2012 by Shirlee Finn
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Many know Sergio Redegalli, most probably do not. Shirley Finn makes an appeal to help him secure victory in Saturday’s municipal elections…

Sergio Redegalli

Sergio Redagalli  is the glass artist who created the glass panels around the bimah at Sydney’s Central Synagogue.

He is standing as an Independent against the Greens for a place in Marrickville Council.

He stood side by side with us through the Marrickville Council BDS debacle which called for a boycott on all things Israeli within the municipality. He made a large contribution in the effort to keep the Marrickville Green Mayor out of State Parliament. He helped me, and supported me with my rally to Randwick Council.  He stood all day with me and others outside a polling booth, for the by-election in Hunter Ward, Waverley, to help reduce the Green vote and we succeeded.  He also was an ardent supporter all through the Max Brenner BDS actions in Parramatta and Newtown last year.

Sergio is standing for election in North Ward Marrickville,  the worst of the Green area and hoping to reduce their number elected to Council.   He wants to bring the ‘local’ back into Local Government. He wants to stop the waste and mis-management in the Municipality of Marrickville caused by the Greens . He wants to protect the environment and generally bring improvement to the area. He has already achieved a great deal in the environment area..

In North Ward the Greens and ferals, are making sure it’s a very dirty campaign, with destruction of signage and posters. This is apart from the harassment by the Greens, to not only him but to those of his group standing as Independents. There is far too much to go into, but it’s very dirty, as those involved in the State election last year witnessed.

Sergio has helped us and he now needs your help please. I am asking for you to give him a few hours of your time on Saturday. He is short of people on the ground to man some of the 11 polling booths on Polling Day, to hand out his environmentally friendly ‘How To Vote’ cards. We would also appreciate some help in regards scrutineering at the count. If you haven’t done that before, let me tell you it’s very interesting and easy to do.

Please call Sergio if you are able to help 9557 5898 or 0412 331 148





62 Responses to “Help needed in Marrickville”
  1. Maryann says:

    Mr. Bell, I believe the overall swing againt the Greens was 11% at the council elections. After reading your statements on this site, I can certainly understand why.
    The imputations conveyed by you regarding Sergio are defamatory. I would ask that you check your position in regard to your statements in future.
    To remind you of your statements so far:
    1) ran an illegal campaign in Newtown – Lie
    2) he is a known bigot – Lie
    3)active supporter of the APP – Lie
    4) glass work made for the Synagogue in Newtown was made in China – Lie
    You have a very nice day Mr Bell.

    • Shirlee says:

      Love it Maryann. Well said.

      Even the Viper’s nest in Byron Bay lost 2 Greens.

      What sweet victory!!

  2. Shirlee says:

    FOR Tienne

    I suppose you support the vile NIF

    A group which is hosting an event at an orthodox shul, on yom tov October 7th, which is erev Shemini Atzeret

    To add insult to injury a group funded in part by the vile antisemitic Ford Foundation.

    A group which uses the pro-Palestinian groups terms “apartheid” and “collective punishment” (including in the context of house demolitions), and claims the security barrier is a “clear violation of international law.”

    A group claiming that Israel illegally annexed Jerusalem in 1967.

    A group that says that “defining the State of Israel as a ‘Jewish state’ in the constitution is problematic, on the theoretical and practical levels.”

  3. Otto Waldmann says:

    Let’s just try for size the notion that any group is etitled, in our generous democatic society, to protect its intergrity, that is if intergrity can be identified in the honest wash.

    a. Greens
    A modest political group based on utopian attractive notions. The other day, during the election annoyances outside busy shopping areas, a 50 plus lady was trying to convince in 20 seconds max that ONLY the Greens own the planet we live in – actually that THEY dioscovered Earth. Why are they the only ones entitled to the title for Earth ? Because only they CARE, you know the ” usu fructu” principle. This one, but, is the same as the bloke who stated that he was entitled to Rachel Welsh because he framed her poster, pinned it on his prison cel wall and talked only so gently to her, kept all other bastards who would only do terrible stuff to her at bay, Long Bay that is. Want proteins for your thoughts ? Yes, the guy was NUTS ! The nice lady not far from it.
    But hey, they DO have ONE bloke in Parliament and about 5 other in the Upper House !! And that is seemingly a real political FORCE !! I wont repeat “nuts” again.
    And what with this passion for burkas and whoever hides behind it !!
    Chief denominators : farcical claims ( see poor bugger Sergio who dared oppose them and the crap they dealt his reputation ), aggressiveness, intollerance, but, most importantly, the proclivity for DOMINANCE !!

    b. Islamists.
    See Greens !!

    To be continued………

  4. Chris Bell says:

    And btw Sergio’s work is good. If you need glass, you probably couldn’t do better. I just wouldn’t recommend him to you as your local councillor.

  5. Chris Bell says:

    By the way the heading on this comment box is “Speak Your Mind”, so there you have it.

  6. Shirlee says:

    This is my last word on the matter.

    J-Wire is independently owned and run website. It’s a credit to the owner that he believes in the right to ‘free speech’, unlike the websites of the ‘left’ who will only publish comments and unsubstantiated articles that suit their own agenda. These groups proclaim they have no freedom of speech, they are ruled by the ‘right’ media, etc etc. It’s quite funny. They haven’t even got the decency to reply to an email.

    I suggest that you take a good hard long look at most of your LEFT websites and Facebook groups, if you want to take issue anywhere. The hatred and lies there knows no bounds. You also would not get your comments posted, if you tried to post ones like those which have been posted here.

    I draw your attention as to why Redegalli drew his first mural.

    He has a very good friend who is a fashion designer, with a shop in the wonderful ‘not-so-tolerant’ suburb of Newtown

    He was having a fashion parade and decided to dress his models in burkas to walk down the runway, to remove them at the end and reveal his designs beneath.

    He was very happy and excited about it and spoke openly about what was a great idea, in Newtown.
    That was until the death threats started and the threats to fire bomb his shop started. He was very overcome by this and the fact the Police checked out these threats and he was told they were very real.

    That’s when the mural was painted. The fact that a person could not exercise their democratic right of ‘freedom of expression,’ incensed Redegalli, who had an issue with face coverings, not burkas per se.
    Strangely enough, it’s not Muslims taking offence with the mural. It’s the feral lefties of Newtown who are

    I would caution those who are ‘mudslinging’ to beware. They could well find themselves in trouble. You are bad mouthing a person you have no idea about and certainly don’t know the true facts about

    If you have an issue, go speak with him, he is happy to do that. You all know where he lives

  7. Baboo says:

    Well thankfully this extremest kook only got 60 votes. Completely OUTRAGEOUS that Jwire offered such a racist a platform! These extremists are dangerous to social order, they sew that seeds of race hate. That hate also lands on the Jewish community. We should NEVER be aligning ourselves with these bigots. Stirring up and advocating intolerance of Muslims (wrong in itself) will also eventually result in an increase in Antisemitism.

    • Shirlee says:

      Baboon it should read.

      I can assure you that Sergio got way over 60 votes. Way over 1,000. That’s more the number the vile Socialist Alliance received

      He did what he set out to do, and that was to rid the area of a Green. Looks like Lieral may have the seat

    • Chris Bell says:

      I think he got about 500 votes in the end, about 5%

  8. Rita says:

    Well the real ennemy of the Jews today does not wear the swastika but shouts Allah Akbar. Just ask all those Jews who are joining the exodus out of France since it’s become free season for hunting down Jews. A killer who hunted down little children and massacred them in their school in Toulouse in March, shouting Allah Akbar, is now feted as a “hero”.

    • Rita says:

      Gosh, I got that spelling of “swasistka” wrong…I meant of course the Hakenkreuz.

      And one more thing: had I been there, I would have supported Sergio Redegali, especially if I was Jewish because he is swimming against the effluent emanating from the fashionable default position, and is courageously defending an unpopular cause. His way may not be yours, but to gang up on him with the usual shouts of “Raaaacist” etc. as it is happening in this thread, is nasty.

      And cudos to Shirley Finn, in a war I would rather have her on my side.

      Oh, and also: cudos to J-Wire for giving a voice to opposing views.

  9. Luke says:

    This guy is associated with dangerous, racist extremist groups. Do not vote for him, nor encourage people to vote for him. His being in a position of power is not something to be encouraged.

    • Rita says:

      What “dangerous, racist extremist groups”? Hamas? The BDS? Has he visited Iran lately to worship at the hoofs of their “Fuehrer”?

  10. Are you TRYING to prove that Jewish Australians are a bunch of Islamaphobic racists! Good job JWire, Shame on you for offer ANY support for this BIGOT.

  11. Raine says:

    Interesting how Shirlee Finn mentions that Redegalli is an artist who made panels for a Sydney Synagogue and there is a photo of his anti-Greens murals BUT there is no mention off or photo of his anti-Islam/anti-Muslim murals. Instead Shirlee Finn conveniently leaves this important fact out her promotion of him and her subsequent defence of him in the comments section.

    Redagali is a Islamophobe and a racist – he was profiled on the ABC show, Dumb, Drunk and Racist, standing in front of the anti-Muslim/anti-Islam mural he painted and driving around in his truck which is also splashed with anti-Muslim/anti-Islam slogans. See from 5.15mins onwards

    Redagalli also took part in an anti-Muslim/anti-Burqa protest in Sydney earlier this year

    • Rita says:

      If you watch the ABC shows like “Dumb, Drunk and Racist” without a critical eye on the contrivance for “controversy”, you might as well believe in father Christmas. As to the Anti-Burqa protest: well that seemed to me an alert as to the security risks, full face-covering burkas cause – and there is enough anecdotal evidence to prove that they do.

  12. James says:

    Hi all

    I don’t know anything about this guy apart from the facts he seems to be a divisive character who makes a clown of himself painting confrontational murals. But what I know is that if he has ‘friends’ or associates or happens to hang out with the racist, nationalist and down right scary APP the he should be avoided.


    • Sergio says:

      Another non Jew, supporting the Greens.
      Just out of interest, What race are you talking about when calling me a racist ?

      • Chris Bell says:

        James made no identification with the Greens. He simply opposed you. Yet another sledge on your part.

  13. Jenny says:

    It would be unconscionable to vote for the man who painted that hate-inciting mural with the woman in a burqa with a red line through her face. Jews should support Islamophobes.

    • Rita says:

      So you agree with women being fully covered and hidden in our (still) western society? I personally find it offensive as I do some of the cultural practices which are associated with that. And that is not even talking about the limited vision such a woman would have driving the car.

    • Sergio says:

      Would you like to comment about any of them ?

      Maybe I should paint a mural saying SAY NO TO JENNY THE ?????.

      At this time the Mural states, SAY NO TO THE GREENS / BULLIES….THUGS & LIARS.

  14. Peter says:

    Why is J-wire supporting this notorious racist candidate who is politically associated by the UK British National Party-clone, the Australian Protectionist Party?

    I you need proof of this association please have a look at this picture on the APP site (there are many more of Sergio Redegalli on that site):

    As Overland editor Jeff Sparrow explained in an ABC Drum opinion piece last year:

    “The APP was formed by Mark Wilson, a former organiser of the fascist British National Party, who emigrated to Australia in the 1980s. One of the APP’s most active members is Nicholas Hunter-Folkes. He was formerly the administrator of a charming Facebook group called ‘F**k off, we’re full’. “

    • Sergio says:

      I think your friend Anthony Lowenstien (spelling ?) is far more dangerous Peter. than the people you keep talking about.

  15. Tienne says:

    AS a local Jewish Marrickville resident I won’t be supporting Sergio. Whilst there are some areas where we would like to see the same outcome there are many, many more points of difference If you intend to help out with electioneering, I suggest that you do some research about his ideas particularly around islam, immigration etc. If you still feel comfortable, by all means lend a hand. That’s what democracy is about.

    • Shirlee says:

      Seems you have been reading the vile evil propaganda that the Greens have been letter boxing in the area.

      • Chris Bell says:

        “Vile”, “evil”… words reminiscent of a different era. Don’t use inappropriate words to undermine a legitimate sentiment.

        Despite the veiled threats I have received, I have to say – this site is very well moderated.

    • Good for you: his level of bigotry is No different from someone telling us we should not wear the Star of David or a Yarmulke!

      • Sergio says:

        Hi Victoria, at this moment you seem to be the bigest fool of the lot, my aim was to remove a Green. “””This I have done!”””, betwween the Liberals, and myself playing decoy, the Greens have lost out, they put all there efforts into spreding lies about me. As i always I tell people like you, please come have a coffee or tea with me and ask what ever questions you like, and get the truth & not B.S from the Greens.
        Will I be seeing you at the next Max Brenner protest, supporting Israel like I have always been doing, Or will you be on the other side, ???

    • Sergio says:

      Simon, you are a Pip Hinman troll !!! try planting a tree, it will make you feel better.

    • Sergio says:

      Hi Tienne, seems that you need to come over and have coffee, to many un truths in that head of your’s.

  16. Simon says:

    Wow you’re seriously supporting this racist pinhead? That’s taking the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” to new extremes.

    • Shirlee says:

      If he is a racist, what would he being doing with friends of all nationalities.? His wife is Malaysian/Chinese

      Hardly racist

      • He is an Islamaphobe Shirlee: he has mocked and degraded Muslims and is a supporter of the White supremacist group the APP! How much MORE racist can you get then that!

        • Shirlee says:

          Actually Victoria, he doesn’t support the APP. He just happens to be a friend of a few of the people.

          Anyhow, how could be a supporter of a white supremacist group when his wife is a Chinese/Malay?

        • Sergio says:

          I have supported more Max Brenner shops as have the APP than you ever have.
          Victoria, if you know so much please tell us all what ethnic backgrond Nick’s wife is, and his fantastic mixed children ?

    • Rita says:

      Since when is Islam a race?

      • Simon says:

        You can argue semantics all you like. Meanwhile the people of Marrickville have rejected this racist pinhead and reaffirmed support for the Greens. Sucks to be you.

        • Sergio says:

          Simon, you Leftard, the people of Marrickville in truth gave me very good votes for a first timer with a 4 week campaign, even with all the lies from the Pip Hinman and The Green made up.
          My aim was to get rid of one Green from North Ward, this I have done. Thus I am happy, the people of Marrickville are better off.
          Even after 10 years of trying Pip Hinman and her Socialist Group got way less votes than my Independent Group got after only 4 weeks of trying.
          Keep trying Simon, you may get something right.

  17. Sergio says:

    Hi Chris,

    Firstly you are so full of make believe. Let’s work on your list of lies.

    I was never involved in pulling down any greens posters last election, however I wish I was. For the record it is not legal to place any object, even political signage on any electrical pole, all objects are deemed abandoned once they have been placed on an electrical pole and therefore it is not illegal to take them down. As well, I had no involvement in the campaign against the Greens and their involvement in the BDS that took place on the electrical poles of Newtown and Enmore last year, I had my own campaign, so again what you are saying is untrue.

    I agree that a great many Greens are misguided and come this local election we are all looking forward to there being far less Greens on Marrickville Council than you think.

    Chris, I am an Australian citizen first, this allows me to talk to anyone and have as many barbeques with as many people as I like, without being bullied by thugs and liars, as to who I am allowed to invite. I am not a member of the APP or any other organisation, however I will talk to whoever will listen and whoever I please, Australia for now is still a free country. Groups that I have met and spoken to include: the Q Society, the APP, various student lectures and interviews and even a set-up by the Socialist Alliance. Radio stations I have been interviewed on include: 2SER several times, 2GB several times and 2UE. TV interviews include the stations: SBS, ABC, 10, 9, 7 and several from overseas including from the Middle East.

    The mural has gone over many changes in the last two years; Say No To Burqas, Say No To The KKK, Say No To The B.D.S. (Bad, Dumb, Stupid), Say No To Fiona Byrnes, ‘Gangreen’, Say No To Female Genital Mutilation, Say No To Submission and currently, Say No To The Greens – Bullies, Thugs, Liars.

    Finally about my glass work at Central Synagogue. This truly shows how much of a desperate liar you are, 100% of the work was made at my Studio in Newtown – 100% Australian made and owned.


    Sergio Redegalli

    Artist / Director

    • Chris Bell says:

      No interest in reading or responding to you, just going to skip this one.

      • Sergio says:

        Bullies always run away when challenged

      • Chris Bell says:

        “and therefore it is not illegal to take them down” – this is the second time in this thread that you and your supporters have basically admitted to interfering with corflutes.

        • Chris Bell says:

          and I already responded to the issue of the glasswork at the synagogue – but you still manufacture in China, right? You told me so yourself. I refer you to the McDonald’s analogy.

  18. Chris Bell says:

    Sergio flouted the electoral rules last time around by tearing down Green posters and running his own unauthorised, ILLEGAL campaign on the street poles of Enmore and Newtown. He’s a known bigot and seems to still be obsessed with a policy that even the majority of the Greens membership believe was misguided, but – let’s face it – was a long time ago, and has long since been abandoned. It is no longer an issue.

    Your words are also misleading, because that policy only extended to Council business. I was still happily buying my Guava juice from the Kibbutz at the Dulwich Hill IGA. It is simply misguiding to pretend that this policy was akin to blocking nuclear ships from entering the ports of New Zealand – and look where that got them.

    On the other hand, Sergio is an active supporter of the Australian Protectionist Party. He has figurative BBQs for them. Look them up, and then cast your mind back fifty years. At least he seems to have updated the mural – much less offensive now. He may be a brilliant glass artist, but the glass in your synagogue was made in China under poor working conditions, and he made a tidy profit. So the synagogue has nothing to do with the context of your post.

    So post that.

    • Shirlee says:

      My, my, my.. What do we have here Chris, an angry EXTREMELY mis-informed Green, who is acting like a child having a temper tantrum ?

      *** So post that.***

      Whilst on the topic of “so post that” It’s a shame that the Green Left Weekly and your friends over at Australians for Palestine, who all complain of the lack of ‘freedom of speech’, lack of democracy etc., don’t take note of your comment being posted here. Here we believe in those values.

      You tell me how I can get a comment posted on their web sites?

      My words aren’t misleading. The issue is you twisting words in your head to mean what you want them to mean.

      Now look at this one “Guava juice from the Kibbutz at the Dulwich Hill IGA”
      I wasn’t aware of a kibbutz in the Dulwich Hill IGA store.. Hmmm, I must check that one out.

      It’s not illegal to remove ANY posters on power poles, walls etc. I suggest you check with the AEC and read the Law in regards to Bill Posting. As for “and running his own unauthorised, ILLEGAL campaign on the street poles of Enmore and Newtown”. False comments like that could get you in a fair bit of trouble legally I think, because it is untrue.

      If you think that the majority of Greens are not in favour of a policy which you now claim was misguided, you are very wrong. Maybe the Newtown-Enmore Greens say that, but I doubt they don’t think it.

      Chris, you need to get your facts correct before putting them in print. This is not the Indy Media, or one of those trashy web sites, people here have a brain and if they post they check facts before posting them.

      Again a very incorrect fact- Sergio is not an active supporter of the Australian Protectionist Party any more than I am. He is friendly with many of the people who are part of the group, as am I. If a person is a friend of another, it doesn’t necessarily mean they agree or approve of everything that person says or does. Really Chris, you are stretching the point here.

      Now you’ve stumped me what is a ‘figurative BBQ’? Yes I believe he’s had a few BBQs with them. I’ve been to one of them. So?

      Again Chris, you could land yourself in trouble for making untrue claims. The glass panels you are referring to, were made in the workshop at Cydonia Glass in Newtown, on equipment unique in this country. All made by Sergio.

      SO POST THAT J-WIRE !!!!!!!!!!

      • This bigot supports the racist APP. This is a bad connection for the Jewish community to be making! It makes us look like a bunch of bigoted racists. It is anti Jewish to offer ANY support to bigots like this. Shame Jwire shame.

        • Chris Bell says:


          In fact this post does not belong on this web site. I retract everything I said and second what Victoria said. Much more eloquent and to the point.

        • Sergio says:

          Please prove that you are part of the Sydney jewish community ? Victoria, and not just a Pip Hinman Troll.

      • Chris Bell says:

        I will dignify your assault with a response:

        1. I am perfectly intelligible
        2. Sergio does manufacture in China, maybe not that job in particular
        3. The Guava juice from the IGS was made in an Israeli Kibbutz, figure it out for yourself
        4. He did run a poster campaign at the last election
        5. You have no understanding of my political values. I haven’t bought a Green Left Weekly in 20 years, so don’t make assumptions
        6. What sort of trouble? Bring it on!

        I love a good flame war.


        • Chris Bell says:

          And just the polish on the shine – what did he get? 350 votes was it? Last time i checked anyway. The community know better than to support people like Sergio. So who’s the real radical here? We got over 33% of the primaries. We’re normal. Sergio is abnormal. I’m just glad all this nonsense is over, and you guys must have a lot of oranges to get rid of right now so I suggest you start making juice.

          • Chris Bell says:

            Manufacturing in China and saying that this particular work was made in Australia is a bit like saying that because McDonald’s uses Australian beef in Australia that you’re not contributing to the destruction of the Amazon by buying a cheeseburger. Demand leads to supply.

        • Sergio says:

          I have set up a company in China, based on Australian standards for high end gift ware that is sold to hotel in China. They do not make art work, they do not make Architectural work.
          China as set up 10 years + after the the Cental project.
          You have left out 4 other countries Chris, never mind you are not to good at gathering the truth or any facts about me.
          One good Australian will always win against 2000 crazy Greens any day.

  19. phil says:

    Sergio stood up for Israel when Marrickville declared war on Israel.
    I will stand up and support him!

    • Rita says:

      One voice of reason in this rather nasty thread. Halleluja!

      • Chris Bell says:

        “War”? Seriously? Don’t you think that’s a rather strong word considering what’s actually happening in the Middle East?

  20. Richard says:

    Is this a case of ‘my enemy’s enemy is my friend’? Many of us may be totally opposed to BDS, and to the Marrickville Greens who tried to implement it, but it doesn’t mean we should support this candidate.

    Note that this candidate recently addressed the Q Society. We don’t need this kind of association. It’s enough that other groups routinely associate pro-Israel with anti-Muslim without us helping make the association for them.

    • Sergio says:

      Are you crazy Richard, the Q society is made up of all types of people, many of them Jews.
      Debating important topics is how we should solve issues,
      Freedom of expression is still legal in Australia Richard, apart from the Greens always trying to shut people up. “you must be a poor little Green Man” or is that statment racist too?
      It was people like you that allowed the NAZIS to come to power, rememeber that they started as Socialist!

      • Chris Bell says:

        Again you lead with an adjective aimed at attacking your opponent – “crazy”.

        This is not how a balanced debate is conducted.

      • Chris Bell says:

        You’re a joke, Sergio. You’re an aggressive, poorly informed joke of a candidate. You represent noone. Your ego is 20% higher than your electoral outcome. Focus on what you’re good at. By all means, express your opinions. But you can’t simply attack those that disagree with you without being willing to debate them. Therein lies the joke.

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