Hamas inspired violent riots on Gaza-Israel border

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The Australian Jewish Association (AJA) alerts the Australian public to the real facts on the ground in the past week’s conflict along the Israel Gaza border fence.

There is no longer any Israeli presence in Gaza. Israel withdrew in 2005 and since 2007 Gaza has been governed by Hamas, a proscribed terrorist organisation.

Hamas’ Charter calls for the elimination of Israel and having failed militarily, its primary objective is now to swamp the Jewish State demographically by demanding the right for all pre-1948 Palestinian Arabs and their descendants to return anywhere and everywhere within Israel.  This would signify the end of Israel as a Jewish State.

“In short, this week’s events are a reminder to the world that Hamas does not recognize the State of Israel or its right to exist at all, within any borders” says AJA’s President David Adler.

Our media should not be fooled yet again by Hamas’ propaganda. These protests were not spontaneous. They were carefully orchestrated by Hamas. Thousands of tyres were delivered to the border area to be used as rolling fire bombs against Israeli border police and troops by Hamas’ terrorist operatives. Chants of “Kill the Jews” were video-taped and are a matter of record.

Our media should also be sceptical about Hamas’ claims. Hamas routinely misrepresents the truth. It libels Israel as the aggressor when the reverse is true. Hamas forces civilians (including women and children) to the front lines and stores weaponry in schools and hospitals to maximise civilian casualties, all with the cynical objective of claiming sympathy for their cause from a naïve press pack.

Israel is doing what any other country would do, including Australia, when facing a similar threat. Israel is fully entitled to maintain the integrity of her border with Gaza and to protect her people from murderous incursions into her cities and towns by Hamas’ operatives.

The AJA encourages our media to report on these events by referring to the full facts in their historical context.

Dr David Adler

President of the AJA


4 Responses to “Hamas inspired violent riots on Gaza-Israel border”
  1. Leon Poddebsky says:

    The demographic reason for the justification of rejecting the Arab ‘Palestinian’ demand of mythical “return”- none but about 30,000 of them were actually ever residents within the Green Line-the rest have emigrated or are deceased; that is one reason.
    Another cogent reason is that it was the ‘Palestinian’ Arabs and their fraternal Arab states that were the aggressors in the 1947-49 war: first the civil war of the ‘Palestinians’ against the Yishuv, followed by the invasion of Israel by the Arab states. The UN Secretary-General at the time asserted as much.
    The long-standing, established convention and practice in international refugee issues is that refugees- even genuine ones- are not repatriated. The ‘Palestinian’ refugees, however, are treated uniquely and preferentially by the so-called “international’community’.” That is a form of apartheid.

  2. Paul Winter says:

    The AJA statement stands in stark contrast to the silence of our community’s professional Jews. They are still busy keeping the very dead multiculturalism ideal on life support.

    Any decent leadership would make public statements – even taking out paid ads – and organising rallies to raise our community’s awareness of Hamas’ Jew hate and contempt for human rights. But our leader fear turning our community against us and seem to be listening to security officials who fear an upsurge of violence if the ever tender feelings of local jihadis are hurt.

  3. Michael Burd says:

    At last we have a strong moralily courageous Jewish organisation that represents those Jews not on the left /progressive side of politics.

    A breathe of fresh air to hear some clarity and self respect ✊

    • Rafi Plotkin says:

      I think we should ignore the views of the Loony Left and respond to with our own campaigns of facts,history lessons and education.

      At the end of the day truth will prevail and Zion will flourish.

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