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June 3, 2016 by J-Wire
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In a few days time most of us here in Israel will be celebrating the anniversary of the liberation of half our Capital from illegal Jordanian occupation.

Michael Kuttner

Michael Kuttner

It will be an opportunity for the usual deniers of Jewish sovereignty, locally and internationally, to denounce our historical and legal rights. Their cacophony of delegitimisation will once again drown out, thanks to the media, the few sane voices of reason which seek to shine a spotlight on incontrovertible facts and truths. This is nothing new and has been the hallmark of Judeophobia and incitement over many years. Students of history recognise the tactics only too well.

I have just finished reading a most enlightening book which recounts the experiences of the US Ambassador to Nazi Germany. William Dodd was appointed in 1933 by President Roosevelt to this post just as Hitler was appointed Chancellor. He was a history professor and as it turned out certainly not the first choice of the political establishment. Other candidates had turned down the job and therefore when Dodd was chosen the old boys club at the State Department was far from enthusiastic. Although Dodd exhibited some of the usual anti-Jewish feelings of the day he did not share the endemic hatred of Jews prevalent in the corridors of power at that time. His term as Ambassador lasted from 1933 to 1937 during which time he witnessed the progression of anti-Jewish laws and the demise of democratic and liberal values.

It is to his credit that as the situation in Germany deteriorated he modified his original views and by the time he was relieved of his post he had come to the realisation that Germany was embarked on a campaign to eliminate its Jewish citizens and threaten the rest of Europe. His warnings to the President and State Department mainly fell on deaf ears and in fact generated increasing enmity amongst those who preferred to ignore uncomfortable facts, pander to Jew-haters and appeasers at any price. By 1937 his position had become untenable as the German regime resented his increasingly uncomfortable strictures and those in the State Dept. who were appalled at his warnings about where Germany was heading, all conspired to end his diplomatic career.

It is amazing how eerily similar all this seems today, from the White House frenzy to appease and reward Iranian duplicity to the frantic efforts of the State Dept. to ignore, overlook and excuse death threats against the Jewish State and the development of nuclear capable missiles. It is an identical rerun of US diplomacy in the 1930’s. Back then, as Dodd recounts, Roosevelt prevailed on Jewish leaders to cancel their protest demonstrations against increasing virulent German Jewish pogroms and to keep a low profile. To their eternal shame most of the US Jewish establishment obeyed. Today we have the same spectacle of pressure being applied to Jewish leaders to toe the line. At least back in the 1930’s we didn’t have Jewish groups openly advocating for the Third Reich. Today we have groups who work assiduously to undermine the legitimacy of the Jewish State and advocate boycotts, divestment and sanctions.

In a speech given by the Director General of the Israel Foreign Ministry, Dr. Dore Gold, he admitted that Hamas steals 95% of the cement that Israel transfers to Gaza. This stolen cement instead of being used to build homes, hospitals, schools and other communal facilities is instead being used to build terror tunnels from which terrorists can attack and murder Israelis. The logical question which follows of course is why Israel is transferring cement when it knows the purposes to which it is being utilised? Is the fear of international hypocritical outrage so set in concrete that we dare not cut off all supplies? This proves that indeed many of our decision makers obviously still do not get it.

It reminds me of a quote which says: “never make the same mistake twice. Make it 5 or 6 times just to be sure!”

We are all accustomed by now to the fact that the majority of United Nations members will also never get it. Day after day we hear the most dubious drivel levelled against Israel and you can be assured that this Jerusalem Day will be no different. Just when you think that it cannot get more moronic something occurs to prove one wrong. The latest example was the recent meeting of the World Health Organisation. At the behest of the corrupt Palestinian Authority and with the active support of the usual suspects a resolution was passed calling for an investigation into alleged abuses of “mental, physical and environmental health rights” by Israel. Of all countries which belong to the WHO only Israel was singled out for special attention. Ignoring the medical aid Israel provides to injured Syrians, life saving heart operations given to children from many countries and aid for countries affected by disasters, as well as medical care for all citizens regardless of ethnicity, the WHO instead fell for the lies and slanders spread by those with whom we are urged to view as “peace partners.”

The most revealing part was learning which countries voted against this blatant bit of Israel-bashing and which voted in favour or refused to show any sort of moral spark and abstained. Voting against this morally bankrupt resolution were: USA, Canada, AUSTRALIA, Paraguay, Guatemala, Micronesia, Papua New Guinea and Israel. The final tally was 107 nations voting in favor of singling out Israel as the world’s only violator of health rights (including the UK, France & Germany), 8 against, 8 abstentions and 52 conveniently absent. Once upon a time the Jews were accused of poisoning the wells in Europe. Today the Jewish State is accused by European nations amongst others of causing health crimes. This is not getting it on a grand scale. In fact it is merely recycling an old blood libel.

Another farce on a grand scale is also developing. The Palestinian Arab Authority is applying to join Interpol. No doubt they will be welcomed with open arms. They fulfill all the criteria needed such as support for jihadist terror, human rights abuses, corruption, nepotism, intolerance of women and non-Moslem minorities. When will the rest of the world wake up to reality? Never, it seems even when it hits them in the face.

Amidst this avalanche of refusal to acknowledge reality there is occasionally a rare ray of common sense and moral clarity. Like William Dodd, the US Ambassador who sounded the alarm, we are fortunate to have someone like Colonel Richard Kemp doing the same today. This former commander of British forces in Afghanistan and expert on Middle East conflicts loses no opportunity to articulate observations which are politically incorrect and no doubt upset those who would rather deny and ignore uncomfortable truths. Thanks to the power of the internet and social media these days his pertinent presentations can be read and viewed by all and thus the main stream media can no longer ban and censure him. This past week he released his latest video concerning the Palestinian Arab/Israel conflict. In the space of 10 minutes he manages to expose the real situation we face. He puts to shame all those who continue to be seduced by mirages and imaginary delusions and who continue to advocate for our national suicide.

It should be compulsory viewing for all politicians, editors and those who still don’t get it. Have a look for yourselves. It is a welcome and refreshing exposition from one of the few individuals who does actually “get it.”

We urgently need more honest individuals like him.


Michael Kuttner is a Jewish New Zealander who for many years was actively involved with various communal organisations connected to Judaism and Israel. He now lives in Israel and is J-Wire’s correspondent in the region.

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