Gaza and the UN Security Council

November 23, 2012 by J-Wire
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In light of the new war in Gaza, the success of Australia gaining a temporary seat on the UN Security Council (UNSC) has come not a minute too soon.

With luck, from this seat PM Julia Gillard will witness more than just the global obsessive biases against Israel but hopefully the bigger picture; because the bigger picture has the capacity and propensity to bring drastic consequences which may certainly be the undoing of our own peaceful, harmonious and democratic nation.

From this seat on the UNSC, Gillard will be able to witness first hand what is really going on in the Middle East. And its not just  all about little Israel trying to hang on to a piece of land they can call home – a piece of land which rightly belongs to them and for which they will rightly continue to fight. Israel’s enemies come at her, wielding both tongue and torch and most will not be happy until she is completely annihilated.

Hopefully Gillard will witness, from closer quarters, that Hamas, a world-recognized terrorist organization is at war with its rival the Palestinian Authority. Each have an underworld. Say no more. So peace within the Gazan territories is out of the question even without Israel. Same for Hezbollah and every other known terrorist organization around the world. They are well and truly sheltered by their quivering parent country.

She will be able to glimpse more closely the daily deals that Hamas is doing with Egypt, Iran, Syria and Turkey. And Turkey with Jordan. And the drastic mess that Egypt has got itself into with many other Arab states. The divisiveness and political unrest between these Arab-Muslim nations is too awful to consider. Realistically, these countries have massive problems of their own and are socially and morally bankrupt even by their own (religious) standards.

In the meantime Egypt is smiling at the US and Britain and Australia and other countries friendly with Israel, making sure we think they are interested in peace in Israel and with everybody else. All this while Hamas is being backed by Iran and every other Muslim state interested in Israel’s destruction.

But back to Gaza. In 2005 when Israel withdrew from Gaza, what did Hamas do? They did not start building a grand city to call their own and be proud of, they instead turned Gaza into a giant munitions factory, rocket launcher site and nerve centre of mass destruction. Too bad for the people in the street. Mother’s, families, little kids were forced out of their homes. Gazans  rely on billions of dollars in aid from international countries, including Australia. These ordinary people of Gaza have an abominable life  while their rogue governments continue to spend this money on corruption and arms from other rogue countries. Israel has done nothing but make sure the lights have been kept on and food has been available and citizens have been safe from these rogues.

Which gets me back to the relationship between  Gaza and Australia. Israel is the only truly democratic nation in the Middle East. Israel has wanted peace and a two-state solution for six decades or more. Israel and her inhabitants, which include the Israeli-Arab population wants to get on with the business of creating an intelligent, forward-planning universe with clever inventions and scientific discoveries which will benefit mankind.  While she is at war it is hard to do and she is spending precious money on protecting herself.

In short, I believe Israel is saving not only itself from the world of terrorism but every democratic nation – Australia included.

If Julia Gillard is awake and aware (and scared) she will pay particular attention, in that chair on the UNSC to what’s being actually said because to my mind there is a new trend on this council – a strange alliance of Islamists speaking about human rights – speaking one thing and doing another – and leaving westerners charmed by their deviousness.

I’m rather hoping that PM Gillard will see at close quarters, sooner rather than later, that this latest round in  Gaza is so much bigger than Israel and more about the complex behaviors of a group of Arab states, their clients, and their proxies (Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood)  and the highly dangerous consequences for Australia and other democratic nations of this world.


Erica Edelman

Crawley WA


One Response to “Gaza and the UN Security Council”
  1. Rita says:

    With Bob Carr as “Foreign Minister” I am very pessimistic that Australia’s expensive place at the UN security council will be good for Israel.

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