Fair Dinkum – You Couldn’t Make This Up…writes Michael Kuttner

August 14, 2013 by Michael Kuttner
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Many years ago there used to be something published in newspapers called Ripley’s believe it or not where all sorts of weird and wonderful information was presented and one had to guess whether it was fact or fiction.

Michael Kuttner

Michael Kuttner

In the days before internet and Google it was necessary to verify the veracity of these statements by consulting an encyclopedia or reference book and I remember that as pupils we engaged in serious debate as to the final results. I guess it was an excellent way to acquire knowledge which normally would not have been imparted to us at school and it certainly trained the mind to sift out reality from myth.

Witnessing many of the unbelievable and amazing antics and pontifications performed by politicians today I am pleased that I had this early training because Ripley’s believe it or not has nothing on the current crop of stranger than fiction contortions confronting us at the moment.

Here are some of the choicest morsels being dished up in this smorgasbord of the absurd

Nominations are currently being put forward for election to that misnamed bastion of hypocrisy, the United Nations Human Rights Council. Originally Iran intended to vie for a position but decided to pull out which at least saved the organisation from acute embarrassment. However the remaining nominees are certainly no unblemished upholders of human rights. They include China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Cuba. Anyone with even only a smattering of current affairs knowledge will instantly realise that these countries are far from paragons of virtue when it comes to upholding civil liberties. Some of them are likely to join existing torch bearers of liberty and democracy on the Council such as Pakistan and Venezuela. Apart from dubious track records however their one consistent qualification is apparently the ability to condemn Israel. That, it seems is the winning formula required for election to this farcical UN group.

Mahmud Abbas, the President of the Palestinian Arab Authority, whose use by date expired quite some time ago and where scheduled elections vanish like a mirage in the desert, stated the other day that any Palestinian Arab State which might emerge will not include a single Israeli (i.e. Jews). In other words this wonderful freedom loving democratic State being hatched by Kerry, Obama and the EU will be completely Judenrein. Did you hear or read any howls of horror from  Brussels, Washington or London? For that matter was there any reaction of disgust from Canberra and Wellington? Did the UN convulse at this blatantly racist agenda and were resolutions condemning this peace gesture forthcoming from the UN? You guessed it. Total silence is the order of the day. Any reaction which could destroy the fantasy illusions woven by the international community that the Kerry/Obama peace circus is anything other than a Disneyland Mickey mouse exercise is strictly off limits. In other words don’t confuse us with facts.

Talking about not being confused with facts, the UK Government has issued a report which cites Israel together with Iran, China, Libya, Myanmar, Iraq, Syria and Saudi Arabia as countries where the UK has wide ranging concerns about human rights. If ever there was a better example of British hypocrisy I have yet to find it.

A Kenyan lawyer is in the news over his attempt to sue Israel in the International Court of Justice over the trial of Jesus. Personally speaking I think this is a wonderful idea and should be encouraged. Why you might well ask? Well, think of this. Any case against the Jewish State would very quickly establish that Jesus was a citizen of Judea, that the Jews were well and truly established in Judea & Samaria long before the fake Palestinians were even thought of and certainly before anyone faced Mecca. What better opportunity to demolish the revisionist lies which the PA and its friends currently spread that they and not the Jews are the legal residents of Judea and Samaria. What better opportunity would there be for us to prove our claim to this land? Bring it on I say.

The Americans are making noises about having a dialogue with the Taliban, that bunch of jihadists who have killed innumerable American soldiers, decapitated those who disagree with them and treat women as 5th rate individuals. Taken to its logical conclusion these talks will result in a takeover by the Taliban, the return of Islamic oppression and provide further proof that there is no point in Israel relying on the current US Administration to “watch its back” as Obama promised. One should not be surprised however as they have already fallen for the latest Iranian sleight of hand. The drooling over the election of a fake moderate President is yet another sign that Neville Chamberlain’s legacy is alive and well in the corridors of power in Washington. Watch for overtures to Hezbollah and Hamas next.

Gibraltar is in the news again as Spain makes noises about reclaiming this lost territory. The British Foreign Office huffed haughtily that British sovereignty cannot be challenged because a 300 year old treaty guarantees British control of this territory forever. Would someone please point out to Downing Street that the Jewish People have a treaty at least 4,000 years old which guarantees them sovereignty in the land of Israel, including Judea and Samaria, in perpetuity. Gibraltar and the Falklands have no geographical or real historical connection to the United Kingdom and therefore it behooves the Brits to think twice before they pontificate on our far more legal claims.

In another Ramadan gesture towards peaceful reconciliation, Israel issued thousands of permits for Palestinian Arabs living in PA controlled territory, to enter Israel for the first time in order that they could visit Moslem Holy sites. A large number of young families decided instead to sample the delights of Tel Aviv and its beaches. Interviewed by the media they expressed amazement at the modern infrastructure and free & open society which contrasted with the oppressive and coercive atmosphere back in their home towns. Liberals who hoped that this exposure to Israeli society would engender a feeling of goodwill and peaceful intentions must have been rudely awakened when almost with out exception those interviewed stated that Israel was in fact occupied territory, the Jews had stolen it from the Arabs and that it would be taken back by force. So much for gestures which as in the past fell flat in the face of the age old sickness of Jew hatred. Back in the early days when the Jewish pioneers drained the swamps, beat back the desert and created flourishing communities, the Arab reaction was one of jealousy and a desire to destroy. Nothing has changed since then despite every effort to reach some sort of accommodation.

Have our hallucinatory liberals learnt anything? Obviously not and like battered spouses they keep going back for more punishment at everyone else’s expense.

Fair dinkum – you couldn’t make this up.









One Response to “Fair Dinkum – You Couldn’t Make This Up…writes Michael Kuttner”
  1. Eleonora says:

    Spot on Mr. Kuttner. Perhaps we should take a leaf out of their books and remove every single person who is not Hebrew from Israel. Could someone please tell me why Israel suplies electricity to the Arabs in land that they occupie from us Eretz Israel??

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